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A book by Steve Jackson which covers tips on Power Gaming for Munchkins (As if they needed the help.) It covers all the major genres of Tabletop Games and has many tips on how to cheat, how to fudge dice rolls, how to make your character sheet unreadable (so you can claim anything is written on it) and how to build your character to best accomplish your goals of killing and looting (with thoughtful advice about how to justify all the killing and looting you do to your GM.)

A precursor to Jackson's Munchkin D20 line, its a humorous look at all the habits and idiosyncracies of immature gamers and a fun read.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Intimidating Revenue Service: One of its suggestions for dealing with a dragon is pretending that you're the IRS come to audit its hoard. "Even dragons don't mess with the IRS. It's suicide."