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AKA the male orgasm.

While women situate themselves between The Modest Orgasm and The Immodest Orgasm, due to the Double Standard, males are usually not shown climaxing on screen/panel. Or it's very brief.

But not always.

When a male is shown experiencing a particularly intense climax, he generally can't control himself either and utters grunting sighs and growls instead of the more typically female yelps and squeals. It can go up to an utter scream but that's rare. It is often accompanied with a gritty face and foretold by naughty words and sweat. Is sometimes featured/parodied in Orgasmic Combat.

Compare/Contrast The Modest Orgasm and The Immodest Orgasm. Truth in Television for most men, though it is sometimes exaggerated in fiction to make the hero seem macho.

Examples of The Grunting Orgasm include:

Anime and Manga


  • Played for laughs in Strangers in Paradise during a sex scene between Chuck and Rachel. Chuck's grinding away while Rachel lies there bored.



  • The title character of Sabriel overhears one in the next room of the inn.

Live Action TV

  • Several years ago, Saturday Night Live did a parody of the Herbal Essences commercials, with "Herbal Essences" for men. A bunch of men in a court room, washing their hair, and making grunting noises.Here is a newer version of this...
  • A comedian once said a woman's orgasm sounds like she's climbing stairs ("pant, pant, gasp, pant..."), whereas a man's orgasm sounds like he's falling down stairs ("Oh shi-ooh-ah-erg-ah...")
  • Two short instances in Glee features the character Finn do this TWICE, each time VERY noticeable to the audience by his expression and his grunts and groans. This, however, isn't as big as other examples, usually just down to a couple of "oh"s and finally a grunt when he unsuccessfully tries to stop it.
  • Male characters orgasming in The Tudors tend to do this a lot.
  • Done many, many times in Game of Thrones (Tyrion Lannister is introduced during one), and one of Theon Greyjoy's makes him look like he is being electrocuted.


  • Parodied by Eminem in a skit on The Slim Shady LP.
  • Such grunts form a (ridiculous) part of the intro to Elastica's "Line Up". (It's a song about groupies, so it's totally appropriate, guys)


  • All over the place in any X-rated film. Like The Immodest Orgasm, often taken to ridiculous extremes at that.
    • Howard Stern once took the audio of a particularly hilarious orgasm - a series of long, drawn-out "HUAAAAAAH"s - and molded them into a prank call to a pharmacy; the caller claimed he had issues with dry heaving, and would then play the sounds whenever the poor clerk would recommend a medicine.
  • Same goes for Hentai.

Web Original

  • Subverted by The Nostalgia Critic. Whenever he reenacts an orgasm (and trust us, he's done it a lot), there's no grunts involved, just high-pitched gasping and squealing. But then the character is pretty girly anyway.
  • Turns up on, you guessed it, Beautiful Agony.

Western Animation

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