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  • Breakout Character: Beta Ray Bill.
  • Broken Base: Thor's fans disagree over his treatment by Marvel.
  • Bro Yay: Thor and Loki
  • Complete Monster: Malekith The Accursed
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Loki. Not having a designated love interests leaves him wide open for the Mary Sues...
  • Jerkass Woobie: No matter how you feel about Kid Loki, his methods, or if Ikol has a bigger plan in store for him, watching him in the new Might Thor issues eight and nine, first struggling to remember his brother and then after achieving that hacing to deal with the fact that no one else does just makes you want to hug him. He also only really acted like a jerk to Donald Blake after the doctor asked how Loki could forget Tanarus, driving the knife deeper.
  • Idiot Plot: Any plot that involves Thor or anyone else trusting Loki becomes one of these after, oh, his tenth betrayal (so, since the mid-1960s). The current mega-arc by J. Michael Straczynski would be the most recent example.
    • Of course in JMS' story Thor and most of the named Asgardians didn't trust Loki (except for Balder) but Loki used Thor's words about Asgardians getting a fresh start on Earth against him.
    • It's like that in the original myths, too. Loki's REALLY good at getting people to listen to him who should know better by now.
      • That's debatable. The gods in the original myths didn't trust Loki as much as they tolerated him as long as he made up for the trouble he caused.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Loki. He's frequently viewed as nearly harmless because most of his plots are just staged entertainment to occupy his near immortal life, but this undercuts just how dangerous he is when he gets serious. Loki is the god of mischief and obfuscation, and other big powers like Dr. Doom and Mephisto tread on eggshells when he comes knocking.
  • Memetic Mutation: "My god has a hammer. Your argument is invalid."
    • And the distinctly more confrontational: "Your god was nailed to a cross. My god has a hammer. Any questions?"
  • My Real Daddy: For a large portion of the fanbase, the stories and art of Walter Simonson will never be surpassed.
  • Narm Charm: Some of the Shakespearian dialogue can be downright silly. But when you have a god with a hammer that shoots lightning engaged in mortal combat with thirty-foot frost giants, it just seems appropriate. And, well, awesome.
    • This is the only reason Frog!Thor works. The whole storyline seems ridiculous, but the frogs are just so... noble. And once you're sucked in, you can ignore how absolutely bizarre the actual Frog!Thor looks.
  • Uncanny Valley: Loki's female form (as drawn by Olivier Coipel) is unsettling and creepy despite him inhabiting a beautiful body. The reason? No eyebrows.
  • The Woobie: Kid Loki is slowly turning into this. Thor's dead, but Kid Loki can't remember him and then he can but is still the only one who knows Tanarus isn't him. And everyone in Asgard hates him again (to where other children punched him for considering talking to Volstagg when the man was dressed as Santa). The All-Mother want to protect him and consider him a good asset, but he must remain a secret asset and so the abuse continues. And he's living in a hole in the ground. And tormented by nightmares of Thor that he can barely remember when he's awake.
    • he seems to be dealing with it as best he can,. though, sliding more into Iron Woobie.
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