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File:MY BUGS 3510.png
  • Oogie's death sequence. It's the horrible screams that did it. Henry Selick is a Magnificent Bastard.

  "My bugs, my bugs...!" *crunch*

The fact that it kind of sounded like he was saying "MY BONES!" makes it worse.
  • The sequence when Jack delivers all the presents. All those demented, evil toys, and that snake thing that ate the tree...
  • The shrunken head that one kid held up. It didn't help it played during one preview on t.v. a lot. He looked just as frightened as confused as real life kids did.
  • The clown with the tearaway face. Is it the fact that he tore off his face, the whole being-a-clown thing, or the way his voice changes? There's something so specifically freaky about that character that you wonder if it wasn't inspired by an actual nightmare of Burton's (or Selick's, or Elfman's...).
  • Fridge Horror applies to Lock, Shock, and Barrel's fear that "Jack will beat us black and green". Jack probably isn't the type to hit kids. Oogie, on the other hand ...
  • The end of Oogie Boogie's song when he goes from bright green to dark gray and then he did that demonic laugh. Yikes!
  • When Jack gets to the end of the Town Meeting song, and sings "Sandy Claws" he does a rather frighting face that fills up the screen.
  • "Kidnap the Sandy Claws, throw him in a box, bury him for ninety years, then see if he talks!"
    • "We're his little henchmen, and we do our job with pride. We do our best to please him and remain on his good side."
    • Evil 'lalala's of evilness... *shudders*
  • Seeing Santa tied up and helpless on top of that table-platform thingy as the black lights go up, the bats screech, and then Oogie Boogie walks in, and you know he's up to no good.
  • That alternate scene where instead of a pumpkin, the vampires are playing ice hockey with a severed head (Tim Burton's in fact). No wonder they cut it.
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