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Unexplained Guesses

If any of these are yours, or you believe that the original writer was serious and have a decent explanation, please fill in and move to the bottom of the page.

"Big Wanda" took place in a Hate Plague accidentally caused by Cosmo.

Cosmo was brainwashed by his mother in Presto-Change-O.

The Gross Up Close-Up scenes in "Gimme the Wand" were from Timmy's POV.

Butch Hartman is a Harry Potter fan.

First off, Cosmo and Wanda's relationship can easily be compared to Ron and Hermione's as sort of a love-hate relationship. There is also the matter of baby Poof doing magic without meaning to, which usually leads to trouble. There are many rules and restrictions to magic and it is apparently under government. Also, the Head Pixie is often called HP, which are the initials of Harry Potter and there is a popular, though one-time, character named Molly. One episode even has an owl delivering mail while waring a Hogwart's scarf (though this was likely an outright shout-out to Harry Potter itself)! Lastly, Remmy Bucksaplenty appears eerily similar to Draco Malfoy. There are also hints of this in his other works.

    • Timmy eventually ending up with Tootie is also similar to Harry/Ginny.
    • Speaking of Harry/Ginny, Mark shares his (possibly fake) surname with Cho Chang.
  • Cosmo and Wanda resemble Arthur and Molly, especially earlier on when Cosmo is endearingly stupid, similar to Arthur and Wanda is only mildly naggy, similar to Molly. And it's clear that each married couple genuinely love each other.

Vicky harbors secret romantic feelings for Timmy

Vicky has feelings for Timmy and is conflicted over these feelings because, after all, Timmy is far outside the acceptable age range for a girl her age. The constant abuse she slings at Timmy is just her trying to mask the fact that she has feelings for him, mixed with her own feelings of denial and self loathing. It also explains why she abuses Tooty so much. She's jealous that it's considered acceptable for her sister to spend time with Timmy in a "romantic" setting.

  • That, and lashing out at him because she blames him for "perverting" her.
    • I object to this. If we take Rick to be Vicky's father (which is very easy to do), then it would be that Vicky's "lashing out" would not be him perverting her. It would, however, be a sign that she does love Timmy.
  • There have been fanfictions actually dealing with this.
  • Evidence: Gah. When Timmy was aged-up, she immediately fell madly and openly in love with him.
  • Or possibly, love equals pain for Vicky, so all her evil is just misunderstood affection.

All adults are stupid because they had fairy godparents

Timmy becomes much dumber after losing his fairy godparents in the future shown in Channel Chasers, and becomes like his dad. Crocker becomes meaner and dumber after losing his fairy godparents. Not only does Jorgen erase the children's memories of fairy godparents, he erased anything they learned, or any common sense they previously had. So if a child received god parents at nine, he automatically forgets every experience he had after that. So it stands to reason Timmy's parents had godparents too. Those kids who lose their godparents fast are the ones who get to grow. The "smart" ones who keep their godparents longer lose all their ability to grow or progress.

Fairies secretly rule the world.

They're an entire race of benevolent dictators working from behind the scenes. The point is that they're in charge. The reason why Adults Are Useless is that any adult with power is simply a puppet ruler, that they can manipulate with ease. Many of the villains in the show are inventions used to keep their actions secret, hence why they're evil and proud, don't bother to hide it and eat a lot of ham. The only real threats are the Pixies and the Genies. Which would explain the Fantastic Racism...

Timmy's parents keep him with Vicky so that he doesn't lose his faries.

Perhaps they kept some memories of their lives with fairies and wanted to pass the torch. After all, Timmy did choose keeping Cosmo and Wanda over getting Vicky incarcerated, and, several years into the future, he himself treats his children as his parents treated him, and his children wind up with godparents.

An in-universe reason that Trixie became snobbier in the later seasons

Trixie became snobbier towards Timmy in later seasons because of what happened in the episode "Love Struck".

If you remember that episode, Trixie eventually decided to give Timmy a chance and let him be her valentine. But after seeing that Tootie didn't have a valentine, Timmy turned Trixie down and became Tootie's instead. As you might expect, this caused Trixie to be furious towards Timmy for rejecting her. An example of this reasoning can be found in this fic here (link).

Anyway, Trixie Tang developed a grudge against Timmy for breaking her heart in that episode. After all, if someone broke your heart like that after you finally decided to accept them, you would likely be angry, too. So there's no way she's just going to forgive him just like that, not when he hurt her when she was vulnerable.

Sample thought processes: in the episode "Emotion Commotion", when Timmy sites next to Trixie on the bus and she says "I'm ignoring you.", she could be thinking, "Oh, it's that kid that dumped me on Valentines Day. He doesn't deserve another chance." In later seasons, whenever Timmy tries to talk to Trixie, she thinks "He rejected you. Why bother accepting his forgiveness."

And that is why Trixie became more of a Jerkass in later seasons. Timmy blew his chance with her, and it hurt her inside. Maybe once she forgives him and starts accepting Timmy's forgiveness, she'll start to like him again, and everything will be a-okay.

Even more, Trixie still loves him. There are later episodes where Trixie, after warming up to him, seems to have forgiven him. The problem is that Timmy then realizes that Tootie needs help and can't openly turn down someone in need.

Causing bad luck is just the Anti-Fairies' job; they aren't really evil.

Suggested in Don't Judge an Anti by its Job by Mia M Turner.

  • Anti-Wanda officially isn't; she's too stupid to be evil.
    • Even if it's "just a job", it certainly seems to be one they enjoy.
      • Plenty of actors who are genuinely nice people love playing villains because it's fun. Same principle.
  • They are, however, chaotic. Which, given that the Fairies are supposed to protect mankind makes it worth seperating the Anti-Fairies from the real world.

Jorgen Von Strangle started the religions involving God by enforcing Da Rules.

And Satan was probably Cosmo. Remember, the dragon was a representation of such a being, and guess which creature Cosmo summoned to destroy Pompeii, Atlantis, and Babylonia. This would make Timmy the Anti Christ.

Pixies just have a different point of view than other creatures about boring and fun and act like Knight Templars about it.

Therefore, they are not entirely evil.

Suggested in Happily Ever After by Amras Felagund.

This is not at all a "wild mass guess" because all knight templars really just have a different point of view than other people. The problem is that they take it to such extremes that they force their views on other entities who often are more than willing at least initially to let the templars live their own way. This is exemplified in that the Pixies could easily start their own world.

The Three Wish Rule is a double-blind Secret Test of Character.

