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The Legend of Zelda's Awesome Music. You surprised that there's a lot of it here? We aren't. Neither are these guys.

In-game tracks

The Legend of Zelda Main Theme

The Legend of Zelda (1986)

  • While everyone remembers the overworld theme, the underworld theme often gets neglected.
  • The Nintendo-published Pictobits includes a badass remix of Death Mountain (the final dungeon from the original game) by Japanese Chiptune band YMCK. After the original song plays for a bit, it speeds up and morphs into what can only be described as 8-bit metal, complete with a makeshift guitar solo.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask

Oracle of Seasons/Ages

  • The Dancing Dragon Dungeon from Oracle of Seasons. Just begs for a jazzy remix.
  • Also from Oracle of Seasons, the mildly sad theme of Tarm Ruins.
  • And the Sea of No Return from Ages. You can only hear it once in Seasons, but it compensates by offering you the Pirate's Gigue anytime you want.
  • And the ending themes, both are variations on the overworld theme.
    • Also the music heard just after the defeat of Ganon.
  • The Skull Dungeon from Ages.
  • And Nayru's Song, also from Ages. Her career as a singer may be only a cover for her true role as the titular Oracle...but that doesn't stop her from being damn good at it.
  • The theme of Horon Village in Oracle of Seasons should remind you of something... Zelda's theme.
  • Mermaid's Cave. That is all.
  • Sadness. Perfectly captures the feeling of sorrow, destruction, and despair that sets over the lands of Holodrum and Labrynna when the Oracles are kidnapped.
  • The Temple of Seasons theme. So mystical...
  • From Ages, the Moonlight Grotto, with a unusually "heavy" opening that almost sounds like a rock guitar riff.
  • Who knows where or when the Cut Song would have played, but damn if it isn't impressive.
  • Symmetry City's theme is cheery and catchy, but the melancholy remix that plays in the past is far more poignant.

The Wind Waker

  • The Legendary Hero which opens the game while the legend of the Hero of Time is told. Awesome.
  • Aryll's theme is heard within the Outset-island theme (along with the old Kokiri-forest theme), during her kidnapping and in both of her appearances in the Forsaken Fortress.
  • While it isn't the Overworld theme, the sailing music isn't bad to listen to, which is good, because you'll be hearing a lot of it. And then it gets cursed, and a familiar and ominous leitmotif is mixed in with it...
    • Dawn is no slouch, either. It's always smile-worthy to hear it in the middle of sailing.
  • Dragon Roost Island. That is all.
  • The battle with Molgera. So good, it was reused in Brawl without changing a single note of the original arrangement.
  • Tower of the Gods and the boss battle Gohdan.
  • Also, the Wind and Earth Sage's respective prayers.
    • If we're going to mention the prayers, we must also mention the game's theme song, which incorporates both.
  • Laruto's theme has some nice melancholy to it, while Fado seems to be cheerful even in death.
    • ...and of course, both prayers are rearrangements of "The Legendary Hero". Yeah!!
  • Now that's some good music for a duel with Ganondorf.
  • Farewell, Hyrule King. A melancholy piano arrangement of the now-classic Hyrule Castle music.
  • Before Tetra switched to having Zelda's characteristic theme for a Leitmotif, she and her crew shared this awesome music for a theme, which pretty much sums up everything you need to know about Miss Tetra's bumbling Pirates: So fitting.
  • The miniboss theme. The Western sounding tune makes it.
  • The musical nods to previous Zelda games' music are Crowning Music of Awesome in themselves:
  • The dang victory theme. It really makes you feel like you accomplished something.
  • Grandma's theme. Depressingly awesome.
  • The Snake Form from the Puppet Ganon fight evokes the battle of a legendary Pokémon.
  • Or how about the game demo theme? A really cool mix of the Great Sea theme and the classic Zelda theme.
  • The fantastic Epilogue music is really inspiring, mixing Journey (The music you hear when you first depart from Outset) with the classic series theme.
  • Say what you will about the Fairy Queen, but her version of the fairy fountain theme is several kinds of awesome.
  • The Earth Temple theme, with its rhythmic drum and the didgeridoo.
  • The Staff Credits.

The Minish Cap

  • Mt. Crenel, an obvious homage to Link to the Past's Dark World (with bits of the original NES and Ocarina of Time overworld themes thrown in as well for good measure).
    • Then there's Rainy Mt. Crenel, which is an homage to the Falling Rain theme from A Link to the Past.
  • The Hyrule Castle theme never sounded as brooding as it did here...
  • Cloud Tops.
  • The original Zelda's underworld music was used again in Minish Cap for the Royal Crypt.
  • Take an Ominous Pipe Organ, give it a driving, Badass rhythm, add a little Harpsichord of High-Class Evil, and you get Vaati's theme.
  • The Temple of Droplets.
  • The Boss Music.
  • The Cave Music.
  • The Palace of Winds. A spine-chilling composition for an awesome dungeon.
  • Castor Wilds, an oppressive mix of the main theme for a swamp level. But the real awesomeness comes in...
    • The Wind Ruins. Take the Castor Wilds, give it a driving beat and a few more instruments, and add in the flute theme from the very first zelda game and you get this masterpiece.

