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A rather different sort of Fatal Attraction.

DI Andrew Smith is in a bar. He meets Billie Jones, a rather attractive woman. They have a few drinks and a talk. A few more drinks, then a Ugandan discussion.

They finish and Smith goes to bed. He wakes up in the morning -- with Billie's blood-covered corpse. He's just become the prime suspect for her murder...

That's one of a number of scenarios.

See Death by Sex, Out with a Bang.

Examples of The Murder After include:

Anime and Manga

  • In the Weiss Kreuz Dramatic Precious Drama CD collection, Yoji has this happen to him. As he's been suffering from PTSD and developed a tendency to freak out and start choking his partners during sex, he's not at all sure he didn't kill her. The actual murderer is his new "friend" Ayame, a member of La Mort.

Comic Books

  • Marv for Goldie's murder in Sin City.
  • Jack Point from The Simping Detective has this happen to him. Naturally, almost everyone he knows happens to visit him that morning...


  • Seen from the other side on The Godfather II, where a politician is drugged and left in a hotel room with a dead hooker so the mob can have him in their pocket.
  • In Barton Fink, Audrey spends the night with Barton in his hotel room. When he wakes up in the morning, she's an extremely bloody mess. In his panic, he turns to his neighbor Charlie, who disposes of the body for him… only to find out later that Charlie is in fact a serial killer and is making Barton a bit of a special project.
  • In Fletch Lives, the titular character sleeps with an attractive lawyer only to find her dead when he wakes up, leading to this priceless reaction:

 Fletch: [Deadpan] It was good, but not THAT good!

  • Happens in the beginning of Red Corner, starring Richard Gere. Also, the whole plot of this movie is based on this trope.
  • This is how Dark City starts.
  • In the Humphrey Bogart film In a Lonely Place, Bogart's character invites a woman to his apartment to summarize a book for him. Shortly after she leaves, she is found murdered, and he becomes the prime suspect. Despite what the woman and the police initially assume, "summarizing a book" is really all that happens between them.


  • Happens to Maureen at the start of Robert Heinlein's To Sail Beyond the Sunset.
  • In Framed, an online novella from The Otherworld universe, Nick wakes up in bed with a mangled corpse as part of a blackmail setup. The idea is that as a werewolf, no one will believe that he didn't kill her to get off during sex.

Live Action TV

  • CSI, Warrick and a stripper who is found dead in his car.
    • Happened in an earlier episode to Nick with a recurring character (who was also a prostitute). By all means it shouldn't have been an issue (he informs his superiors that he was there and does everything by the book) but then the actual killer (a man who was harassing her before Nick came along) comes forward and claims he saw Nick carry out the murder.
    • Subverted in another episode, where an extremely overweight woman falls asleep on top of her date, and he suffocates to death. She decides to cover up the deed and when the evidence starts pointing towards her, even "confesses" to the team that she murdered him preferring to go to jail than deal with the humiliation of the truth getting out (which eventually does).
    • And it is used straight again as a tertiary case in another episode, where a dead prostitute is found next to a man who claims to not remember a thing. Turns out she slipped off in the bath, cut her head open, then tried to get the guy to call for help but he was too drunk to wake up, and she eventually passed out while dialing 911 herself.
  • Likewise in an episode of NCIS, where a murderess seduces a man in order to let him be found in the bed with her victim. It looks pretty bad.
  • A non-cop example: the entire plot of the BBC 1 five-part drama Criminal Justice.
  • Harmony on Angel woke up with a man drained of all blood after Angel instituted a zero-tolerance policy on drinking human blood. Her attempts to clear her name were..somewhat inept.
  • Played for laughs in an episode of Reno 911. The male members of the squad find Garcia in bed with a dead woman. Everybody starts to panic, then Dangle starts ordering the others to clean up the room, using bleach to eliminate forensic evidence and preparing to load up the body. Finally the woman pops up, and everyone yells "Surprise!" It turns out to be a surprise birthday party and cruel prank all in one.
  • Happens in Stargate SG-1. Cameron Mitchell is framed for the murder for an alien scientist, including memory implantation so that even he thinks he did it. It was actually another guy, but after implanting the memory into Mitchell he erased the memory in his own head, thus they can't prosecute him because he doesn't remember it.
  • A lot of episodes of the Law and Orders use this.
    • Law and Order: Criminal Intent: A guy wakes up with the corpse of a woman he'd just met who was killed by his mistress and her lawyer/lover
    • Law and Order SVU: A guy wakes up to find his head split open and a dead woman in his bed he killed her when he was blacked-out drunk and doesn't remember. He does feel sorry in the end though
  • Happens to Walter Skinner in The X-Files. Except it turns out the woman who's found dead next to him is in fact a succubus...
  • Happens to Lex Luthor in an episode of Smallville.
  • Faked as part of a con in the Leverage episode "The Morning After Job".
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