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 Boy, the way Nirvana played

Songs that got Kurt Cobain laid

Guessing how much Biggie weighed

Those were the days!

 And you knew where you were then

Watching Seinfeld yak 'bout Superman

Mister we could use a man like Bubba Clinton again!


 Everybody! E-e-e-everybody!

Everybody! E-e-e-everybody!

Revamped for the nineties!

So much more exciting!

 Pointy elbows and lots of lightning!

Edgy and angry, so zesty and tangy!

There's new demographics

When nobody asked for it!

Everybody! E-e-e-everybody!

Right now!
—"Xeriouxly Forxe" theme song (Homestar Runner April fool's toon)
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