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File:Hax Vs Cheats 2 8816.jpg

Hax VS Cheat: Whoever loses, we win.

DATELINE: November 2008, location unknown—From one of the deepest, farthest-flung corners of the internet, a man emerges. His name is Das Bo Schitt, and he holds the power of Garry's Mod at his fingertips. His mission is simple: Blow. Your. Mind.

Thus, The Gmod Idiot Box is born.

Bo Schitt's acclaimed Youtube series, described by some as "Valve meets Robot Chicken meets explosions", consists of a mashup of skits per episode that runs the gamut from awesome to hilarious to just plain absurd; they're created using the titular video game mod and set to all manner of wonderful sound clips and effects. Recurring favorites include:

  • The episode intros: Das Bo Schitt and his Metrocop fan #1 deal with such problems as DBS slacking off on new episodes and various Youtube annoyances.
  • Harmless Shenanigans(?) with Chuckles the Cheat: Chuckles tries to play a prank, which somehow causes far more harm than intended.
  • Everybody Loves Francis
  • Pet Peeves The Aggressive Way With Father Grigori: The good priest deals with common grievances in a completely audacious manner.

As of October 3, 2011, the Idiot Box clocks in at ten full installments, and aside from the series proper, Bo Schitt has created a metric crapton of video shorts that either tie in with the main episodes or simply stand alone. You can watch his works in chronological order here.

Tropes used in The Gmod Idiot Box include:

  Goldblum: Episode Three isn't going to delay itself...oh, wait; yes, it will! Hah, the rich guy's a jerk! Classic!

  • Gory Discretion Shot: What the baby did to Sniper.
    • Bill siccing Renamon on Ellis in Episode 8.
  • Groin Attack: #1 uses this one on the Author Avatar in Episode 4. Louis also performs it on Francis, sending him rocketing into the air.
    • Apparently, this is what the Medic considers an 'examination'.
    • Don't forget what happens when RED Scout eats BLU Scout's Force-A-Nature.

 RED Scout: I... eat... your... Force-A-Nature.

  • BLU Scout brings up his gun; is taken by RED Scout and eaten*

RED Scout: Lot of good that gun did ya! *laughs madly*

  • BLU Scout shakes fist in anger*

RED Scout: What, you're gonna cry? You're gonna cry now? Yeah, I dare ya, Rage Quit! Come on--

BLU Scout: *wham* [1]

It Got Worse after that:

RED Scout: Hey, I'm flyin'!

RED Heavy (on a pedal-power helicopter): *laughing*

RED Scout: *sees what he's heading for* Oh cra-

  • Camera shows BLU Scout looking up, with RED Scout Ludicrous Gibs falling*

RED Heavy: Oh, this is bad!

    • Inverted in Episode 9:

 Nick: Coach, you do that again, and I will bury you alive.


 Heavy: I am full of... Demoman!



 Rochelle: Don't make me get ugly with you!


  "Whew. Good thing I'm indestructible."


  iDON'T GIVE A SHIT *explodes*



  1. The BLU Scout punches the RED Scout in the stomach, firing the Force-A-Nature, which was pointing down, launching the RED Scout into the air.
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