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The Incredible Melting Man is a cheeseball 1977 American sci/fi horror film about an astronaut who is exposed to outer-space radiation and then comes back transformed into a hideous monster. And unlike the last time this happened, there really IS a monster here!

You see, Doctor Steve West's time over on Saturn has left him slowly melting into glop while simultaneously giving him superhuman strength and an insatiable appetite that only human flesh can sate (and a little aside for any monsters reading this: How do you guys know that only human flesh will satisfy your unholy urges if you'll never try something different? Geez). Don't bother asking about how he can easily pull victims apart with a rapidly deteriorating musculoskeletal structure; that'll just get in the way of all the ooey-gooey makeup effects! To its credit, this is one of the few things the movie does do well; Rick Baker's nastily convincing special effects really do look every bit like a man slowly liquifying before our eyes, and the movie is packed with Nausea Fuel and graphic violence that really stood out at the time.

Okay, now for the bad stuff: The movie is also poorly written, dimly lit, loaded with uninteresting characters, and contains an extremely bad and unsatisfying ending in which everyone with a speaking part dies and the Incredible Melting Man melts. Incredibly. The director wanted to do the movie as a parody, which could have indeed worked —several things left in the final film even hint at this original plan— but sadly, the studio forced him to turn it into a straight horror flick, resulting in the ludicrous mess moviegoers wound up seeing.

Not to be confused with The Molten Man, a Spider-Man supervillain.

For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode see here .

Tropes used in The Incredible Melting Man include:

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