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 Huph: Coincidence? I think NOT!

  • What Could Have Been: Pixar fans are to this day questioning about this one. While Brad Bird was working for Warner Bros, he pitched The Incredibles as a 2D animated film. But the lackluster performance of The Iron Giant canceled that. Wasn't Brad's fault, blame the studio's poor choices. Animation fans as well as Pixar fans question on what would have happened if The Incredibles was made as a 2D film. At least it was Saved From Development Hell thanks to Pixar.
    • There was also a significantly different opening where Syndrome (then a One-Scene Wonder) was to have tried to ambush the Parrs (then referred to as the Smiths) at their house as revenge only to be killed, and the reason for adopting a secret identity as their only identity was also closer to that of Witness Protection than as the result of a law created as a means of preventing damages to property from Superhero duty as a result of complaints by the public.
    • Disposable Pilot: This was going to happen in an earlier version, with the pilot who flies the Incredibles to Nomanisan Island going down with the plane. In the end, they wrote him out entirely, and had Helen fly the plane herself.
    • Another villain called Xerek would be the original film's Big Bad. Xerek would have turned out to be good at the end, but he was cut because this twist was too confusing and Syndrome made for a more enjoyable villain.
    • All the members of the Incredible family were going to have flying powers... except Bob.
      • Bob was also going to have invulnerability as a part of his power, much like Superman, which would risk revealing his identity in a deleted scene where he accidentally brings a meat cleaver down on his fingers, only to dent the blade. The final Bob, however, is fully capable being cut and bleeding.
  • Word of God: According to Brad Bird, Helen Parr's maiden name is Truax.
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