"Double-blind" means that not even Norm knows that it is a Secret Test of Character; he's not doing it deliberately. It just happens that way.

  • Follow It: Norm the Genie concludes you're a uncreative, uncaring jerk.
  • Don't Follow It: Depends on how you do it.
    • Use your wishes in a way that harms him: he concludes you're a Jerkass or a Psycho for Hire
    • Go Crocker with it: he concludes you are crazy and decides he should leave before he loses all sanity
    • Wish him free: he concludes you're a nice human and therefore acts a lot nicer
    • Use them to benefit him in other ways: same as above, though he may get confused because abused genies don't expect that type of treatment
    • Accidental wishes that don't relate to The Three Wish Rule: still, at least thoughtless, if not Jerkass
    • Wish more wishes: Might annoy him

Then how he treats you will follow from it. Relates the Guess that is the second below it. Basically, the problem is that everyone is failing the double-blind Secret Test of Character, and they usually are really Jerkasses.

  • Wait, and what happens if you try to wish to... Marry him? (You know, I Dream of Jeannie)
  • What if you chose multiple options? "I wish you would never harm me directly or indirectly, I wish you would never harm or inconvenience others without my permission, I wish you were free of all magical constraints but my first two wishes"? Would he be cynical enough to assume you are trying to be the Kid With the Remote Control (especially since he'd have to keep you alive and satisfied until he managed to get out of the contract) and try to get back at you in ways that don't violate the first wish or trick/coerce you into being a pawn, happy because he was wished free (with restrictions), or annoyed because he was put on probation instead of released free and clear? I should think that would require continued moderation from who- or whatever put the test in place, if she, he, or it was still watching, which brings me to my next points: Why and by whom is the test, and is Norm being tested too, or just an unknowing tester?

Genies don't have to grant your wishes the worst way every time.

It is influenced by whether they like their master; most Humans Are Bastards in the FOP world, so they act like Literal Genies or Jackass Genies most of the time. The 'grant your wishes the worst way every time' myth came about because of Fantastic Racism and bad masters.

  • That much was already made clear with Crocker. Since they had a common goal, Norm didn't bother twisting the wishes. Crocker's plans failed because of bad luck and his usual incompetence.

Norm the Genie hates the cold.

His 'had it too good for too long' excuse about why he wanted to destroy Canada is just a lie to make him seem more tough, cool, villainous, or something like that. Also notice that he never got around to destroying Canada (though he had the chance to do so in "Fairy Idol").

  • He didn't have a chance because he was a fairy back then and fairies can't harm people.

Also, in "Fairy Idol", he did not go to any cold countries except when summoned there. And he mentioned that his lamp is 'cold and damp' in "Gimme the Wand" despite the fact that he is a slave or that it is made of Smoof would would make a better point.

  • Though the 'had it too good for too long' has some depth to it, because as one fan says:

 He, for some reason, wants to destroy Canada believing they've had it all better.

  • And considering Norm's circumstances (enslaved to selfish, either indifferent or cruel humans -- Timmy included -- in a smoof lava lamp), that would make sense. Almost everyone does seem to have it better than Norm. Another reason suggested for him to hate Canada involves him getting hurt by a moose as infant.
  • He just hates Canada because he had to watch USA's Sailor Moon dub, and nobody let him watch Canada's. That's why he thinks Canada got it better for too long. You know, Sailor Moon fans can just cringe after knowing they have watched the awful American version for years instead of a better one. Also, he didn't watch the Japanese one because he thought Usagi's original voice was annoying. That's it.
    • Thinking The Messiah has an annoying voice seems typical of Norm. That again proves that Norm has a lot of interests, and none involve being trapped in a lamp. 'Nobody letting him watch Canada's' is typical of well, pretty much the entire cast. But, wouldn't destroying Canada be counterproductive to watching the Canadian Sailor Moon dub? Now, that would be another interesting reason for him not doing it. And in one fanfic, he used Glowing Eyes of Doom which were Eyes of Gold (yes, their color temporarily changed, though it never happened in Canon) and the thing where the dirt forms a whirlwind that kills people (please link to the trope). He could have learned that from Anime ... or maybe he originated the attack about 50,000 thousand years ago. Still, hating Canada because he never got to see a Sailor Moon dub is a bit extreme; perhaps Sailor Moon dubs and Usagi's annoying voice are Serious Business for Norm.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny was caused by Chuck Norris and several other humans finding Norm's lamp and deciding to wish for an inter-continuity crossover fight

Though not in those exact words.

  • One possibility for the dialog:

 Guy 1: I wish for the coolest fight possible to occur!

Guy 2: Not just possible, the coolest fight that can be imagined!

Guy 1: Yeah!

Norm: Never heard that wish before. <thinks> This will be a perfect way to kill Turner. Turner will appear in the fight and get killed by CHUCK NORRIS. Chuck Norris is leading cause of death in Turners and politicians. <thinks>


Cosmo is a genius pretending to be stupid...

...because Wanda wants him to. Lately, he's been going overboard about it.

Butch Hartman had fairy godparents as a kid; "Fairly Oddparents" is the story of it, just changed slightly.

Therefore, every character on Fairly Oddparents has an equivalent from his childhood.

  • Therefore, Butch Hartman hates Norm the Genie and Timmy's other enemies (or their equivalents from his childhood)
  • Doesn't this defy the rule about godkids forgetting that they ever had godparents after their service is over?
    • Unless he took the Crocker route and left himself a note about it.
      • I remember reading that Timmy was named for one of Hartman's younger brothers, so perhaps Timmy Hartman had godparents and Butch somehow learned about it and didn't get mind wiped?
        • Actually, Timmy was originally named "Matt" after Butch's brother, but after a fight he changed it to Timmy. So that would be "Matt Hartman."

Santa gave them what they did not want for Christmas in "Have a Merry Wishmas" because the economy in America affected Santa because he gets supplies for his elves to make toys from America

He went broke and could only give the kids what he had.

Crocker is a fairy.

Well, he does have some moments in the series where one could technically question his sexuality and...Oh, you mean the kind that grants wishes...

Vicky will be cut from the show if the show makes new seasons

  • Come to think about it, she appears less and less as the show progresses, and will eventually no longer be on the show.

Sanjay is homosexual.

In "Escape to Unwish Island", Sanjay referenced that he had dreams that Timmy had saved on multiple occasions, and he seemed rather excited to see him again.

  • Also, in "Stupid Cupid" Sanjay's date to the Romance Dance looks so similar to Timmy that Timmy himself is startled by it.

