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  • S.K. : Eiji Tono's obsession of murdering the person responsible for his sister/lover's death who bears the initial is repeatedly made as a joke both in the fandom and the Criminal Case File Spinoff to the point of mockery.
  • Naoko Karasuma : The culprit of the case, Naoko Torimaru, forgot to check the content of the floppy disk that was supposed to contain her name before using them to frame Masumi for the crime, due to being fatigued after spending time to pull out Inukai and Sayoko's data with great diffculty as she was not skilled in using computer. This ended up coming back to bite her in the ass as the employee who recorded her data mistook the kanji Tori (鳥) in her surname as Karasu (烏) due to there being no furigana (pronunciation guide), the two kanjis being one radical away from each other, and her surname being very similar to the location of the main company.
  • Maid Costume of Death : The victim of Fudo High Festival Murder Case, Jun Ishida (a guy notorious for snapping naked pictures of the girl), was found electrocuted to death in a maid costume with bare feet, which, despite the crossdressing being part of the killer's murder plan, is pretty ridiculous both in and out of context.
  • Ballpen Murder Weapon : Once her jerkass boyfriend Mamoru Koganei tried to push the murder on her (despite practically forcing her to help out in the crime in the first place), Yui Kagaya proceeded to stab him to death in the heart with a ballpen in anger. Because the narmness nature of the situation, the anime instead changed this scene to her trying to strangle him to death, but was stopped in time by the others so that she would not commit any more crime and can give testimony against Koganei as a witness in order to lessen her punishment, and that Koganei could be brought to justice for both the murder and drug trafficking. 
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