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TheGameStation is one of the newer gaming networks on YouTube created during a wave of emerging gaming channels. Created in 2007, its official website is its YouTube page, with a less developed secondary website. The company revolves around sponsoring gamers and giving them partnerships on YouTube. The YouTube channel itself mostly covers real life Affectionate Parodies and skits related to gaming, which are produced and cast by its members whom work for TheGameStation offices in Los Angeles.

While the channel itself has only 400,000 subscribers, its various member-affiliates boast a combined total of more than 2 million unique subscribers. Some of the many channels part of The Game Station network: [1]

Some of TheGameStation's more successful videos include their spin-off Lore in a Minute series, after a premier Diablo lore short, and a popular Web Original series, "The Street Fighter".

MMORPG Channels

Real Time Strategy Channels (AKA Starcraft II channels)

Let's Play Channels

First-Person Shooter Channels

Pokémon Channels

Review Channels

VLog Channels

Variety Show


The Game Station itself provides examples of:


  1. List incomplete, major channels listed, especially if there's a TV Tropes page.
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