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File:Coman pawpet 4019.jpg

Conan's Safety Show in case that TBS thing doesn't work out.

The Funday Pawpet Show is the Internet's longest running interactive live weekly puppet show. The show started netcasting in November of 1999. Due to problems with song royalties, the show took a hiatus after the September 3, 2017 episode, before returning on September 9, 2018. The show runs four hours live from 6pm to 10pm Eastern Time Sunday Nights originating from the Orlando, Florida area. Every episode is available on the show's website. The audience interacts with the proformers via IRC channel and artwork sent in to the show using the aforementioned website. Being based in Orlando, the show is a favorite of many Disney Imagineers, and elements of the show have found their way into some recent productions. For those not familiar with the show, here is an article written by one of the main proformers to mark "A Decade of Silliness". Basicly the show is Monty Python meets the Muppets.

The show provides examples of:

  • A Day in the Limelight: Carrot gets a cameo in the Disney movie Bolt.
  • Academy Awards: Around the time of the Oscar® Awards, the Pawpets sometimes offer The Arthur® Awards; named after cast member Arthur Bronswagger; and featuring categories such as "Best Song They Don't Play Anymore".
  • Affectionate Parody: In one memorable episode, the movie Being John Malkovich is parodied as one by one each cast member discovers a mysterious doorway in back of the stage that transforms them into ferrets.
  • Amusement Park: Several of the cast members work at one, and Mutt in particular is a big fan of roller coasters.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: From the official website: "THIS IS NOT A KIDS SHOW! It contains adult topics, accidental foul language, and rude smells."
  • Babies Make Everything Better: JR and Yappy share their baby books.
    • Also Tantrum Barker-Fox, a baby fox.
  • Big Eater: "The Heart Attack Grill"
  • Black Comedy: Though they tend to refrain from this (one show ended abruptly when a guest crossed the rating line hard), one episode had Blitz become tired of the noise and apparently beating the constantly shrieking baby fox puppet Tantrum to death with a suspicious vibrating implement. Every bit as inappropriate yet hilarious as it sounds.
  • Brain Bleach: Anything Fred Bedderhead sends to the show and/or Yappy emails to Mutt.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Quote 24. The first two items were mentioned just before the quote in a discussion about chickens in live theatre.
  • Broadcast Live
  • Camp Gay: Skippy "Skippages" D. Lion
  • Catch Phrase: Many many many over 20 years.
    • Arthur: "That's pretty spactacular!", "I'm Reeeeeeeee Calllllllllin!", "Multi Boobage", "Look into my eye!"
    • Bitch Voop: "Raaaaaaaaaaasvaaaaaaaaaaaar!"
    • Blitz: "I don't even know what that is!" (Although this is actually more a Mutt catchphrase ABOUT Blitz), "Oooohhhhh!", "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" (at weird times like a guy Darwining down an elevator), "Oh, I know this song! It's in Rock Band!".
    • Carrot: "Bashweeeeeeeee!"
    • Ezra: "Wikiwikiwikiwikiwiki!"
    • Hugh Manatee: "I'm endangered!" "Oh sunuvabitch! Beeblblblblblb..." (referring to beebling)
    • Javafrog: "I'm into it!"
    • Lilly/Leisl: "This Is My Side!"
    • Mutt: "And there's nothing wrong with that," "OH MY GOD!", "I don't even know what that is!" (see above; Mutt is the usual instigator)
    • Shak: "Is it full of delicious candy?" "EGGS AREN'T WATER!"
    • Everyone: "Who pooted?"
  • Character Tics: Several. Derp the gator has his 'jazz hands,' Hugh rolls back and forth going 'flipper flipper flipper' as well as beebling, and Ezra scoots around on his back feetfirst while making the above mentioned 'wiki wiki wiki' noise.
  • Chat Roulette: From Episode 495 the Pawpets meet 3 very "happy" girls.
  • The Chew Toy: Poink T. Weasel
    • Carrot is a literal chew toy, he is a dog toy repurposed into being a puppet.
  • Clip Show: The "Acid Flashback Segments", although, since the show isn't rerun the audience enjoys them more than other show's clip show episodes.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Java, Java, Java...
  • Cluster F-Bomb: A few of these lead to the Swear Jar, and a dollar per swear fine.
  • Cooking Show: Parodied with Cooking With Shak.
  • Cool Old Guy: Gof.
  • Cool Shades: Ezra.
  • Cute but Cacophonic: Tantrum and the Peckers.
  • Dirty Old Manatee: Hugh, whose interests and subjects of affection range from women in their golden years to Carvel's Fudgie the Whale.
  • Does Not Understand Sarcasm: Blitz misses a lot of the instances of snark, sarcasm, and other such things from the cast, especially from Poink.

 Poink: "Get up on screen or I will taser you."

Blitz: "You have a taser?" (Please note they're sitting next to each other beneath the stage and can see each other's hands.)


 Ezra: (Trying to determan Tantrum's sex) Tantrum, what's between your legs?

Tantrum: All I see is an arm between my legs!

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