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  • After spending the first three chapters in the role of The Slacker, Eddie finally deciding to get his act together in order to orchestrate a Misfit Mobilization Moment was pretty satisfying. The fact that all of his efforts turned out to be in vain may have diminished it a little, but still...this is the guy who spent three chapters doing virtually nothing except sit around and make sarcastic remarks. It's the thought that counts.
  • In Chapter IV, the whole Zombie Chibi battle was pretty awesome to begin with, but the icing on the cake had to be Mortal being knocked into the air by Chibi only to fall straight down again with enough force to create a shockwave that stunned Chibi long enough for Mortal to rescue Luna. Bear in mind that none of the others' attacks even managed to scratch Chibi, let alone leave him temporarily dazed.
    • Another CMoA occurs right after that, when Jack stabs a demon pegasus to death and then calls in a FUCKING HELICOPTER OUT OF NOWHERE to escort the group to safety. Oh, and Edmund helped.
  • Then there was the climax of Chapter IV: after storming Activision Castle, the heroes find themselves face to face with the devil himself, who is none other than Bobby Kotick. How does Washington decide to deal with this problem? Whip out a guitar and fight the demon using The Power of Rock, that's how!

 Washington: "Let's rock, eh wot!"

  • Even if it was a literal Deus Ex Machina, Nintendoki's interference in Chapter V was both a CMoA and a CMoF due to the sheer Crazy Awesome factor. Just a friendly reminder that, yes, Nintendoki is an all-powerful deity, and he will fuck you up if you get on his bad side.
  • Frost vs. Ember was probably one of the most intense fights in the RP to date, especially given the fact that the former took the opportunity to drop his usual quirky demeanor to show everyone exactly what he was capable of.

 Frost: "My my, Ember, you should know better than that. Thinking you could simply make me fall. Now, dance with me."

  • Link's Big Damn Heroes moment in Luna's flashback. For that matter, the entirety of Luna's flashback was pretty awesome.
  • Nintendoki gets another, more legitamite CMoA in Chapter VI, when he decides to give Sarah a warning about sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. In person. For the first time since the RP started, Nintendoki actually came accross as being badass and intimidating, especially because his boisterous yelling was temporarily replaced by subtle yet menacing threats.
  • The (non-canon) party celebrating the RP's first year anniversary was a Crowning Moment for the RP itself, especially because it was to celebrate the fact that the RP was able to go on for an entire year and remain active (a rare feat for Play-By-Post Games, especially on Nsider).
  • This Troper likes to think of Rustynuts's entire backstory as one big CMoA; everything from the brutal training, Heroic Willpower revival, and suggested Shadaloo connections.
  • Eddie got another one in Chapter VI, when Super Irving is about to crush Sarah with a "Titanic Belly Flop," when all of a sudden Eddie jumps out of nowhere and kicks Irving in the gut. With his Seven-League Boots on.
  • ...Which is almost immediately followed by Washington's Badass Boast right before dealing the final blow to Irving. Two words: Penguin Punch.
  • Sarah gets a minor one in the same chapter when the group is attacked by the Wafflesworths' pet ravid (a large serpent-like creature with magic powers) by calmly walking up to it and pinning it to the ground with one hand.
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