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  • Archive Panic: As of writing, there are fifteen ongoing blogs, two incomplete ones, one ended one, and one video log.
    • And some of the more active blogs have loads of entries already.
      • Jordan Eats Normally Now updates at least once a day, usually updating multiple times a day with collections of photos, other blogs' entries, and all kinds of videos. It has been doing this since the end of March, and yet it already has ninety-three entries (as of April 19, 2011). [1]
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Troper Bound By The Moon is behind these epic Fear leitmotifs. They may not be that frequent throughout the mythos, but they're still really amazing when they finally show up in the stories.
  • Did Not Do the Research: In The Darkling Thrush Principal Geary threatens to fire the teacher Mr. Lappet when he catches him placing notes in a student's locker after school. In reality, firing teachers is often a complex process involving school boards and teacher's unions. They generally cannot be fired on the spot. Later in the same scene The Convocation attacks, leaving the protagonist Andrew as the sole witness. But schools are rarely empty right after class lets out. Everyone from teachers finishing work, to students participating in after school sports or clubs, to janitorial staff are there for hours afterward. It is unlikely that such a chaotic attack could occur without someone being drawn by the commotion.
    • In fairness, Principal Geary only threatened to fire him (he never says he will fire him on the spot, either, just that he will do so personally). And the amount of people in a certain part of a school all depends on how large a school has or how big it's student body - it's entirely conceivable that nobody would be in that area at that time.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Pretty much every audio entry of Moonlit Whispers has this at some point. Especially when Garth's microphone picks up the Rake slaughtering his neighbor in this entry.
  • Idiot Plot: NO one even thinks about trying to kill the Fears. Granted, it may not work but it can't hurt to try. (Although, the SMSC did try to get the Slender Man and the Cold Boy to hurt each other. It didn't work.)
    • The protagonist of The Hunter has made it his goal in life to kill the Rake. It doesn't work, though he IS able to hurt it
    • Jeanette's main goal is to kill the Smiling Man Though she's found out that she can, but he'll just come back
    • The heroes of the Rapture Logs attempt to kill several of the Fears, with mixed success.


  1. And the blog's got entries from as far back as 2007, though the author didn't update it much back then.
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