Twilight Princess

  • The hauntingly beautiful title screen music.
  • The first time you go into the field and you hear this.
  • And there's also a beautiful remix of the main theme for the Fishing Hole area.
  • Also the Horseback battle music and the King Bulblin battle theme.
  • Twilight Princess also had this song, from when Midna is cursed by Zant.
  • The Zora Queen, Rutela. So beautiful and haunting and poignant and... perfect.
    • Which is, appropriately enough, a remix of the Serenade of Water from Ocarina of Time.
  • The Temple of Time showed up again--completely unaltered--in Twilight Princess... not just Crowning Music of Awesome, but a Crowning Moment of Awesome as well.
  • It's short, but the Master Sword theme. Mixing the original theme with the new theme...beyond words.
  • Stallord was an awesome boss, especially since the music was strangely familiar...
  • The theme of the Snowpeak Ruins.
    • Snowpeak itself. Very simple, but very eerie remix of the main theme.
  • The battle against Blizzetta, specifically phase two of it. Even better since, like all boss fights, the music changes if you get the upper hand in the fight.
  • As said above, there's this little ditty that plays whenever you expose a boss' weak point, and constantly cries out for more (da-da-da-da da da da!).
  • The Hidden Village theme from Twilight Princess, which, like the Molgera music, is fitting enough to appear in Brawl without being remixed at all.
  • The actual battle with Zant. The same (twilight remix) theme plays throughout, gradually getting more complex, while combined with the themes of each boss Zant copies.
  • And this song played after each boss fight.
  • The Twilight Realm. Haunting, otherworldly, beautiful.
  • Twilight Princess's version of Hyrule Castle. Starts creepy, but as you progress, more and more elements of Ganon's Theme are woven in.
    • Then, when Link and Midna finally reach Ganon, he rises from his throne as an epically arranged version of the original Legend of Zelda's Ganon intro plays.
  • The first theme of the final battle. The sheer eeriness of hearing that rendition of Zelda's Theme.
  • Then comes the second theme, A.K.A. Beast Ganon's battle music. That eerie twist in the music and the chanting make you feel like you're trapped in Ganon's hell.
  • And afterwards comes the Horseback Battle with Ganon. With all that epic movement going on, the suspense makes you worry if you're gonna fall off Epona and get trampled by Ganondorf's ghost riders.
  • The final battle against Ganondorf in Twilight Princess is also particularly awesome, and also manages to use Ganon's regular theme in there as well.
  • The river music.
  • THIS is how you get someone to learn a skill.
  • The wolves' singing some of the most classic tunes in the whole series, as well as the all-new "Ballad of Twilight", it's all as hauntingly beautiful as the view of Hyrule when they're singing them.
    • A highlight of the entire game was playing the haunting, addicting melody of Requiem of Spirit In a wolf's voice.
  • Death Mountain
  • The credits theme.
  • The trailer theme.
  • Lake Hylia during the day has the absolutely lovely music, as befits the scenery.
  • The Malo Mart theme.
  • Sacred Grove theme. Just the perfect blend of ominous, ethereal, and blissful tones giving the impression that one get get lost forever in their dreams of the forest. Also a huge layer of nostalgia.
  • The music when you fight Armogohma evokes a Giant Spider stomping around insanely well. And then when you complete the first phase of the battle, It becomes Crowning Music of Funny as well.
  • During most Boss Fights, when the enemy's weak point is exposed, an amazingly triumphant tune plays.
  • When a fragment of the Fused Shadow or Twilight Mirror is uncovered, a gorgeous, yet haunting theme plays.
  • Fyer's cannon theme is both hilarious and one of the most awesome earworms in the whole series.
  • Ook's Theme which is the very first miniboss theme sets the stage for many of the above songs.
    • And it gets remixed for part of the Zant fight.

