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The Order of the Stick provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Vancian Magic: Magic in the world of OotS, naturally, follows official D&D rules... though how consistent these are is a matter of opinion. Indeed, even this is lampshaded with occasional references to "third-party supplements" and "non-core spells".

 Leeky Windstaff: Truly, more wizards have been laid low by the writings of Jack Vance than by any single villain.

  • Villain Pedigree: From goblins to hobgoblins as Xykon's primary Mooks.
  • Villains Out Shopping: Xykon's caught doing this multiple times. And inverted when the villains dwell on what a terrible responsibility the heroes are under -- cut to them playing Parcheesi.
  • Virgin Sacrifice: Provides the page image. When the Banjo-worshiping orc tribe prepares to sacrifice Lien, she tells them that if they're looking to make a virgin sacrifice, they'd have to travel back in time to before her Junior Prom.

 Shaman Vurkle: no, banjo like girl with some experience.

Chief Grukgruk: better if been around block few times.

Lien: Damn it, how does my mother keep being right about this stuff?

 Nale: And finally, our team wizard, Zz'dtri.

Zz'dtri: ...

Nale: He doesn't speak much.

 Haley: One group believes it was the evil influence of the Order of the Stick that corrupted their righteous leader, Hinjo, and led to his ruin in battle. The other group thinks that Hinjo orchestrated Shojo's assassination personally, and that anyone who worked too closely with him can't be trusted. Neither group is therefore at all keen on the idea of working with me. We've spent more time fighting them over supplies than we have battling hobgoblins.

 "Hors d'oeuvre": Can I be your familiar?

Miko: No.

"Hors d'oeuvre": C'mon, it will be fun. You'll be Mysterious Cloaked Avenger, and I can be your wisecracking sidekick.

Miko: No.

 Tarquin: What I'm trying to do is move beyond those ideas (of "good" and "evil"]) into a world where no one has any reason to fight one another. But you can't make an omelet without ruthlessly crushing dozens of eggs beneath your steel boot and then publicly disembowling the chickens that laid them as a warning to others.

 Xykon: So, any ideas on how we should fight 'Stache boy, whoever he is?

Redcloak: Soon.

Xykon: I'd prefer to know now, thanks.

Redcloak: No. I mean, that's his name.

 Xykon: Why won't you DIE AGAIN, you stupid friggin' ghost-things?!?

 Daigo: Sir, I know it isn't really my place to say, but...

 Bureaucratic Deva: With all due respect, sir, we have a system for deciding such things -- One presided over by ACTUAL beings of pure Law and Good!

 Roy: You know, technically, it's now OK for me to hit a girl.

 Roy: Ugh, if that's it, that is the most lame-ass prophecy in the long history of lame-ass prophecies.

Girard: Geez, you've got to be the dumbest villain EVER.


Haley: You bitch! That was a +3 bow!

  • Wretched Hive: Greysky City
  • Wutai: Azure City. Characters from the Southern Lands have Far-East Asian skin coloring and names from various Asian countries. "Lien" is a Chinese name. "Miko Miyazaki", "Shojo", and "Hinjo" are Japanese. "Soon Kim" is Korean, and "Thanh" is Vietnamese.
  • Xanatos Gambit
    • Also the Dark One's, which has been pretty successful so far. If Redcloak succeeds in taking control of the Snarl, the Dark One can use this to blackmail the other gods into giving goblins a better place in the world. If the Snarl unmakes the world, the Dark One will have a hand in making the new world, where goblins will have a better place from the start. And even if the Order of the Stick stops Redcloak, Gobbotopia is doing pretty well.
    • Nale pulled off one in Cliffport. If the Order tried to rescue Julia and failed, then he would be in a position to kill them all. If they did rescue Julia, then he still would have captured Elan and been able to take his revenge on him. But, because the Order managed to rescue Julia and also realized that Nale had been trying to kidnap Elan in the confusion, they run off to rescue their teammate and give Nale the chance to switch places with Elan and attack the Order from the inside.
    • Tarquin has his adventuring buddies serve as advisors to rulers of three kingdoms. they stage invasions, revolutions, and liberations in order to unite the western continent under three super powers. And he knows that eventually, Elan's going to fight him and he will be defeated, and as long as he can accept that, he wins and he'll be part of a great story and his name will be immortalized. "If I win, I get to be a king. If I lose, I get to be a legend."
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: As shown in "The Cost of Freedom", Tarquin is also a master of this.
  • X Called. They Want Their Y Back.: "Gordium called -- they have a knot that you may want to take a look at."
  • The X of Y: The Order of the Stick
  • X on a Stick: Not that frequent, considering the title of the comic...

 MitD: Mr. Stiffly! MR. STIFFLY! O-CHUL!!

Belkar: OK, elf, enough with the jokes. You got me, fair enough, now bring the ship back.


Belkar: ... Vaarsuvius?

 Redcloak: Hey! You in the box! Lean all your weight to the left!

MitD: You got it! ... OK, so when you say "left," you mean--

Redcloak: I mean not this side, you idiot!

MitD: You got it!

 Redcloak: No, to the left! THE LEFT, you stupid invertebrate! Grapple her from the-- Goddamn it!

  • You Shall Not Pass: Lampshaded by Elan and subverted by Daigo and Kazumi.
  • Zerg Rush: This is what happens to Azure City, utterly and totally Zerg Rushed by Xykon and Redcloak's army of 30,000 hobgoblin Mooks, plus a number of other creatures including various undead, titanium and chlorine elementals (Redcloak's knowledge of chemistry is not to be underestimated), and three decoy Xykons (a Huecuva, a Death Knight, and an "Eye of Fear and Flame"). That particular Zerg Rush was made possible by two things: first, Redcloak's Titanium Elementals ripping a gigantic hole in Azure City's walls, and second, a Death Knight of a far higher CR than any of the soldiers at the breach -- including Vaarsuvius -- could realistically handle. When Redcloak makes decoys, he plays for keeps.

 Ghast: Sir, we finally have enough corpses to serve as a ramp for your horse.


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