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File:MinishCapLink 7136.png

After Zelda was turned to stone and the Picori Blade broken, Link is sent to find the Minish, tiny inhabitants of Hyrule, to have the blade reforged and turn Zelda back to normal. This is because only children and children at heart can even see the Minish.



In The Minish Cap, he was actually Big Bad Vaati's mentor before his Face Heel Turn. Now trapped in the form of a hat, Ezlo guides Link on his adventure by allowing him to shrink to the size of a Minish and explore the Mouse World.


File:Vaati 1111.png

A mysterious robed figure who won this the annual Picori Festival's swordfighting tournament. His goal was to obtain the Light Force and become a god. He was originally a Minish who became evil by being "enchanted by the darkness in the hearts of men". He stole his mentor's wish granting cap, transformed his mentor into a hat himself and took on a humanlike form.

  • Bishonen: His human form.
  • Deceptive Disciple: He studied the darker side of human nature behind Ezlo's back, became corrupted by all that he learned, and then betrayed Ezlo for his own goals.
  • Expy: Let's see, his appearance resembles a long white haired freak, he is implied to be a master swordsman, wears primarily dark clothing, has at least a degree of capability of Mind Rape / Demonic Possession and has a desire to become a god? Are you sure you aren't thinking of Sephiroth?
    • As a young Evil Sorcerer who backstabs his old master and gains magical powers from a piece of clothing, he's quite similar to Mozenrath.
  • Final Boss
  • Informed Ability: Vaati managed to win a sword fighting tournament in the beginning of the game, implying that he is a Child Prodigy at using swords. However, he is never seen using a sword.
    • It's possible that he just cheated using his magic.
  • One-Winged Angel: Has four, not including his initial minish form, although only his three demonic forms are fought.


  • Childhood Friends: With Link, at least enough for the Princess of Hyrule to personally visit your house at the beginning for you to hang out with her at a Festival.
  • Genki Girl: A more mild example than some, but she does seem pretty energetic at the festival at the beginning.
  • Taken for Granite: She is turned to stone near the beginning of the game, Link spends the rest of the game looking for the way to break the curse. If you take too long in the final dungeon, she is left like this permanently.
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