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File:Monster squad.jpg
"Wolfman's got nards!"
Fat Kid Horace

The Monster Squad is a 1987 film directed by Fred Dekker and written by Shane Black. The film follows the exploits of a group of genre-savvy kids who seek to stop Dracula -- and a host of other infamous monsters -- from finding a mystical amulet and bringing about The End of the World as We Know It.

The film was an out-of-print classic for a long time, but was given a new spiffy DVD release in time for its twentieth anniversary (with a Blu Ray release two years later). The makeup and special effects work on this film is a lesser-known effort of the late Stan Winston (who is better known for the frighteningly realistic puppets from classics as the Terminator and Jurassic Park films).

Not to be confused with the Saturday morning TV show.

Tropes found in this film include:

  • Action Prologue
  • Adult Fear: "I will have your son."
  • Affably Evil: Dracula can come across this way when talking to his fellow monsters, particularly Frank and the Wolfman. But when he's dealing with people...
  • All Boys Are Perverts: When not discussing monsters, most of the time spent in the treehouse is spent trying (in vain) to snap a picture of the Girl Next Door undressing.
    • Only Rudy (and by accident, Franky) takes the pictures, since the boys aren't old enough to have those kind of feelings yet (They don't really understand what a virgin is), and one of them is said girl's brother!
  • All Germans Are Nazis: Teased with the Scary German Guy, but he turns out to be a concentration camp survivor. So apparently Germans are Nazis except the Jewish ones.
  • Artifact of Death: The Amulet may be concentrated good but it's just as dangerous to innocents as to monsters, as the opening scene shows us.
  • Ask a Stupid Question

 Patrick: He's not a virgin, stupid!

Patrick's sister: Did you ask him!?

 Sean: You guys... Dracula might be here too.

Patrick: Aww, man! Fat kid farted!

Fat Kid: Did not!

(the entire club started arguing)

Sean: Goddamn it, will you SHUT UP?! Didn't you hear a word I said?

 Dracula: Give me the amulet, you bitch!

 One hundred years before this story begins, it was a time of darkness in Transylvania, a time when Dr Abraham Van Helsing and a small band of freedom fighters conspired to rid the world of vampires and monsters and to save mankind from the forces of eternal evil.

They blew it.

 E.J.: Hey Fat Kid! Good job!

Horace (pumping a shotgun): "My name... is Horace!"

 "And yes, Wolfman still has nards."

~ Fred Dekker, from the DVD insert

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