Norm is Chaotic Neutral, and Timmy is a slave catcher.

Norm is just misunderstood. Well, for one, did he ever?

Also, some of the stuff Timmy does in season 4-6 tempts viewers to take away his godparents, kill him, scold him, give him a Karmic Transformation, hurt him, send him to the Wishing Well again, lock him in a dungeon, etc. Norm likely felt the same way, only a few seasons earlier.

There are also Norm's circumstances to consider. They are the type you'd want to escape, right? The last wish of The Three Wish Rule ('I wish I never met you') is quite cruelly phrased. The book called 'The Stuff of Thought' is about words and phrasing and mentions that type of thing about the subject and object and stuff and how it changes meaning. Saying 'I wish I never met you' suggests that there is something undesirable about Norm, when it is about the results of the wishes. Also there is the Fantastic Racism directed at him by almost everyone. Imagine having people saying that type of things to you every day or something. Boy, that would hurt. Norm also has a vulnerable aspect to him and he has it without losing his awesome. He does think Humans Are Bastards (as shown by his explanation of the The Three Wish Rule) but considering that they were mean to him and one fan mentioned in Anti Villain Discussion, almost everyone on Fairly Oddparents is an asshole and Norm has never tried to do anything positive or negative regarding human existence or bastardness. I don't think he ever will. However, I doubt a Patrick Stewart Speech would work with this guy. Certainly not if they didn't back it up by say, freeing him. Also, to me, he seems Chaotic Neutral. Like even websites have morally confusing descriptions like this:


  Tired of granting the same lame wishes from lame masters and being trapped in a barely inhabitable lamp, Norm the Genie devises a wicked plan to become a fairy godparent.


Kinda makes you wonder what side in Norm Good-Neutral-Evil Debate the website is on though, if its an official site it will think (or pretend to think) he's Evil. Also, both the characterizations can be used in Fan Work and still be in character. In fact, I think these Characterization Tags would be good to describe Norm in stories involving him:

Just because they can describe some of the ways he is and can be written. For some reason, most of the best fanfic involving him has Norm not-evil or evil till set free, at which he becomes good or neutral. Fic with Chaotic Neutral!Norm tends to retain and understand his character more, for some reason. Also, Evil!Norm fic also sometimes turns him into Evil!MotiveDecayed!Norm which is what I fear might happen in Canon if he gets more eps. For some reason, Evil!MotiveDecayed!Norm fic can be very Narmy. Like, what he thinks in those fics could probably be summarized as "I want to escape my lamp and get revenge on Timmy, look shiny stuff, Turner, you are/have insert undesirable quality here, hey wait, I just had a great idea, how about I lose my motives and rule the world just for the sake of it, despite it being a stupid idea. Yeah, and rules suck! And then I shall Derail myself for no reason what-so-ever. I am the most powerful being ever!" Okay, maybe not exactly like that but real close.

Suggested in Norm's Story by x-Oscena-x and several other Norm fics.

Norm and Desiree (Danny Phantom) were created so Butch Hartman could Ship them as a Theme Pairing but he forgot.

Cosmo and Wanda are Timmy's hallucinations.

He was miserable previous to the first episode, and eventually developed the fairies as a protective mechanism against Vicki's psychological abuse. Any episode where something absurd affects others (the movies, the Wonderful World episode, anything with Chip Skylark) are entirely made up to replace the worst days of this.

  • I was wondering about that. But why'd he imagine enemies too?
    • Because he is still traumatized and can't convince himself that anything, real or imaginary, can be completely positive. The enemies and bad adventures are just times when life is hitting him especially hard.
      • And this would add an element of Fridge Horror to the Wishful Life episode and make it absolutely heartbreaking, because of what his offer of disappearing from existence really was.

Everyone died and is a hallucination of Timmy's mom.

Timmy's mom accidentally killed all of his pets from neglect, then Timmy and his dad. She wonders what would happen if Timmy had fairy godparents to take care of him, and the series a one long hallucination as she slowly dies of starvation/dehydration.

Magical creatures get 'high' every time they Reality Warp. However, none of the unpleasant side effects of drugs happen.

That explains how they almost always smile when Reality Warping (granting wishes, for example) even if technically they shouldn't be.

Timmy caused Cosmo to be mean to Wanda by laughing when Cosmo was mean.

Cosmo also adopted Timmy's 'girls are gross unless they are Trixie Tang or similar' attitude to please Timmy. It was basically a big Pavlov's Dog thing.]]

Poof killed himself when he poofed up "The End" at end of Fairly OddBaby.

The Poof seasons are his dreams in Purgatory. He also killed everyone else that has appeared in the post-Poof seasons.

The Jerkass Clone is what Norm the Genie really thinks Timmy is.

He was not faking it with the Clone, he really truly thinks Timmy is that much of a jerk which only made the plan even easier.

In the scene where Santa flirted with the female genies, Santa was actually the Santa from The Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3 and it was something he did to try to get a wife. That was why he flirted with them.

Also, because Santa stole them from him, Norm does not like him very much.

Almost every speaking character on Fairly Oddparents has a psychological disorder or something.

Well, Timmy has been kinda confirmed to have ADHD and Cosmo has a bit of that. Also, every character has weird quips and fans tend to diagnose them with psychological disorders anyway.

  • Tootie has OCD
  • Trixie is autistic
  • Denzel Crocker has Retrograde Amnesia
  • Veronica is also autistic
    • I think the word here is "histrionic"; Trixie already shown signs of always wanting attention to her, as well as Veronica.

Jorgen made Cosmo stupid because Cosmo was more powerful than him.

Seems like Jorgen's M.O.

  • Also, the whole Jorgen = God, Cosmo = Satan theories would make sense.

Fairly Oddparents takes place in our world, but in a different timeline.

At the end of "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker", when Jorgen forbids Timmy from returning to March of 1972, he says that Timmy may still return to any other month in 1972 so long as he doesn't interfere with the election of President McGovern. Since McGovern lost the 1972 election in our world, one of two things must be true: The show takes place in an alternate timeline, or Timmy didn't listen and ended up losing his fairies at some later date after once again meddling in the past.

  • Alternatively, someone else with fairies meddled in the past and caused Nixon to win. For all we know, the point in time from which the meddler originated may not have even happened yet.

If you call the name of your genie, it will come, whether it wants to or not.

  • This makes me think of someone shouting for Norm's name, and he poofs into the scene talking to a cell phone.
    • ...Hasn't that happened... In canon?

