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Stanley Ipkiss / The Mask


Tina Carlyle

Charlie Schumaker

Lieutenant Kellaway

Detective Doyle

  • Butt Monkey
  • Captain Obvious
  • Clueless Detective - Don't bother trying to give him a hint in Pig Latin.
    • He's even more clueless in the cartoon, making one wonder how the hell could he have passed the police academy.
  • Jim Cummings - His voice actor on the animated series
  • Plucky Comic Relief
  • Friendly Enemy - Tried to shake Stanley's hand after he saved the day.
  • Took a Level In Dumbass - In his initial scene at the bank, Doyle seems to be quite intelligent. By the time we see him at the park, he's suddenly a ditz and by the film's end he's a certified idiot. The cartoon made him even dumber.

Detective Lionel

  • Angry Black Man - Lionel turned into one when Kellaway/Big Head started fighting the police, and challenged Big Head to a fist fight. Big Head almost killed him, and would have if Kellaway hadn't regained control of himself.
  • Black Best Friend - Oh hell, Lionel is Kellaway's ONLY friend.
  • Black Dude Dies First - Subverted, as Lionel is one of the few people Big Head doesn't end up killing.
  • Canon Defilement - A rather odd official example- Lionel was completely ignored for the film and cartoon. Instead, they gave the role of Lt. Kellaway's partner to Doyle, a character so completely different it's not even safe to say he's based on Lionel.
  • Idiot Ball - Lionel challenged Big Head to a fist fight. This went as well as one would expect...
  • The Watson - He's not only Kellaway's partner, but one of the few people in the police force that Kellaway even trusts.
  • Token Minority - Lionel is the only member of the named main cast who's black.
  • White Dude, Black Dude - Subverted. With Kellaway and Lionel it's more "angry dude, calm dude"., respectively.

Mrs. Peenman

Peggy Brandt

Dorian Tyrell

Dr. Pretorius

  • Arch Enemy / Big Bad: Of the animated series.
  • Cyborg
  • Expy: He looks a lot like Eugene Rapaz, a drug dealer from the comics. Tone down the mohawk and replace the eye lenses with glasses...
  • Hammerspace: The tiny circular base of his head has the mechanisms to drive six small legs, a computer interface jack, various tools, a neural interface and circuitry, and one would assume a complex life support system to keep him alive without a body(albeit such a system may be meant for short term use as he's almost always attached to his robotic body).
  • Losing Your Head: When it happens, it grows spider legs!
  • Mad Scientist
  • Shout-Out: He shares his name with the mad scientist from Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Tim Curry: His voice actor on the cartoon.


  • Arch Enemy: In the comics.
  • The Brute: Moreso in the comics than the cartoon, where he was a mob hitman and enforcer.
  • The Dragon: To Dr. Pretorius in the cartoon, to the mob in the comics.
  • Implacable Man
  • Nigh Invulnerable: In the cartoon. In the comics he could be taken down with enough of a beating.
  • President Evil: A comic (likely based on the cartoon) had him running for Mayor of Edge City.
  • Self-Mutilation Demonstration: Just to be clear here- comic Walter can bleed, though it doesn't seem to really hurt him. Cartoon Walter is impervious to wounds. That said... in the comics he had a disgusting habit of cutting himself just to mess with people's heads.
  • The Voiceless
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