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Kipling's Jungle Books

  • When Shere Khan demands that the "man cub" that has crawled into the den of Mother and Father Wolf be returned to him. "It is I, Shere Khan, who speaks!" Mother Wolf says, "And it is I, Raksha (the demoness) who answers." Her answer is no.
  • Kaa's introduction story. The plot summary is that Mowgli is kidnapped by the Bandar-log (i.e., monkeys) and Bagheera asks Kaa for help since he's the only creature they really fear in the jungle. When they get in the Bandar-log's place (an abandoned rock temple), they have trapped the boy inside a rocky room full of venomous snakes. How does Kaa gets the boy out? By ramming his head on the wall until it falls! And after all is done and the boy saved, he starts an intricate dance that somehow gets the Bandar-log to approach. When they're close enough and the rest of the good guys are far away, he starts the "Dance of Hungry Kaa".

Disney's The Jungle Book

  • Some vultures try to cheer up Mowgli with a barbershop quartet song. That's just really okay, until Shere Khan gets into the action with a terrifying bass voice at the end of the song.
  • Just Shere Khan! The voice is not only perfectly terrifying when he finishes counting to ten, but the tiger sounds like a bored gentleman of high society. While making life hell for the heroes.
    • Doubly so in the sequel, in which he is more menacing and scary, which is arguably one of the few things the film got right.
  • "Look behind you, chum."
  • Colonel Hathi's wife Winifred, who is somewhat awesome for a minor character in her own right, has her own Moment of Awesome. When Bagheera tries to convince Hathi to help search for Mowgli, Hathi at first refuses, but then Winifred breaks ranks and stands up to her "pompous old windbag!" husband in order to convince him to assist in the search, even threatening to take over command of the herd if he refuses to do so.
    • Truth in Television: Elephant herds are matriarchal. Winifred isn't just threatening to take over; she's actually in charge, just letting her husband lead. She's not going to take control if he doesn't help; she's going to take control back.

The 1994 Disney live-action movie

  • Mowgli and Shere Khan face off, or should I say "roar off"?
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