Norm the Genie subconsciously sabotaged his own plans.

Like, come on, Evil Gloating, saying you will destroy Canada, leaving yourself vulnerable to Timmy and an entire garage sale of Smoof, getting caught in it, explains that he's weak to said Smoof, gives up after tacks and bees, gives Timmy a decent lawyer, signs the contract which turns the world back to normal, saying he himself is evil even though he is not exactly, repeating the 'destroy Canada' line, then later, Evil Gloating about his next plan, Suspiciously Specific Denial of his plan in front of millions of magical creatures (like wouldn't he expect them to be suspicious), Tempting Fate with boasting and then quitting being a fairy just to spite Timmy. And we know that Norm is no idiot. So of course, he must be subconsciously sabotaging his plans because his subconscious finds them evil or something. And I think Crocker probably does this too, which explains the plans that would never work.

The term 'fill the void' is always used for love because it is really Magi Babble or used to be. The void they are talking about is probably the soul or heart.

  • Or maybe is just a really kinky slang.
    • "really kinky slang"? Cosmo and Wanda... With the... Wow.

If Norm the Genie lived in His Dark Materials world, his daemon would be a black coyote.

Or perhaps a jackal, considering where he's from (see also use in slang and tell me that doesn't describe all of a Genie's job)? Other possible daemons:

  • Cosmo: Jackalope (it just sounds right, y'know?)
    • Anti-cosmo: Mole (usually seen as more refined but also more grumpy as compared to other such sized mammals, often seen with a Spot of Tea in anthropomorphizing series)
  • Wanda: Owl ("wise", makes a bunch of noise that nobody cares about [because of the "wise" part, but still])
    • Anti-wanda: Blue jay (annoying, stupid birds that can never shut up and make things miserable for everything else in the area)
  • Poof: A bombardier beetle (...yeah)
  • Timmy: Rabbit with permanent mites (twitchy, doesn't think things through, basically a less mystical, more hyper version of Cosmo)
  • Vicky: Viper or constrictor (thanks to Snakes Are The Devil, the poison, the way she weaves her tangled web to slowly pull people further and further in until there's no escape but the embrace of sweet, sweet death... and then she feeds)
  • Tootie: Magpie (dangle something shiny in front of a magpie or look up their mating strategies and you'll see what I mean)
  • Trixie: swan (Pretty, and most people think they're harmless, but they're really nasty little buggers that could rip your head off with pruning shears... I mean, break a man's arm with one strike)
  • Jorgen: Alpha wolf, or terrier that acts like an alpha wolf (Pretty much a leader, but still submits to pack dynamic when out of sorts or confused)
  • Juandissimo: Peacock (...yeah)
  • Chester: possum (bitey, plays dead, possibly rabid)
  • TrixieVeronica: Cuckoo (replacement syndrome, and she's totally, well you know...)

If anyone can think of more, or better daemons for a listed character, just add it to the list.

  • Yeah, except that there's a tiny problem: NONE OF THE CHILDREN WOULD HAVE STABLE DAEMONS. It's a key plot point in the His Dark Materials series that your daemon gets his/her permanent form once their human grows up, and the kind of person one is as a ten year old isn't necessarily what they're like for their entire life. Bare minimum, that means no stable daemon for Chester, Veronica, Trixie, Tootie, Vickie, Poof, Timmy, AJ, Remy, or any of those who aren't "Adults," yet. Also, in HDM, non-human creatures that were still self-aware (such as Bears and Galvespians) don't have external daemons, so that could rule out Poof (again,) Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen, Mamma Cosmo, The Darkness... pretty much all fairies, pixies, genies, self-aware animals, robots, dragons, or any non-human life forms. You have to be an ADULT HUMAN to have a stable exterior daemon. And before someone asks "What happens before they're adults?" The answer is that a child's daemon is a shapeshifter, and can be any animal at all.

The magical creatures with the strongest magic, really are:

  • 1. Cosmo
  • 2. Norm the Genie
  • 3. Jorgen Von Strangle
  • The only reason that Cosmo and Norm have not realized that is that Cosmo is The Ditz and Norm is trapped in Smoof most of the time and enslaved so they don't have the time or opportunity to realize it.
    • It makes sense, if we think about that. Cosmo has power enough to make the Great Altantis Crash (and probably our Great Server Crash, too).

Mr. Birkenbake used to be Norm's friend but he betrayed Norm by wishing that Norm wasn't his genie anymore instead of wishing him free because Birkenbake thought he should not rely on magic anymore.

Suggested in Going Our Different Ways by LadyEsca

Timmy and Norm are Not So Different but they are both too ashamed to admit it.

Just read the Timmy Turner and Norm the Genie sections in the Wikipedia article about FOP characters and examine their behavior on the show that was not mentioned on Wikipedia. Then think about for a moment.

The Three Wishes Rule symbolizes the Seven Deadly Sins.

  • Wish 1: Sandwich/Omelet/Food/Stupid Wish-Gluttony, Avarice, Sloth
  • Wish 2: Take Over the World/Trixie Tang loved Timmy Turner/Big Reality Changer-Pride, Lust, Envy, Ambition
  • Wish 3: The unwish-Wrath (the humans are angry at the genie)

Mama Cosma was once a dude, but had a sex-change or whatever it is magical creatures do.

  • Cosmo and his mother have the same first name indicating Cosmo must be a "Junior"
  • Only male fairies have babies, yet Cosmo has a mother.
  • It could be that Cosmos's dad died during childbirth. Since it's a kid's show, they don't really talk about it.
    • Jossed: Cosmo's dad was seen in a video alongside Cosmo's mother, with a baby Cosmo in This Is Your Wish!
      • Yeah, Cosmo turned his dad into a fly, he flew away and wasn't seen again. Remember, it was stated by Wanda in "Fairly Odd Baby" that fairies are immortal so he can't be dead.
      • Fairies can be killed, at least by powerful magic (see: tales of ancient 'fairy wars').

The lamp in 'Beach Bummed' contained a genie.

Also, the lava lamp in 'Father Time' was Norm's and Current Cosmo and Wanda said they hated lava lamps because they didn't want Timmy to encounter a genie by accident. Also, all lava or oil lamps are Smoof or magic and can contain genies.

Norm wanted fairy godparents as a kid.

