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2011 Film

  • What was the point of Scanlon mentioning Britt's shared allergy to the same toxin that killed his father? It seemed like something like that would be used in a plot device, but it was mentioned once and never brought up again.
    • Maybe a Sequel Hook?
    • A threat to distract him from the bullet-related death he was supposed to have in the next few minutes?
  • Why did they need to go to the Sentinel to upload the evidence? They have an internet connection in the car, as shown when Lenore emails the crime map.
    • Actually, that was a fax.
      • Faxes use phone lines, same as the internet...
        • I've never used a fax. But I don't think they're USB compatible.
          • There's also under fire from all sides, driving at high speeds. They probably wouldn't be able to get a strong enough connection for long enough to upload the entire thing. As for why he has to go to his office specifically and not just use any one of the other few dozen computers in the building (asides from the cover his office provides), maybe it's just a matter of getting the permission to get the file where he wants it.
            • I call Rule of Fun/Rule of Cool. Since the "evidence" was blank anyway, going to the Sentinel mainly serves as a justification to throw in more action and property damage. Besides that, it's cooler if Team Hornet kills the villain instead of getting him arrested.
              • Not merely 'cooler' - having the Green Hornet connected with the exposing of Scanlon's corruption would make him out as a masked vigilante and throw the entire Green Hornet shtick into disarray.
            • I was thinking something similar - one of the things Britt does on the computer is enter in his Daily Sentinel ID code, presumably because he wants to upload the data to the newspaper website instead of somewhere random, and there's no reason Kato would have connected the Black Beauty to the newspaper's intranet. And he couldn't have used someone else's computer because he wouldn't have known the password to log onto them.
  • Wouldn't a doctor be able to tell how long the bullet had been lodged in his shoulder?
    • Wouldn't Britt be too stupid to think of that?
    • Then again, the doctors couldn't tell the difference between a beesting (which tends to be indicated by the sting still remaining after it's torn from the bee) and a syringe needle (known to be VERY clean)...
      • Not really, some bees, hornets, and wasps can sting multiple times and all it really takes is one to kill someone who has a severe allergy.
    • Probably, but given the video evidence they might shrug it off as an anomaly. And if they didn't happen Britt may have just bribed them.
      • If that were the case why not just go to the hospital and bribe them to be quiet from the beginning? Also how do they keep him from bleeding to death during all that time?
        • For the bleeding they could just patch him up for the day or so needed. And there's a big difference in taking a bribe to cover up oddities from some rich guys wound than keeping entirely quiet about someone shot in the sgoulder when the police are asking you about that.
          • In his press conference Britt mentions the shootout at the Sentinel being 'mere hours ago', so they wouldn't even need to keep him patched up all that long.
    • FWIW, the bullet wound to the shoulder is a Continuity Nod to one of the TV series episodes ("Bad Bet on a 459-Silent"). Consider it Fridge Logic. Invoke the MST3K Mantra and/or Bellisario's Maxim as needed.

  • A lot is made of the Black Beauty's toughness - because of that, after all the damage it incurs on the road and coming into the Sentinel, an elevator being enough to shear off the rear end seems to be stretching things.
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