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The Meaning of Liff is a book by Douglas Adams and BBC producer John Lloyd, which uses place names as Neologisms. Based on a conversation Adams and Lloyd had while on holiday, which was based on a school assignment Adams was given, which may have been based on an essay by Paul Jennings, Ware, Wye and Watford.

Some of Liff's definitions originally appeared in the Not the Nine O'Clock News calender and "glossop" and "scrogs" are mentioned in the additional material in the Blackadder: The Whole Damn Dynasty script book. (Lloyd directed both shows).

An expanded version was published as The Deeper Meaning Of Liff.

Trope Namer for Zeerust.

This book also provides examples of, or words for:

 When he himself might his quietus make,

With a bare bodkin? Who woolfardisworthy,

To grunt and sweat under a wary life.

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