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Slender Man rules other fears or at last is strongest of them

Slender represents the fear of unknown, which both H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King noted to be strongest of all kinds of fear.

  • Jossed, as certain fears defy the slender man.
    • Not necessarily. Though it suggests that he doesn't likely "rule" the other Fears, he could still be the strongest.
  • He certainly seems to have a dominant role in many Mythos stories. To some extent, this is a natural result of the Slender Man's status as Canon Immigrant and Ensemble Darkhorse: he has an established fanbase pulling for him. The same can be said for fellow immigrant, the Rake, albeit to a lesser extent.
  • The slender man in The Fear Mythos represents the fear of strangers and, in some interpretations, trees. Not the fear of the unknown. Every Fear is the fear of the unknown when done right.

The wooden girl is responsible for Candle Cove.

She turned the live-action girl into a doll. I think.

The blog To light a candle actually uses this as a fact. We also find out that yes she can turn people into dolls,all the C.C. puppets are legacy characters and out protagnist becomes the new Pirate Percy

The Cold Boy just wants some hot chocolate.

And a nice warm house, so he can stop being cold. That's all he wants.

Anchises from the archive is the blind man.

  • Jossed: It's Scribe Sigma's father, Keeper Alpha

The Manufactured Newborn's tower is actually a mech under construction.

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