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Harn Lee is now old enough to work... legally that is. Since his parents died, Harn Lee has taken on all sorts of jobs as a child worker because he needed the money for his grandmother and sister, but now he is old enough to work legally. Just before he goes to bed to sweet dreams of working three part-time jobs a day, he decides to auction off his Continent of Magic (an old but dominant MMO) character at the starting bid of $50. Maybe it'll sell for enough to buy a suit for interviews.

Online, some people find his auction of a maxed out legendary character from Continent of Magic. At first they cry fake, but as more and more people look at it, the steady realization comes that it's real. Since Harn only gave 24 hours for the auction, people begin a frenzy of bidding. The price quickly climbs to $100,000 when TV stations notice the auction. At this point, TV stations bid for a publicity boost. The next day Harn receives a call saying that his avatar has been sold for $3.09 million dollars. Harn, bitter at the practical joke, nonetheless checks his bank account... and lo and behold, he has $3.09 million dollars! However, before he can celebrate, loan sharks appear and take the money. Turns out his parents owed them some money and 8 years of interest really builds up. Devastated but also enlightened, Harn figures that what was done once can be done again.

One year later, he logs in to the famous Virtual Reality MMO Royal Road under the name Weed, and in due time is offered the class of 'Moonlight Sculptor', which he summarily rejects. Intent on getting the best class possible, he completes a long, painful quest for a sage and attains an amazing new class... the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

Thus begins the adventures of Weed.

Tropes used in The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor include:

  • Badass Normal : Harn Lee/Weed
  • Drama Bomb : A lot of it. Such as when Seoyun find Harn Lee "dead" in the living room, minutes after she mourned and cried he suddenly wakes up (It seems that he's just sleeping on the floor after eating too much)
  • Anti-Hero
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys : Every heroine with Harn Lee/Weed. Even though he hates women because he hates giving them gifts or going on a date because it costs money. He's also a cheapskate and always try to scam people out of their money.
  • The Berserker : Seoyun
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : When Harn Lee/Weed is playing nice, it means he's thinking on ripping people off.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Harn Lee/Weed He's scamming/ripping off practically everyone, for the sake of his sickly grandmother that needs money for a proper healthcare, and funding his sister's education.
  • Cute Mute : Seoyun
  • Creating Life : one of sculpture's real powers
  • Dramatic Irony : most of Weed's adventures count
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good : Weed isn't so much evil as really greedy, but he can't understand Seoyun at all
  • Game Breaker : the Formless Imperial Sword Technique at the beginning at least
    • sculpting as it turns out
    • the dexterity stat
  • Greed : Weed's main motivation
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power : Sculpting is this
  • Hilarity Ensues : a lot of Weed's schemes work are like this because of dramatic irony
  • Jack of All Stats : Weed is like this with the basic stats (dexterity, strength, wisdom, vitality, intelligence) and several more stats that are normally class related (art, fighting spirit, endurance, sustenance, faith, charm, charisma, fame)
  • Moment of Awesome : lots of them.
  • Oh Crap : a lot of times for Weed
    • and a few times for other people
  • Parental Abandonment
  • Loan Shark
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