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  • Adaptation Displacement: While it's more of a Spin-Off than a film version, the original TV series did not last very long and was not as popular as the movies, leading many people to believe that the franchise only exists as a movie trilogy.
  • Awesome Music: In 33⅓ the music in the background during the starting of the Untouchables shootout parody.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: The repeated torment Nordberg (played by O.J. Simpson) suffers is either this or becomes even funnier, depending on your viewpoint. Especially the line that he "wouldn't hurt a fly" spoken by his on-screen wife.
    • The writers sure seem to think it's funny judging by their DVD commentaries. . .
    • Even moreso in the network TV version, when Frank, after unknowingly shutting down Nordberg's life support system and not noticing where the rushing hospital staff are headed, says "Just be glad you're not that guy's wife."
    • Leslie Nielsen once spoke of what he called the "Naked Gun curse" - not just OJ, but Priscilla Presley's daughter marrying Michael Jackson, what happened to Anna Nicole Smith etc., and fearing he was next - ironically, he was still one of the most bankable names in comedy, up to his death on November 29, 2010.
    • Then there are the evil world leaders from the first film who say that they should stage an attack on Washington... and New York.
      • Well, they are the most obvious targets for anyone intent on attacking the United States.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: not as much with the third movie with it's release so close to the event, BUT O.J. Simpson playing a cop no matter what the outcome of his circus trial, is still hilarious.
    • The Hubble Space Telescope appearing on a "Wall of Failures" back before its mirror was fixed.
    • In "2½", Frank casually mentions that he and Jane are ancient history, like the Democratic party. Guess who got elected only one year after this movie came out, and guess who got elected in 2008?
  • Nightmare Fuel: The "Manchurian candidates" for Vincent Ludwig's plot in the first movie, who go blank-faced and robotically intone: "I....must kill....[Name]" once they're "triggered." It's fairly frightening for younger viewers - particularly when it's revealed that Ludwig's final sleeper agent is Jane!
  • Retroactive Recognition: Believe it or not, the woman who sings the hilariously depressing blues number in the second film is a heavily made-up Vitamin C.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The opening to the first part lumps in together a couple ambiguous political figures with complete monsters. The fact that all except one are Muslims, and that the sole line of the Palestinian (who is curiously the only one wearing a name tag with his real name) boils down to "we like blowing stuff up hahaha-ha" - doesn't help matters much.
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