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

  • The trailer theme, which, as many expected, turned out to be the overworld theme, is just way beyond awesome!
  • Every time Link plays one of the duets with a Lokomo includes some fantastic melodies, particularly the finale, when Link, Zelda, and every Lokomo in the game join in to play the main theme.
  • Chancellor Cole's theme is the perfect mixture of disturbing and regal-sounding.
    • Speaking of the good chancellor, there's also the version of his theme that plays while defending Zelda in one of the final boss phases. Yes, it was already awesome, this is just continuing the trend.
    • And then there's, quite possibly, the sweetest fifteen seconds of Spirit Tracks.
    • This is equal parts awesome and Oh Crap.
  • While Byrne's is just as awesome as you'd expect for the series' new resident Ensemble Darkhorse.
    • Byrne Helps Out, a remix of Byrne's theme with a bit of Zelda's Theme thrown in. Absolutely great.
    • His boss battle music is pretty durn catchy, too.
  • The song that plays once you're at the very top of the Tower of Spirits. As you progress up the stairs, the song gets more and more energetic. This is the finished result and it really gives you that sense of accomplishment.
  • Malladus' final boss battle music.
  • Both of the regular boss battle themes (yeah, there are two, like in Ocarina of Time) are among the better in the series, rivaling even Molgera!
  • The "Troubled" version of the overworld theme, which plays in the Snow and Fire Realms before their respective Temples are cleared, does a great job of conveying a sense of urgency. You definitely feel like you're in a place that's been thrown into disarray, and that it's imperative to set things right again.
  • Demon Train!
  • This track, which plays near the beginning of the game on the world map, when Link is still a trainee engineer, as well as later in the game during the Goron target range mini-game.
  • This track comes from right before the battle with Malladus, and it is a beautiful rendition of the Spirit Tracks overworld theme.
  • It starts with the opening. Yes, it's the fairy fountain theme again, but there's something inexplicably awesome about the 'backbone' of the track that the other versions lack.
  • Zelda's Theme sees a lot more use than usual, this time around-- and the variations go from soothing (moreso than usual, at least) adorably awkward to vaguely epic, if not a touch repetitive.
  • Underwater is a nice, soothing track, to boot.
  • "Saying Goodbye" is a Tear Jerker distilled into musical form. Especially after the short track that accompanied Byrne's Heel Face Turn and Heroic Sacrifice. Beware-- the title of this song contains spoilers in and of itself.
  • The credits. That is all. Or not. C'mon, guys, it's the overworld theme mixed with even more awesome than before-- including a build-up perfectly suited to the game itself and a bit of the series' main theme thrown in for good measure. What's not to like?
  • The Spirit Flute's leitmotif is one of the recurring riffs throughout the game, and it definitely earns that position.
  • The song that plays when you first chart a course through any given realm is often overlooked-- since it transitions so perfectly into the overworld theme, which has already been listed-- but it's catchy enough to earn a spot here, too.
  • While it doesn't quite measure up to Wind Waker's, the miniboss theme isn't half bad, either.
  • Some of the tracks from after a boss is defeated are noteworthy, as well-- like The Force Gem Awakens and Restoring the Spirit Tracks (which may or may not be 'Restoring the Tower of the Spirits' instead. It's hard to tell with some of the track names.)
  • Sword Training and Intense Sword Training are both jaunty tracks that suit the minigame they accompany perfectly.
  • The Goron Village music; it's not quite the Goron City music, but the feel is largely the same. It's a nice change of pace once the latter gets old, though.
  • Spirit Tracks also brings us this rendition of Linebeck's theme. Not quite as epic as the original, but infinitely more cheerful.
  • There's also Invincibility from battle mode. Short, sweet and oh-so-satisfying.

Skyward Sword

CDi Games

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Symphony CD

So pretty much, the entire soundtrack is awesome.


Fan Remixes

Zelda Reorchestrated (ZREO)

You can find their main page here

Ocarina of Time:

Majora's Mask:

  • Clock Town Day 1 and Clock Town Day 1 Redux . Oh ZREO! Why did you have to remix something already so fantastic!
  • Clock Town Day 2 and Clock Town Day 2 Redux. The kind of song you want to wake up to. The crispier remix makes it feels like every day is going to be a brand new adventure.
  • Clock Town Day 3. Probably the most horrifying and apocalyptic tune from Majora's Mask. It's no longer hiding behind the happy and cheerful first and second day song like the original, it's bursting out, drowning out the barely audible happy foreground and proclaiming: YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. DIE.
  • Calling the Four Giants. It really emanates the sense of weariness and sadness from the giants part as everything around them is falling apart.
  • The Final Hour. "We shall greet the morning...together". One of the best moments in the game.
  • Song of Healing. It's so heartwarming!
  • Clock Tower.
  • They manage to make the Pirate's Fortress pure, concentrated EPIC.
  • Stone Tower Temple is an excellent piece of music. And then ZREO took it and made it amazing.

Oracle of Seasons/Ages

Wind Waker

The Minish Cap:

Twilight Princess:

Spirit Tracks

Over Clocked Remix

Other Fan Remixes

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