Well, its just like, you know, he says this "Fairy godparents, very useful" or something like that in "Genie Meanie Menie Moe" and he seems to fit most of the 'unhappy kid' criteria (people not caring about him, people being cruel to him, enslavement (optional criteria), general unpleasantness of life, Cool Loser (yes, because of the Fantastic Racism of fairies and his enslavement (optional criteria) ). The criteria that he doesn't fit is mostly species and age and stuff like that. However, since he's a genie, he could never get any and that caused something like the Harry-Voldemort contrast (except Norm's not exactly a Voldemort and Timmy's not exactly a Harry ).

Timmy's development is similar to Nathaniel's from The Bartimaeus Trilogy and Norm is the FOP equivalent of Bartimaeus.

Season Oh Yeah-3 is equivalent to Book 1, Season 4-6 is Book 2 and seasons 7+ is Book 3 in terms of Timmy's development.

Timmy Turner never permanently lost his fairies (because of enemies or misuse and stuff at the age of 10) because he's on Timmy TV Show.

Simon didn't want it to end and therefore secretly mentally nudged Timmy to his victories over enemies and secretly influenced the circumstances of Timmy's life to keep it running and probably influenced Jorgen Von Strangle. Also, Simon caused Timmy to jerkify with the mind influence because he thought it would be a good move for Timmy TV. Now that Timmy TV has finished, the mind control has stopped and Timmy is getting over the mind control (which he has no clue about).

Cosmo is female and Wanda is male

Actually a given by, well... the baby issue. Apparently, the gender roles are switched in fairy world. Which also means that the tooth-fairy is male and that Juandissimo and Jorgen and Cupid are female... Yuck.

  • alternatively, they have each others' body parts from that You-doo doll incident.
  • Possibly it was a result of the events of "The Boy who would be queen". Cosmo secretly decided to stay female after not receiving a reply on whether or not a guy could make himself more attractive.
    • He was telling the truth when he announced he's "keeping them".

There's way too much nonsense in this WMG and it should be cleaned up by a higher power.

Or by Da Rules.


 Timmy: I wish this WMG wasn't a load of Uncyclopedia-grade nonsense!

Jeremy Cosmo: Return to the past now! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • poof*

[[UncyclopediaSyntaxer {{Template:Rewrite|ermey}}]]

    • Would anyone object to me deleting any entries that have no explination (just the header, no text underneath)?
      • No need, I found a compromise (folderization for the win). As much as I hate unexplained guesses, outright deletion or removal without a backup option is worse (these can be moved to "WMG/FairlyOddparentsDiscussion" if they absolutely must be removed from the page). Also fixed up some formatting and typographical errors.
      • I moved another one to the folder. The thing was never really explained. So, now that this page has been cleaned, can we delete this one, or move it to the discussion page?

Timmy is allowed to keep his godparents because, despite screwing everything up, what he doesn't fix is for the best.

It is implied that he prevented McGovern from becoming president, what more proof do you need that he is benevolent chaos?

Timmy's fear of feet.

Timmy said feet creep him out in "Bad Case of Diary-ah". In the episode where he becomes a fairy, the vampire from Scary World scares him with a picture of his grandma's feet. Perhaps Timmy stayed at her house, where his grandma forced him to rub her feet! Also he only fears ugly feet.

Jorgen only stopped Timmy from changing Crocker's past because he would have erased himself/undone his work through a Time Paradox

Remember, Timmy's mom was in love with Dinglebird, until he left her as a result of Crocker's "Fairies exist" presentation, leaving her to get together with Timmy's Dad. But, if Timmy had stopped Crocker from revealing that he had Fairy God Parents, then he never would have made that presentation, making Timmy's mom to stay with Dinglebird, thus Timmy would have either never been born, or would become Dinglebird's son. And if he had become Dinglebird's son, then there is a possibility that he would not have gotten Fairy God Parents, so he never would have gone back in time in the first place to fix his mistake. Of course with Timey-Wimey Ball and all that, there is a possibility that it would not have gone that way.........But then why would Jorgen have stopped him from traveling back to stop Crocker loosing his God Parents?

    • Dinglebird? * dies laughing* It's Dinkleberg, not Dinglebird. Must add your paragraph to my lulz collection.
      • * Sigh* I misheard the pronunciation okay?

Cosmo and Wanda deliberately make Timmy's wishes go wrong in a way that ends up teaching him valuable life lessons

This is in fact the sole purpose of the whole "fairy godparent program": to make sure children grow up to be good people.

Trixie was abandoned by her mother.

Think about it. We never see her mother, even though her father has shown up a handful of times. She may have been displeased with Trixie and left, or never loved her in the first place. This has lead to her actions in several episodes. In The Boy That Would be Queen it's revealed that she has a lot of "boy" interests that she keeps hidden because she's afraid of what everyone will think, and in Just the Two of Us she's deathly afraid Timmy will leave her. Both of these events suggest she worries about getting rejected again, possible due to whatever happened with her mother. As further evidence, she never dates anyone, despite no shortage of candidates. Perhaps she's so afraid of getting her heart broken. This is one of the reasons she rejects Timmy, so Timmy can't reject her. She puts on a Rich Bitch persona to keep herself popular, because she's afraid of no one loving her.

    • I saw A Wish Too Far! recently, and Trixie does mention her mother. So...either her father remarried briefly and Trixie, hoping to get a new mother, tried calling her Mom. It didn't work. Or, for a darker theory, Trixie claims to have a mother in order to keep up a perfection facade. She wants to be seen as perfect, so she pretends to have a perfect family.

Tootie planned almost everything

The cause was that she knew the cute boy she liked was in danger, because her sister was going to babysit him. So, she asked for a last wish from her Fairy Godparents: for they to be Timmy's, and forget everything they knew abour her, and vice-versa. She sacrificed her own happiness for love. Technically, it'd be against Da Rules, but you know, she loved him, and Power of Love circumvents anything (that b-day stuff is also related to such power). It'd also explain how the kid lives a miserable life, and doesn't have Godparents; she gave up hers. The whole Tommy incident was just a play to fool her lover because, during a low self-esteem moment, she thought she was just making Timmy sufffer, and she didn't want to torture the poor boy anymore (after all, she have seen her sister's torture, and since she didn't remember anymore, she thought it was enough), but you know, Power of Love is invincible, after all. Most things she does aren't on purpose, that's just because she didn't really remember about her time with Cosmo and Wanda. I might be losing my last screws, but hey, it makes some sense.

Vicky's evilness is an euphemism for pedophilia.

Okay, she's 16, so, technically, she's still not a pedophile. But the whole "babysitting" incident, and all the abuse complaints sound rather kinky under certain circumstances. Timmy can't really cope with the trauma of being touched in areas he shouldn't, so, he thinks that she's just plain evil. Also, it's a G-rated program, for Pete's sake! Saying that she's outright pedophile would make the age indication go up a bit, wouldn't it?

