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The Last Jedi (also known as Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi) is the eighth film in the Star Wars saga.

Picking up right after The Force Awakens, the First Order has openly declared war on the rest of the galaxy, relentlessly pursuing the Resistance to try and wipe them out forever. Meanwhile, on the distant planet of Ahch-To, Rey tries to convince the broken Luke Skywalker to return to galactic society and lead the fight.

Released in December of 2017, it's followed by The Rise of Skywalker in 2019.
Tropes used in The Last Jedi include:
  • Advertised Extra: Captain Phasma.
  • All for Nothing: While the Resistance does make it to Crait, no one answers their distress call.
  • Armor Is Useless: Averted for once in Star Wars.
    • Captain Phasma's armor totally No Sells Stormtrooper guns.
    • Downplayed for Snoke's Praetorian Guard given that they're going up against lightsabers, but they do manage to survive glancing blows from the blades. Deeper strikes will kill them just fine though.
  • Artistic License Physics: The Supermacy's turbolasers arc down. In space.
  • Astral Projection: Luke on Crait. The strain ends up killing him.
  • Badass Decay: Hux goes from an expy of Tarkin to a Butt Monkey.
  • Berserk Button: Kylo, usually embodying Evil Is Hammy, slips into Tranquil Fury when he sees Luke.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The First Order has declared open war on a virtually defenceless galaxy, Kylo Ren does not reform, and Luke Skywalker is dead but, as he himself highlights, their is still hope. His own heroics have once again served to inspire a new generation of Force sensitives.
  • Book Ends: Luke's story begins and ends with him watching a twin sunset, him reflecting on such in the novelization. Twin Suns even plays in case you totally missed the point.
  • Broken Pedestal:
    • The Jedi Order to Luke. While he once looked up to them, his experiences have caused him to take on a more cynical view of them, bitterly noting that they, at the height of their power, allowed Darth Sidious to rise and wipe them all out.
    • Upon discovering that he tried to kill Ben Solo and created Kylo Ren, Luke to Rey. Thankfully he ends up as a Rebuilt Pedestal.
  • Call Back: To try and get Luke to come back, R2 plays Leia's hologram message from A New Hope. Luke calls it a cheap move.
  • The Cameo:
    • The Master Codebreaker is played by Justin Theroux.
    • Princes William and Harry cameo as Stormtroopers.
  • Color Motif: Red.
  • Cool Ship: The Supermacy. It function as the First Order's Base on Wheels and is 60 kilometers long.
  • Create Your Own Villain: There was always darkness in Ben Solo. By trying to cut the knot, in the worst possible way, Luke turned him into Kylo Ren.
  • Disaster Dominoes: All the Resistance bombers are clustered very close together. Guess what happens when one blows up.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him:
    • Admiral Ackbar is casually Killed Off for Real, being a victim of Kylo Ren's run on the Raddus. A case of Real Life Writes the Plot as his actor, Erik Bauersfield, had tragically passed in 2016.
    • Snoke is offed pretty casually by Kylo using Anakin's old lightsaber.
  • Forced to Watch: Snoke forces Rey to watch the Supremacy Sink the Life Boats.
  • Happy Ending Override: Starkiller Base may have been blown up, but the First Order has hunted the Resistance to near extinction. They also managed to crush the New Republic once and for all in the meantime.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • Though they don't die, it doesn't like Finn and Rose planned to return to the Raddus in time for the hyperspace jump and were quite content with this.
    • Holdo goes out slamming the Raddus into the Supremacy.
    • Luke overexerts himself with his Force projection, becoming one with the Force.
  • Hope Bringer: The Resistance goes from "We're doomed" right to "We'll live through this" when Luke arrives on Crait.
  • Hope Spot: Just for a moment, it looks like Finn's group will shut down the hyperspace tracker and Poe will be able to jump the Raddus to safety.
  • Immediate Sequel: Starts right after The Force Awakens.
  • Mind Rape: Snoke burrows into Rey's mind to discover where Luke is hiding.
  • My Greatest Failure: Luke, sensing darkness in Ben Solo, tried to kill his nephew. Before he could go through with it, overcome with horror at what he was about to do, Ben woke up and fell headfirst into the Dark Side.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Pretty much the entire plot is Finn, Rose, and Poe's plan backfiring enormously on them.
  • Noodle Incident: The vicious firefight that Maz is part of is summarized as a "union dispute."
  • Not in This For Your Revolution: DJ. He views the Resistance/First Order war as Grey and Gray Morality and is Only in It For the Money. Unlike Han, he really is Only in It For the Money. He sells out the Resistance when the group gets captured.
  • Oh Crap: The Resistance when the First Order fleet drops out of hyperspace and then when the Supremacy shows up.
  • Plot Hole: Luke went into exile because he felt that it was time for the Jedi to end. Then why did he leave a map behind?
  • Poor Communication Kills: Leia and Holdo had a plan, one that Poe even concedes was a good one that he would have gone along with had he known about it, but their charade called for leaving a good chunk of the Resistance in the dark about it, compromising group morale enough that Poe garnered sufficient support for a mutiny.
  • Ramming Always Works: It certainly does when the ramming ship is moving at hyperspeed.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • The location of the Resistance base was found out in the last film. What's the first thing that the Resistance does? Abandon base as soon as they can.
    • So what if Poe is the greatest flier in the Resistance fleet? He violated a direct order which resulted in the loss of several X-Wings and their whole compliment of bombers for the destruction of a worthless enemy asset. Demotion was truly a mercy.
    • As said under Poor Communication Kills, if you don't tell your troops that there is a plan in the Darkest Hour, there's going to be a massive drop in morale.
    • Like Luke vs Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, Rey vs Snoke is heavily slanted in the latter's favour. No matter how powerful Rey may be, she's only got two lessons under her belt. She can't compete with Snoke's sheer experience.
    • The Rebel base on Crait has been disused for three decades or so. All the tech in there is rusted out junk that can't scratch the cutting edge First Order tech.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: Leia's iconic scene of flying back into the ship. A human being can indeed survive two minutes unprotected in the vacuum of space and Leia was out there for just under that.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: Poe reasons that Luke showing up on Crait means that there's a back entrance in the Rebel base. There is, but it's not because Luke used it to get in.
  • Running Gag: Jakku is still a nowhere planet.
  • Serkis Folk: Snoke. He's even portrayed by the Trope Namer.
  • Shout-Out: The hyperspace tracker looks eerily like a flux capacitor.
  • Space Friction: The Resistance cruisers grind to a halt, losing all momentum, when they run out of fuel, falling back towards the First Order fleet. In reality, a starship that runs out of fuel in the vacuum would retain its forward momentum.
  • Surpassed the Teacher: Something Luke is ashamed of but as Yoda notes, every teacher should aspire to this saying that "We are what they grow beyond."
  • Villain Ball: The Supermacy, due to its sheer mass, is too slow to catch up to the Raddus. The Star Destroyers, as an escort fleet, keep pace with their command ship, protecting it. Why they don't launch their complement of TIEs is never explained.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: The fate of Luke's green lightsaber is never revealed.
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