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  • Lets not forget Link's Awakening where the whole island ends up being inside the Windfish's dream and when you wake him up so Link can leave the island, everyone you got to know in the game blinks out of existence - with the scene hanging on Marin singing for a few moments before ending. Put this together with the realization that the monsters attacking you were pretty much just trying to keep you from destroying their existence, makes this a fairly depressing game.
    • And the music that accompanies it, the Ballad of the Wind Fish... it's so... melancholy * sniff* (unadorned version; the actual ending is more embellished, but the melody is so... haunting... lachrymosic * sob* ). Link was broken, here is one that will bring tears to your eyes.
    • And your very last image of Tarin? Is him beaming and holding up a mushroom as he slowly fades out of existence.
    • Though if you beat the game without dying (not even once!) then Marin turns into a seagull at the end instead of dissapearing into nothingness. It really happens, my brother was so upset with the orignal end, he played the whole thing all over again and made sure not to die.
    • Hey you thought that was depressing? Think about this one for a minute: After love interest Marin realizes that Link is going to leave the island, and some hinting that perhaps she had even realized the true nature of her existence, her only request was for Link to never forget her or her song. The character has never appeared or even been mentioned again in any other Legend of Zelda game. Ever. Neither has the song. Twilight Princesses' ending doesn't really compare to being obliterated AND forgotten. Who would have thought that the most depressing game in existence was a monochrome gameboy game from 1993? Oh, and also? The song you use to wake the wind fish and erase the island is the love song that she taught you. Nothing can escape from the black hole of hopelessness that is this game's ending, except maybe a seagull.
      • You're wrong. The memory might be corrupted and decayed, but somehow, against all odds, someone remembers.
      • The Links in subsequent games are different Links, chances are the one you play as in that game never did forget.
      • That's worse, actually. He'll never see her again. Ever.
      • Also remember that the Link from Link's Awakening was the Link from Link to the Past, oftentimes considered the quintessential Link next to the one from the Ocarina series. And, it would seem, things seem to never end happily for either of them...
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