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  • In Thor Corps #3, when Thor himself is summoned, Jerk with a Heart of Gold Dargo Ktor feels totally humbled at his presence, and bows before Thor. Thor tells him to stand, because all those who have wielded Mjolnir are equals.
  • In vol. 3 #8, when Thor finds Odin in the afterlife, waging eternal battle against Surtur.

 Odin: Odin chooses to stay here and die each day for our people.

Thor: No. This day, father, you shall not die. This day we stand, and fight, together.

    • Naturally, an epic battle ensued.
  • Counts as both this and Tear Jerker: The last words of Bill, Born of Bills. He doesn't care that he's going to be honored like a god after death. All he wants is for Balder to make sure to tell Kelda that even after the arguments they'd had recently over the fact that she's an Aesir and he's mortal, he still loves her.
  • Thor and child!Loki after Siege. Makes you wish this won't inevitably turn out to be an underhanded plot by Loki or be retconned away to fulfill Status Quo Is God someday.
    • Turns out the plot wasn't totally underhanded. Loki got sick of how predictable his own damaged psyche made him, and decided to be reborn as a new Loki who would forge a different path.

  Old Loki to Kid Loki: Change or die? I would rather die than not change.

    • Kid Loki also makes sure to remind his older self that he can only give advice that Kid Loki wants. He doesn't want to be evil again either.
    • There's another cute moment when Volstagg narrates how Loki tricked Thor when they were teens, hoping Thor would embarrass himself (he did, but not to the extent Loki wanted). The heartwarming bit is when Kid Loki wonders why he'd ever want to embarrass Thor so badly. Big Brother Worship, thy name is Kid Loki.
  • As an effect of the one directly above, Loki telling his "troops" that their main priority is to keep the Serpent away form Thor is they can (didn't happen, but it was a nice thought). he also says that they need to try and keep as many mortals as possible out of harm's way, because Thor cares so much about mortals and Loki decides that's good enough for him.
  • Really, Thor deciding to bring Loki back at all despite all he's put him through, and despite what everyone else says. He just loves his brother that much...awwww.
  • Loki's adoption used to be this. Come on, a king taking in the child of his hated enemy (in most continuities, an enemy that he just killed in an epic battle) and raising the kid as his own? That's beautiful right there. Then it was retconned to have all been a plot by a time traveling Loki, who manipulated events so Odin would take him in-knowing what he would do later. No wonder Odin's patience with Loki has clearly run out in recent issues. Loki really DID cause everything.
    • Well, the film version still counts.
  • Loki writing Leah as a savior and caregiver to the Serpent after he was beaten by Giants. While it's a ploy to combat the Serpent and save his brother Thor, the moment was so tender and pure that becomes clear that Loki and Leah, despite their bickering and name-calling, have developed a young romance. The scene is so tender, so short that you feel the Serpent's-Loki's-pain at the prospect of a lost love.
  • In The Mighty Thor 12.1 Loki's so happy Thor's back and is cheering. Thor warns him not to strain his throat with all the yelling. Loki's response? "Worth it! Long live the Mighty Thor!" he's just so happy to be with his brother again.
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