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The captain of the steamship Link uses in Phantom Hourglass. He's a complete coward, and only agrees to help Link when he learns of the possible treasure involved. He provides most of the comic relief in the game.



A fairy with Laser-Guided Amnesia, who found Link on the shore. She helps him throughout the game.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Only regarding Linebeck. She does not just hate his Jerk-like, cowardly behaviour, she despises it... which is kind of justified, since she's the spirit of courage. She still seems to like the "Heart of Gold part" in his "Jerk" though.
  • Exposition Fairy: Well, she's not an Expy of Navi and Tatl for nothing, right?
  • Expy: Of Navi, even featuring the same voice, albeit her personality is a bit more short-tempered. Once Ciela's true power and "colour" are revealed, she becomes an Expy of Tatl from Majora's Mask.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: She's lost her memories when Link meets her. She regains them twice: when she realises her role as the Spirit of Courage, and during the first fight with Bellum.
  • Sword Beam: When Link equips her as his cursor, she lets him do these.
  • Time Stop: Grants a brief version of this to Link at the end of Phantom Hourglass.

Oshus/The Ocean King


File:Bellum 1.png

The main villain of Phantom Hourglass, it rose from the depths and fed on life force, trapping the Ocean King in a feeble human form while it prowled the seas for victims in a Ghost Ship. With little characterization, Bellum seems more like a parasitic force of nature than a truly malicious villain. He also is never Hijacked by Ganon.

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