    • That puts a whole new light on the episode where Timmy wishes Vicky's age down and becomes her babysitter.
  • Nice aversion of Rape Is Okay When Its Female On Male too. ...oh great, this is just asking for a Dark Fic revealing that the Fairies are just hallucinations... or not, and they're just as bad...
    • Satisfaction guaranteed! (This is obviously NSFW.) This was made by me, for your information.
      • You say as if you're proud of it.
    • Actually, according to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders", people can be diagnosed as pedophiles as young as 15 years old. If you put aside the obvious squick and look into many prominent child predators, you will find that they had many instances throughout their childhood and teen years that were red flags for predatory behavior.
      • In many cases, if not all of them, the power rush that comes with such abuse comes first, and young children - younger than the abuser, if he/she is still underage themselves - are the easiest victims; what initially triggers predatory behavior becomes associated with enjoyment and sexual pleasure, essentially a full-blown paraphilia. It wouldn't be difficult to read it into Vicky's behavior, particularly when you consider the reactions of the other kids she's babysat. For the people who are into that sort of thing.

One of Norm's masters let him choose one within-reason wish, and Norm asked him or her to wish him popular.

The crazy wild parties he had been having could have been faked to make Timmy and Crocker think they were inconveniencing him, since the "stuck in a cold, damp smoof-lamp" angle got him no sympathy. The wish is why he's so incredibly popular, despite being an (admittably sympathetic) Jerkass, and at the top of so many Mr. Fanservice charts despite being a legless Jerkass from a Butch Hartman childrens' cartoon (aside from his stupid sexy vocals), even if he is drawn to imply being at least somewhat "chiseled". Somehow, since it was a genie's wish, and a genie making it, and possibly the first wish genie actually wanted to grant, it affected reality on a higher level the the Oddparents reality. He would have won Fairy Idol if not for Narrative Imperative (though thanks to the wish or his own natural power/talent is open to opinion).

    • You make Norm sound like Timmy.This troper doesn't understand why Norm would wish himself popular if he could (kinda) get it himself? Young Norm probably was like a genie version of Timmy, if you think about. They are both impulsive (to a certain extent), jerkasses, like gals that look beautiful (even if the gals are shallow), were/are abused (Norm by his masters, Timmy by Vicky and Crocker), they both have low attention spans, attract gals etc. So when I love Norm, it is just his wish that is giving me those thoughts so I am not thinking them myself or something like that, is that what you are saying (I'd really hate to not be the thinker of my own thoughts)? Does the wish give him some sort of glamour or is his natural charm just turned up 100x? Does it work on everyone or just a select few? Does Norm know our world is affected by this wish? Does Norm the Genie desire sex with the fangirls he's created? Can this wish get unwished or is irreversible? What will Norm become in our eyes if it gets reversed? If he is popular, why hasn't anyone set him free yet? Is there a smarter wish that Norm could made? Sorry for all the questions, but whenever I read about an intriguing concept like this, I start wondering how exactly it would work and start breeding entire litters of plotbunnies. I'd love it if there was a fanfic on this concept, one for the Tootie only loves the idea of Timmy, one for Tootie planned almost everything and any other fanfic-able WMGs.
      • "...if he could get it himself?" Under the premise of the WMG, he wouldn't have been able to. "So when I love Norm, it is just his wish..." It could be anything from a mild compulsion that couldn't make the subject go against his or her nature to full-on mind control, based on precedent. If there are no sparkles or puffs of smoke around peoples heads before they say "I love Norm" as a complete non-sequitur, it's probably more toward the mild compulsion/charm x100 end of the scale. "Does it work on everyone..." Probably just enough to make him popular, since it is a genie wish. "Does Norm know..." Probably not. Depends on how broken his fourth wall is. "Does Norm the Genie desire sex with the fangirls he's created?" Do FOP genies even have sex? (Don't answer that. And Barbara Eden.) "...irreversible?" Any (non-magic-goes-away wish can be cancelled with enough creativity. "What will Norm become..." Either Genie Timmy or Draco in Purple Funnel-cloud Pants, based on individual fans' preference. "...why hasn't anyone set him free yet?" Popularity is not the same as control over individuals. Also, it adds more weight to the "mild compulsion/charm x100" theory. "Is there a smarter wish..." Yes. There is always a smarter wish. Interesting questions. This troper's curiosity has been piqued as to the possibility of a fanfic expanding on this...
      • Also, did Norm just want popularity or did he want to use the popularity to escape his lamp? Why would his master give him a wish anyway? Thanks for answering.
        • Possibly his master at this time was some sort of fangirl that likes shirtless dudes. Who knows?
        • Or just not a jerk (see: Aladdin).

The social hierarchy is the only thing stopping Trixie from dating Timmy.

Trixie never dates in the series. The closest it came was spending time with Tad and Chad in Class Clown. Yet, in every episode where Timmy becomes popular, she wants to date him. A Wish Too Far, Emotion Commotion, Class Clown, and Hail to the Chief, are all examples. Plus there are plenty of episodes where she shows interest without him becoming popular. She chose him over everyone else in Love Struck! and in Information Stuper Highway she likes the letter Timmy wrote, the only part of it she found creepy was the part his dad wrote. In Beach Bummed it only took a big sandcastle to get her interested, and in Geanie, Meanie, Miney, Moe she wanted to give "the biggest, sloppiest kiss" to Timmy. Maybe there is more to her than many fans give her credit for.

    • No, I refuse to accept that.
      • The only flaw is what you said how Trixie wants to give the biggest, sloppiest, wettest kiss to Timmy Turner. Remember, Trixie was under Norm's spell, and it made her fall in love with every person in the world named Timmy Turner, including that old guy (Ew.) But maybe she chose Timmy for the "biggest, sloppiest, wettest kiss" for a reason.

Timmy's buck teeth are the only things stopping Trixie from dating him.

"You're a nice kid, and I respect that. It's just your buck teeth! Your humongous buck teeth! I've never seen anything quite like them! I just couldn't go out with anybody with such ridiculous-looking buck teeth!" It doesn't help that the Tooth Fairy made his buck teeth permanent (or if this is true, then she read the "something terrible" theory below).

Trixie did not really want to be Timmy's valentine at the end of "Love Struck!"

