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  • In one of the deleted scenes (only storyboarded), the guy Helen gets the plane from actually goes with the family. When Syndrome blows them up, he doesn't survive.
  • The jet-flying scene is pretty intense as filmed as well. Helen shouting "Abort! Abort!" while trying to save her kids from getting blown up is rather harrowing.
  • The scene on the plane when Helen aka Elastigirl realizes that Syndrome's missiles are going to hit them and they cannot be stopped, all the while frantically yelling "Abort abort abort! There are children on board!" into the radio. Her face shows pure terror. She then unhesitatingly leaps into the back of the plane at the last second, fully prepared to die for her son and daughter.
    • "Put a field around us NOW!!" There is something about that line that's heartstring-tuggy for an unknown reason.
    • Violet's face when she tries to do a force field is upsetting. She's trying so hard and she just can't do it...
  • Bob initially believes his family has been killed. Syndrome's Kick the Dog line about working alone only makes things worse. You can even hear him sobbing in the background as Syndrome walks away, it's heartbreaking.
    • And just look at him afterwards when Mirage comes in to free him.
  • And when Bob reveals to Helen just why he'd prefer to take on the Omnidroid alone, as a direct result of the above.

 Bob: I CAN'T LOSE YOU AGAIN! ...I can't. Not again. I'm not ... strong enough.

Helen: If we work together, you won't have to be.

  • When Helen listens in on the phonecall between Bob and Mirage, and assumes them to be having an affair, the look on her face when she says "Bob, I really love you" is heartbreaking.
  • When Mr. Incredible learned the totality of Syndrome's plan via computer.
    • Especially when you remember that all the supers who died perfecting the Omnidroid weren't just allies of Mr. Incredibles; they were his friends. Several of them had been at his wedding, and he recognized Gazerbeam instantly upon seeing the picture of his secret identity in the paper. Also remember that each of the supers had gotten the exact same message as Mr. Incredible, reminding them of their Glory Days, asking them to come back and make a difference one last time...and leading them to be unceremoniously slaughtered to perfect a machine that will be used to discredit supers once and for all.
  • I don't typically sympathize with villains like Syndrome, but I couldn't help tear up at his 'reason why I did it' speech. It just sounded so much like he was still that disillusioned kid, and who doesn't remember how much those kinds of disillusions hurt?
  • This one is more a tear jerker with backstory- when the Omnidroid is defeated, two old men look on and say "You see that, Frank? That's how you do it, that's old school!" "Yeah, no school like the old school!" Nothing heart wrenching about that, but consider that they were voiced and modeled after Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, the last remaining members of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men group of animators. Frank died a couple months before The Incredibles premiered, and Ollie Johnston died in 2008. "No school like the old school" is an incredibly poignant tribute to old school men such as them and with both of them gone it makes me cry every time I see it.
  • Mr. Incredible in his room pondering whether or not to take the mission, and seeing all the memorabilia of things he has accomplished throughout his superheroic career just makes your heart drop at how much he's done.
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