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File:Fanfiction critic 6464.jpg

  I'm the FanFiction Critic, and this is what you do with a B.A. in English!

  "In the future, if I happen to review your fanfiction, I'm not doing it to insult you, I'm making fun of your poor writing skills." Episode 1 "Disney Seven"

The FanFiction Critic is a reviewer on YouTube, with currently over 1,000 subscribers. Her forte is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, bad fanfics. But not just any fanfics, oh no. She reviews some of the dumbest, worst written, most perverted, and just plain oddest fanfics out there, armed only with her snark and her never-ending fountain of shout outs to things much, much better than the things she's reviewing. Wish her luck, everyone, she's gonna need it.

Her Youtube channel is here. Alternatively, go here for her channel on

Not to be confused with The Fanfic Critic.

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Tropes featured include:

  • Author Catchphrase: Several reviewed fanfics have these to the point where she makes fun of it, especially "ne'er-do-wells" and "furry friends" in The Disney Seven.

  Fanfiction Critic: Stop saying "furry friends"! Because every time you do, I picture THIS! (Shows picture from Anthrocon)

 Okay. Let's just be clear. Sweetie, if your uncle is molesting you, it doesn't count as cheating on your boyfriend.

 "Author, you are a bad person. I do not say this lightly, nor do I say it in jest, simply put, you are a bad person."

  • Running Gag: The Cube of Profanity becomes this in some reviews.
    • In Episode 18, referring to the illustrations of girl!Harry, girl!Ron, etc. "You can never un-see that. Ever."
    • Every time the stuffed wolf toy appears, it has a different name (examples include Smoopykins, Mister Snickerdoodle, Fluffykins, and Grumpytumpkins).
  • Sanity Slippage: During the worst of her reviews, she edges into this. In her (paraphrased) words:

 "You think this can drive me mad? Well, the joke is on you, because I went mad a long time ago! HAHAHA . . .

  • Sitcom Arch Nemesis: Detroit, who reviews bad movies, is basically this.
  • Shout-Out - All of her reviews include several.
  • Shower of Angst: Fanfiction Critic had to keep on taking showers because she was reading a fic involving Bella Swan getting raped by Edward Cullen and Bella was okay with it. Later parodied, as she leaps up for showers repeatedly over the course of a single review. Eventually, she has a toothbrush of angst after quoting a racist fanfiction and claiming it made her mouth "feel dirty."
  • Snarky Non-Human Sidekick: Diane the text reader in the review of "Seven Years Later"
  • Special Effects Failure: Her alter ego the "Fanfiction Devil's" horns. Lampshaded the hell out of it.

 Critic: They look like Steampunk goggles painted red.

Devil: They're just filed down, like in Hellboy!

Critic: Oh, the costume store was out of horns?

  • The Swear Jar: She uses the Cube of Profanity.
  • To the Pain: Her descriptions of what she'd like to do with the author of Back to the Frollo get . . . vivid, especially when she dresses up as "The Fanfiction Devil" and begins describing the center of Fanfiction Hell. This is a running trend during the worst of her reviews.
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