Rather, she was setting him up for a mean prank in which, if he accepted her offer, she'd then say something along the lines of "You were gonna buy it, weren't you? Ahahahahaha! You really thought I wanted to be your stinkin' Valentine, didn't you?" And then she'd reveal that Tad and Chad were behind her in the bushes, taping the whole thing so they could watch it again later, and poor Timmy would have his heart broken so badly, he'd wish he were dead. But she didn't expect him to actually turn her down in favor of Tootie that day. Further proving my theory is the fact that she says "I am so into you now!" immediately following his rejecting her.

Trixie was faking her love for Timmy in "Wishology".

Seriously, you honestly think she would suddenly be romantically interested in a not-rich guy she clearly treated like garbage in the entire run of the series?! More likely, she was just pretending to return his feelings to lull him into a false sense of security. Then, once she got what she wanted out of him (like her unicorn), she planned to dump him in incredibly cruel fashion and break his heart so badly he'd wish he were dead. Timmy's lucky that Jorgen intervened - he was spared the heartbreak he would've endured if Trixie's scheme had been allowed to continue.

And even if she wasn't intending to dump him, there's also the fact that Jorgen was able to pull a Reset Button on their relationship in the first place. Remember how they often said that fairy magic couldn't affect true love? Thus, Trixie's feelings for Timmy in the special were most likely not true; if they were, she wouldn't have been affected by the memory erasure.

Trixie held Tootie captive during "Wishology" so that she couldn't get the romantic subplot.

How else can you explain why Trixie would suddenly be romantically interested in Timmy, and poor Tootie isn't around to object to it?!

This theory probably also explains Tootie's sudden Designated Villain status in "Dread and Breakfast" - the character we're seeing there isn't the real Tootie, but an evil clone created by Trixie as a way of turning Tootie's fans against her.

Jorgen knows that Timmy's supposed to end up with Tootie.

That's the reason why he erased Trixie's memory of "Wishology". He probably figured out that Timmy shouldn't be with Trixie (see the next one below) and made it his true reason for erasing everyone's memory, using the "the show gets cancelled if they still remember your fairies" excuse. In truth, he more likely wanted to say "Dammit, Turner! Everyone knows you're supposed to end up with Tootie!"

Something really terrible would happen if Timmy and Trixie actually ended up together.

At the end of the episode "Father Time", Dad suggests Timmy to give his old trophy to some girl he likes, which would be Trixie. Then another Timmy comes in from the future and destroys the trophy, telling his past self "You'll thank me for this!" Cosmo and Wanda clearly like it when Timmy gets kissed by Tootie and not Trixie, and Cupid himself said that Tootie was perfect for Timmy. And of course, there's the fact that Jorgen erased Trixie's memory of being Timmy's girlfriend in "Wishology". Clearly, the reason Timmy and Trixie can't stay together is because their union would summon a void that would swallow all universes and bring an end to all life as we know it.

Butch was lying when he said Tommy and Tammy's mother could be either Tootie or Trixie.

Because it's definitely Tootie. To this troper at least, Tommy and Tammy look nothing like Trixie Tang. And even if Trixie was their mom, there's no way in hell that Trixie would give up her rich life to live in the suburbs, or let Tammy wear those dorky glasses. In fact, this troper seems to recall that "Tammy wears a pink headband like Trixie's" (though if you ask me, it's just a Distaff Counterpart to Timmy's hat) was actually first pointed out by a fan, and Butch decided "Sure Why Not?" Plus, if they'd intended for hinting at Trixie to be a candidate for Timmy's future wife, then she should've also had a subplot in the main story of "Channel Chasers" like Tootie did. And think about it: If Butch had just come clean and admitted which one definitely was the mom, the other girl's fans would've stopped watching the show altogether for reason of Ship Sinking. (Of course, this didn't stop him from pulling that kind of crap with "Wishology" five years later, but then again, it does seem the Live Action Adaptation will make up for that...)

The Darkness destroyed Genie World.

I once wrote a Fairly Oddparents fanfic involving an entity remarkably similar to the Darkness. Said entity had destroyed Genie World thousands of years ago, causing the genies to get trapped in lamps and enslaved to humans. Since, The Darkness did destroy Thunder World, it probably could destroy Genie World, like the remarkably similar entity had done in my fanfic. Also, don't ask me to post the fic because Norm was embarrassingly Out of Character and the main characters were suffering a bout of Die For Our Draco (or whatever it will be called).

Timmy Turner is somehow genetically related to Turbo Thunder.

Hey, they do look really similar!

  • Same initials and everything.

In Just the Two of Us, Timmy and Trixie were wished to a pocket universe.

He wished that they would be the only two people in the universe. Not this universe. They just disappeared to a universe exactly like this one but with no people for a few hours instead of poofing everyone away (including those not affected by fairy magic), possibly removing Dimmsdalians' (Dimmsdalites'?) memories of the time he was missing.

Genies are only able to subvert wishes.

Considering the fact that most wishes could have been corrupted further (and sometimes they don't even get corrupted at all), even by Oddparent standards, Norm may only be able to subvert a wish. Any lawyer wish (as lawyers are always Neutral Evil) would theoretically force Norm to make it a good wish. It's like Revive Kills Zombie, only with wishes.

Chip Skylark and Adam West are fairy warriors.

And Adam West is amnesic to the whole thing.

Adam West has show up in Channel Chasers as a voice on the fairy cab and in a fairy video in Birthday Bashed, and Chip Skylark was in Cosmo's head in Mind Over Magic and at Timmy's birthday party in Fairy World. This is because, like KISS, they are secretly fairy warriors who mantain lives on Earth disguised as humans. In fact, Chip was actually his identical grandfather and father (as seen in The Good Old Days!. They had the purpose of searching the Earth for the Chosen One, which is how Jorgen found Timmy and assigned him Cosmo and Wanda to test if he was truly the one the Cave of Destiny depicted. As time went on, and Timmy got involved with the pixies and anti-fairies, he realized he was.

However, at some point during his mission, Adam West was involved in a great struggle with a dark enemy that broke his mind, driving him insane, which is how he got how he is now.

    • Add to the list Britney Britney and Arnold Schwartzgerman. Look at the pictures on the wall of the fairy resteraunt in This Is Your Wish! If you look closely enough, you'll see pictures of these two with crowns floating on their heads. Maybe they're fairy warriors as well?

Butch Hartman had The Fair Folk in mind from the start.

