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Thomas Rogan


 Isaac:"You ever gonna tell anyone what that fuckin' "G" stands for?"

G: "No."

Sophie Richards

Kate Green

Daniel Curien

Isaac Washington

Varla Guns


Dr. Roy Curien

Caleb Goldman

Mysterious Man

Papa Caesar

Warden Clement Darling


  • Theme Naming: They're all named after Tarot cards; the only exceptions being the OVERKILL bosses.

The Chariot

A large zombie wearing a full suit of armor, who is the first boss fought in the first game.

The Hangedman

A flying stone gargoyle who kidnaps Rogan's girlfriend and later attacks him and G on the roof. He's the second boss of the first game.

The Hermit

A big, spider-like zombie that tries to kill Rogan and G with its webs. The third boss of the first game.

The Magician

Curien's most powerful creation, which is a mutant with fire control and psychic powers. The fourth (and final) boss of the first game. It later serves as the fifth boss of the second game, and the second (and once again final) boss of The House of the Dead 4 Special.


A small imp (Zeal) and a living suit of Armor (Kuarl), who are met in Venice by James and Gary. It's the first boss in The House of the Dead 2.

The Hierophant

A triton-like zombie armed with a trident. The second boss of the second game.

The Tower

A Hydra-like mutant who dwells in the sewers of Venice. The third boss of the second game.


A huge, chainsaw-wielding brute fought in a Coliseum. The fourth boss of the second game.

The Emperor

A humanoid being made of shapeshifting molten metal, and Goldman's last creature. The sixth (and final) boss of the second game.


A huge skull-faced mutant dressed as a Security Guard and armed with a club. He'll chase G and Lisa for two levels. One of the bosses in the third game.

The Fool

A mutated giant sloth who resides in a well-like cage inside the building. One of the bosses in the third game.

The Sun

A mutant giant plant with many tentacle-like roots and human faces on its stalk. One of the bosses in the third game.

The Wheel of Fate

Curien's ultimate creation/transformation, it is a cybernetic monster surrounded by a metal ring. It manipulates electricity to fight. It's the final boss of The House of the Dead 3, and is actually Dr. Roy Curien himself.


A huge, four-armed mutant that chases Kate and James in the sewers. The first boss of The House of the Dead 4 and The House of the Dead 4 Special Edition.

The Lovers

A pair of mutated Tarantulas which attack Kate and James as they try to leave the underground via Elevator. The second boss of The House of the Dead 4.

  • Coitus Uninterruptus: Considering their name, and how they attack with smaller spiders, it's possible the two are copulating constantly throughout the battle.
  • Dual Boss: Albeit the male spider is just acting as a weak point and maybe a sort of brain.
  • Giant Spider: Times two.
  • Mook Maker: Can and will summon several spiders to help them.
  • Spikes of Villainy: Not only the she-spider is huge, demonic and mutant but her legs are covered in spikes.

The Empress

A powerful purple zombie armed with a ludicrously big double-chainsaw. He/she chases Kate and James on the train. The third boss of the fourth game.


A morbidly obese, giant zombie that chases our heroes down the streets. He's so fat that bullets won't damage him. The fourth boss of the fourth game.

The Star

A humanoid mutant armed with swords and a purple aura, which acts as a "test" of strength for Kate and James. When he dies, he wounds James with a shard of his body. He's a perfected model of The Magician, and the fifth boss of The House of the Dead 4.

The World

Goldman's last trick, which is a powerful, constantly-evolving monster made of ice. He's destroyed by James's sacrifice.

Jasper Gunns

The first boss in OVERKILL, he's Varla's quadriplegic younger brother, who has injected himself with a Psycho Serum in order to kill Papa Caesar, but got distracted by G and Issac, allowing Caesar to escape. Unfortunately, Jasper ends up so far gone that he can't tell ally from enemy, and ends up attacking G and Issac instead.

Coco and Sindy

Exclusive for the Playstation 3 version, they're Varla Guns' fellow coworkers who borrowed Varla's bike before getting infected. Appears as a fat woman and a skinny woman. Chronologically the second boss fought in the PlayStation 3 version.

The Screamer

Another creation of Caesar, who's released in a hospital in order to kill G and Isaac. Appears as a zombie girl with a mutilated face and powerful screams. The second boss in OVERKILL (third if you count the PlayStation 3 version).

  • Body Horror: You can clearly see her spine.
  • Butter Face: Her face is awfully mutilated.
  • Expy: Let her succeed attacking you and you will get reminded of Sadako.
  • Groin Attack: Her weak points are her face and her crotch.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Guess why?
  • Mind Rape: Apparently that's what she does when she screams.
  • She Was Right There All Along: You find her in a room in the dungeons of the Hospital, but if you're careful enough, you can spot her stalking you through the building and running away.
    • In the Director's Cut of the Playstation 3, she literally screams at both G and Isaac just when they get inside the hospital.

Nigel and Sebastian

A pair of circus freaks mutated by the virus, who are now feeding on corpses in the circus. Nigel is the large guy, while Sebastian is the tumor-like thing embedded in his belly. The third boss of OVERKILL (fourth in the PlayStation 3 version).

Meat Katie

Exclusive in the PlayStation 3 version, it is a gigantic cow-like mutant who wields a butcher's knife in the butcher shop. Chronologically the fifth boss of the game.

  • A Load of Bull: Making her a mutant wasn't enough, so she was given a cow's skull and udders.
  • BFS
  • Hero-Killer: As she dies, her cleaver falls on Candi's arm, severing it and causing her death.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Pushed back in her meat grinder.
  • Was Once a Man: When you see what her name is and where her weak spot is, you can see on the right side a picture of her as a human woman before she became into a mutant.

The Crawler

A huge mutant similar to a bug, it attacks Isaac and G on the train. The fourth boss of OVERKILL (sixth in the PlayStation 3 version).

The Lobber

A massive frog-like mutant who's infesting the swamps. The fifth boss of OVERKILL (seventh in the PlayStation 3 version).


A huge, mutated criminal who was executed for his many awful crimes. He's seen together with another similar mutant, who he kills. The sixth boss of OVERKILL (eighth in the PlayStation 3 version).


Clement Darling's mother, who was exposed to the compound and had her brain put in Varla's body. She mutates to a giant, grotesque monster which births smaller mutants from her oversized vagina. The seventh and final boss of OVERKILL (ninth and tenth if you count the playable "Missing Reel in the PlayStation 3 version).

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