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Characters who appear in The Kane Chronicles.

Beware of unmarked spoilers.

The Kanes

Carter Kane

One of the main characters and the eldest child of Julius and Ruby Kane. Is very knowledgeable of Egyptian myths and artifacts and shows enhanced skills in combat. In The Red Pyramid, he becomes the host of Horus, although the god departs from his body by the end of the book.

Sadie Kane

One of the main characters and the younger sister of Carter. Has the ability to read hieroglyphs with ease and can open portals despite her lack of training thanks to the presence of Isis. In The Red Pyramid, she becomes the host of Isis, although the goddess departs from her body by the end of the book.

Amos Kane

The brother of Julius Kane and the uncle of Carter and Sadie. By the end of The Throne of Fire, he becomes the Chief Lector of the House of Life.

Julius Kane

The husband of Ruby Kane and the father of Carter and Sadie. He is the current host of Osiris.

Ruby Kane

The wife of Julius Kane and the mother of Carter and Sadie. She died prior to the start of the story when she and her husband tried to free Bast from Cleopatra's Needle. She was once a host of Isis.



The falcon god of pharaohs and the sky. He was born on the second day of the Demon Days. Originally a son of Geb and Nut making him brother to Set, Isis, Nephthys and Osiris. Later reborn as a son of Osiris and Isis. Takes Carter Kane as his host, but departs his body by the end of The Red Pyramid.


The goddess of magic and motherhood. She was born on the fourth day of the Demon Days. Takes Sadie Kane as her host, but departs her body by the end of The Red Pyramid.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Poisoned Ra leading to the current mess. She can be caring, but has a very deceptive and manipulative side.
  • Brother-Sister Incest: With her brother Osiris, though this is explained as their different hosts - brother and sister, then husband and wife.
  • Hot Witch: A goddess of magic.
  • Mama Bear: To Horus against Set.


The goddess of felines. She acts as the guardian of Carter and Sadie.


The god of dwarves.


The god of death and funerals and one of the love interests of Sadie Kane.


The embodiment of primal chaos.


The god/personification of the earth and father of Isis, Osiris, the first incarnation of Horus, Nephthys and Set.


The goddess of rivers, nature, lamentation, sleep, and night. She was born on the Fifth Demon Day and is the mother of Anubis. She took Zia Rashid as a host.


The goddess/personification of the sky.


The god of the dead and ruler of the afterlife. He is the husband of Isis and father of the current incarnation of Horus. His current host is Julius Kane.


The god of creation, rebirth, and the sun.


The god of chaos, deserts, and storms. Famous for being Ra's chief defender against Apophis and the strongest warrior god.


The god of wisdom, magic and writing. He's also know as Djehuti. He's the founder of the House of Life.

Other Magicians

Zia Rashid

A magician and scribe of the House of Life and a member of the First Nome.

Walt Stone

One of Carter and Sadie's trainees and a charm maker. He's one of Sadie's love interests.


One of Carter and Sadie's trainees and a healer. Her real name is Jasmine.


One of Carter and Sadie's trainees, the youngest one there during The Throne of Fire.


The Chief Lector of the House of Life.

Michel Desjardins

A magician of French descent. He succeeds Iskandar as the Chief Lector.

Vladimir Menshikov

AKA "Vlad the Inhaler." More evil then he sounds.



Amos Kane's pet baboon.

Philip of Macedonia

A shabti that belongs to Amos Kane.

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