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  • Bond and Kara crossing the Austrian border in a cello case.
  • Necros successfully infiltrates an MI5 safehouse by dressing up as a milkman. He proceeds to have a brutal fight with an MI5 Red Shirt, then uses a radio handset, adjusting his voice subtly, to warn everybody outside of a (false) gas leak. With the help of milk bottle grenades, he effortlessly kidnaps the target and escapes in plain sight by slightly changing his outfit to resemble a paramedic. Magnificent. While his theme music triumphantly blares in the background.
    • Made even better by the fact that it's only one part of one of the best Evil Plans in Bond movie history.
    • That Red Shirt himself is a Crowning Moment Of Awesome. A somewhat unimposing-looking, skinny middle-aged chap (presumably played by a veteran stuntman) who nonetheless almost succeeds in fighting the much younger, bigger and stronger The Dragon to a standstill. Hell, from the looks of things, Necros didn't even manage to kill the guy. Give that guy his own movie series!
  • Bond having a fistfight with Necros while hanging out the back of a cargo plane in midflight. While a time bomb is counting down. Yikes.
  • Kamran Shah and his followers' all-out assault on the Soviet airbase would be awesome... except that they're Expies of the Taliban. How... very awkward.
    • Except not. The Taliban weren't militarily active until the early 1990s.
      • The Taliban are an offshoot of the Mujahideen from the movie, and the two groups were at odds in the 90s - so much so that the remaining Mujahideen groups allied themselves with the US to get rid of the Taliban. So yeah, unfortunate, but not as bad as you might think.
        • The Taliban did not exist until 1994. The Mujahadeen can hardly be expies.
  • The Gilbraltar training exercise that opens the film. One of the most action-packed openings of a Bond movie ever (and of the few to directly tie into the plot of the movie), culminating in Bond driving an explosives-laden Land Rover off the mountainside (with screaming Mook left inside), parachuting out before it explodes, and then landing his parachute on top of a passing yacht where a bored sexy heiress yearning to bump into a "Real Man" is waiting with a chilled bottle of champagne.

 Bond: (using the heiress' phone) Exercise Control, 007 here. I'll report in an hour.

Linda: (offering a glass) Won't you join me?

Bond: (thinks it over) Better make that two.

  • Pushkin gets one of his own at the end, when he tells Koskov he's going to be sent back to Russia. Koskov is pleased, til Pushkin growls, "In a diplomatic bag."
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