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The comics:

  • Complete Monster:
    • Griffin: In the first book, he murders a completely innocent policeman And that's far from the worst thing he does. Why? Because he can do it and get away with it. He gives the reason that he felt a bit chilly and the policeman had a uniform, but throughout the story he seems quite unable to resist the temptation of using his undetectability to do terrible things to people.
      • He's introduced living undected inside a girl's boarding school, where he rapes the girls with impunity because they (and the teacher) believes that he is the "Holy Spirit", even getting several of them pregnant as a result.
    • Fantomas: who Mina describes as more inhuman and frightening than Dracula.
      • On that note, Dracula himself. Apparently bad enough to make Mina feel fine about Hyde.
    • The "Chinese Doctor": who makes Quatermain weak-kneed with just a look, as he glimpses him calmly torturing a man.
    • Hyde: Arguably subverted, especially in the second book. Hyde is a literal monster and kills with reckless abandon, but he's not crazy or anything.
    • Nemo: too can channel a Complete Monster vibe when he feels like it, although he focuses it solely on his enemies (he is, however, completely horrified when Dr Moreau and the British government reveal and use biological weapons against the Martians, so he has limits).
    • "Jimmy" is a serial rapist and a sexual sadist and also a backstabbing double-agent.
  • Crack Pairing: Since the series deals with the relationships between various fictional characters, this happens quite a bit. Most visibly with Quartermain and Murray, but it happens with minor characters as well. Frankenstein's monster and his wife Olympia from Tales of Hoffman come to mind.
  • Genius Bonus: Pretty much every damn page.
  • Les Yay: Mina has no use for Orlando when he's a male.
  • Mind Screw: It starts with the back-up story in Volume One, but the series really gets trippy with The Black Dossier and Century: 1969.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: we never get to see the full exploits of the Second League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen, and their very much indeed awesome sounding encounter with Les Hommes Mysterieux is only described in text on the Black Dossier. Also sideway referenced in text are the missions of Prospero's Men, The Third League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen, Der Zwielicht-helden and Les Hommes Mysterieux themselves.
    • We also see far too little of the League of the 1780s, featuring Lemuel Gulliver, the Scarlet Pimpernel and wife, the Scarecrow, Fanny Hill, and Natty Bumpo. Most of what we do see when they appear is when they've largely retired from adventuring and are touring the world indulging their more hedonistic tendencies.
    • The Black Dossier in general gives us brief, often sterile summaries of what sound like really fantastic adventures, but instead of giving us the dose of pure adventure they could've been, we're given George Lucas Throwbacks to various novels and literary styles. The emphasis is skewed annoyingly to style over substance, and very dull style at that.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Usually parodied, but Black Dossier's Sexfiend Golliwog definitely qualifies.
    • Though knowing Alan Moore he fully knows about these and is chortling to himself as people get in a huff about them. As the Values Dissonance shows he does like playing around with Un-PC notions.
  • Values Dissonance: The comic deliberately fakes this trope to create aesops such as "ORIENTALS, while BRILLIANT, are EVIL".

The film:

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