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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Upon rewatching the original movie, Robert Thorn is a cold and distant father, which can ask two questions: is he this way towards Damien because Damien is a naturally unlovable child (just by nature of being the Antichrist), or is it because of the relationship between the father and the son, that Damien is going to be more incline

towards becoming evil.

    • Or its because he's pushing 60
  • Anticlimax Boss: In Final Conflict, Christ appears and strikes the now-mortal Damien down.
    • It wasn't even that. It was the reporter woman stabbing him in the back and Damien just succumbs to the wound as a Christ-like apparition appears before him. Damien is of course, defiant until the end.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: The Awakening falls under this for many, many fans.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The identity of Damien's mother, a jackal. First it's the Ur Example of Predators Are Mean, Damien being the son of Satan and a predatory animal and second the animals were going crazy at the zoo due to the fact that Damien is half jackal and jackals are predators to those animals in the wild.
    • Also a bit of Fridge Logic, since a female jackal only weighs about 20 pounds, and wouldn't be big enough to carry a human newborn to term, even if it were given a Cesarean.
  • Narm: Most of the death scenes in this and the two sequels come across as very comic these days. Decapitation by sheets of glass, being cut in twain by a lift cable...
  • Nightmare Fuel: The original trilogy is filled to the brim with this.
    • The remake, for example, shows how preposterously easy it is to kill a hospital patient.
    • In the original film, the nanny's eyes when she kills Catherine.
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