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Analysis of this Trope within specific works

Star Trek

SF Debris likes to call out the poor assignment of jobs in the various Star Trek series.

  • From "The Descent" (TNG) review:

 Chuck: ... Eventually sending just about everyone to go searching. So that leaves Beverly in command of the Enterprise with the Z-List crew members.

 Chuck: Meanwhile, all the senior officers of the station have crammed themselves into one tiny little Runabout, after pissing off the Klingons, the Cardassians and the Dominion. Surprisingly, someone actually gets the idea into their head that this would make a convenient target. [...] They try an emergency beam-out, but the explosion blows out the transporter, leaving Eddington now in command.

  • From the review of "Resistance" (VOY):

 Chuck: So Tom Paris not only flies the ship, the most important shuttle missions, is the field-medic-slash-assistant-to-the-doctor, has 24th century lockpicking ability... he's also a commando. Oh, and let's not forget he once designed an engine that went to infinity.

[Later in the same review...]

Chuck: Since this is an important engineering matter, it's quickly handed off to Harry to take care of, instead of one of the actual engineers.

[Still in the same review, this time regarding a multi-purpose villain]

Chuck: Because this is a television show, Augris will be the face of these people in all situations: whether communicating to off-world aliens, performing interrogations, or searching the streets for criminals. What a micro-manager.

  • From "Warlord" (VOY):

 Chuck: ... With all the radiation, they have to move in close to beam them out, but Harry is working to beam through it, since he's the Transporter Chief and all that. Or, actually, NOT, but why leave it in the hands of a specialist when you can assign it to the guy who never held that position in his life?

  • From "Strange New World" (ENT):

 Chuck: Meanwhile Archer pilots a shuttlepod down, with Reed alongside him. At this point it means that Hoshi is in command - who is terrified of Enterprise and all of its contents.

[Later in the same review...]

Chuck: The transporter is new technology, just approved for use on human-beings in the last two months, and is designed to break them down and put them back together again. This is all done by highly-trained experts, who know how to handle this thing precisely, to avoid any problems... and who are all apparently on a coffee break, because we see Reed down there instead. After all, he's already the tactical officer, security officer, deliverer of weather reports, and the guy who rides shotgun whenever Archer takes the shuttlepod out, so why shouldn't he operate the transporter too? I mean, how hard can it be? [Cue horrific transporter accident]

  • Archer seems to have demoted Hoshi to be the Enterprise's delivery girl for the jobs that the others can't be arsed to do. Moments after launching a Subspace Communications Amplifier, which needed to be checked was working properly so that Enterprise could maintain their link to Earth, he asked Hoshi to find out Reed's favourite food for his birthday, choosing her over any other random crewman, and told her to make it her top priority. Its not as though Hoshi is the damned Communications Officer!

  Chuck: Is there a medication for what you're on, Archer?

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