Half of the show's content involves fairies and other supernatural creatures either not understanding humanity or simply not caring. Even the benevolent fairies are flawed, Jerkass or Too Dumb to Live, and the evil ones are just plain monstrous- but all of them are pretty and powerful and consider themselves above humanity and other creatures. The Literal Genie tendency is also a fairy constant from the evil kind, though it's also popular with the good kind. The world is meant to be a Crap Saccharine World, fitting with most of Nickelodeon's cartoons.

The whole series is a series of hallucinations by Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Wouldn't be the first series guessed to be such.

  • I wish you wouldn't do that...

Trixie went Mad From The Revelation in Just the Two of Us!

Seriously, look at this episode from Trixie's point of view. She suddenly finds out that the only two people left on Earth are her and Timmy. That means her family, friends, and everyone she cares about have just disappeared and, as far as she knows, they aren't coming back. That would be distressing to say the least.

Add to that, when Timmy breaks up with her, that means, as far as she knows, she'll spend the rest of her life all alone. That would explain her psychotic behavior in that episode.

Jorgen took Juandissimo from Remy

Remy certainly was at the height of his villainry in Operation: F.U.N., and Timmy has nearly lost Cosmo and Wanda for less. Trapping two fairies under a butterfly net then nearly destroying them would certainly qualify for losing one's godparents.

Jorgen freed the Anti-Fairies to train Timmy

The Anti-Fairies are portrayed as being constantly imprisoned by Fairies until Fairly OddBaby. The reason they were suddenly set free is because Jorgen wanted Timmy to battle them a few more times in order to prepare him for his role as The Chosen One and his battle with the Darkness. This ended up backfiring when they teamed up with the Pixies, but it all worked out in the end.

Just the Two of Us! was a hallucination...

...of either Timmy or Trixie.

One of them went insane in their adult lives. Either Timmy got into a magical accident that destroyed his mind, or he lost Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof and became so overwhelmed by his problems it broke his mind. On the other side Trixie grew up, realized she couldn't get her was as easy as she did when she was a kid, and therefore lost everything and went crazy. Either way, one of them is constantly having this hallutination while they are really in a padded cell, wrapped in a straitjacket.

There are several Santas

Every time Santa has appeared, he's been different. He was portrayed as a skinny man who becomes the traditional form of Santa in Christmas Every Day, but appears normally everywhere else. His designs in Boys In The Band and Fairy Idol are different from usual.

Simply put, there's more than one Santa. The rotate every two years to keep from being overworked.

  • Or Santa is capable of altering his form at will,being a magical creature and all

Fairies and/or genies are ghosts and Fairy World is a natural portal from the Ghost Zone to the Real World

Certain ghosts have been shown to be able to perform feats of magic. However, there are a couple of glaring similarities--look at where Norm's, Desiree's, and Danny Phantom's (when he's flying) legs would be and you'll notice they all look exactly the same. (This theory obviously more supports the genie aspect of it.)

Norm didn't destroy Canada when he was free in Fairy Idol because it was against the Rules.

It's not that he didn't want to. He just didn't have absolute power anymore.

Timmy has absorbed a lot of magic from Cosmo and Wanda

Seriously, look at all the Amusing Injuries Timmy has survived in the later seasons. While the old "he's a cartoon character"{ excuse could apply, where's the fun in that? In Abra-Catastrophe, it was revealed that Timmy has had Cosmo and Wanda longer than most kids keep their godparents, and Escape From Unwish Island and Wishing Well revealed that Timmy has made more wishes than other kids. Simply put, this has allowed a lot of the magic that Cosmo and Wanda use to seep into Timmy's body, allowing him to survive more deadly injuries than most humans.

    • Makes sense, seeing how fairies can heal themselves with magic, as explained by Cosmo in an episode I cannot recall at the moment.
      • Also, remember "No substitute for Crazy"? Apparently, the magic (in the form of fairy dust) can even spread onto Timmy's friends. He hadn't even hung out with Chester, AJ, or Elmer within the last three days. Just Sanjay. Yet they were all "prime suspects."

The Pixies once/currently work for the fairies

The Pixies have done some pretty evil things, yet unlike the Anti-Faries, they have yet to be jailed. The reason is simple: the fairies need them. They actually do all the paperwork and menial jobs that keep Fairy World running. This would explain the Fantastic Racism that fairies feel toward them, they are seen as slaves by their culture. Their previous thirty seven year plans to take over Fairy World failed so miserable that no one took them seriously until recently.

The Pixies are a Hive Mind.

They all have the same personality (which isn't much). They all have the same voice, and the same goal. Whenever they try to take over Fairy World or the Earth, it's essentially an Assimilation Plot: to turn everyone into Pixies like them. However, there are flaws in this-sometimes Pixies will split away from the Hive Mind. Hence the Character Derailment by teaming up with the Anti-Fairies; Anti-Cosmo used his genius to seperate the Head Pixie from to colony, and corrupt him.

Dirtybeard's Parrot becomes Youngblood's Parrot

From Odd Pirates, Dirtybeard's parrot used him to rob and loot. After the parrot dies, the Powers That Be decide to punish him by making him searve Youngblood for eternity.

  • Yes.

Yugopotamians used to live on Earth

Mark noted that the cave inscription in Wishology Part II was written in Yugopotamian. Obviously, the Yugopotamians must have been there before. They lived on Earth back in prehistoric times, possibly evolving from squids. They had a partnership with the fairies of some nature. However, as the Yugopotamians got more and more ruthless, they eventually broke the partnership and attacked the fairies. Jorgen responded by wiping their memories and banishing them to Yugopotamia.

  • Therefore, Yugopotamians are Elder Things.

The Yugopotamians have restraints on their language

Mark is able to read the Yugopotamian writing mentioned above despite it being anchient. The Yugopotamians, like the government in Nineteen Eighty-Four, has restriction on their writing and language to repress free thought.

Trixie has a split personality

Why is her characterisation so inconsistent? The fact is she has multiple personalities: The Tomboy, the Rich Bitch, and the Total Psychopath shift through which one's in control. Her tomboy personality may be more amicable than the one that's typically in control, though that could have unfortunate implications..

An in-universe reason as to why Timmy acted like such a Jerkass in the 4th-5th seasons

After the It's A Wishful Life episode, a subversion of the Wonderful Life trope, Timmy came to the conclusion since his existence actually makes people miserable, it mattered little whether he was a good or kind person. Remember in the very next episode Escape From Unwish Island, at the beginning he seems utterly indifferent to the fact his friends and family have all suddenly disappeared. Of course, Timmy is back to much of his original characterization in the 6th and 7th seasons, thus he may have realized what Jorgen told him was either wrong, or perhaps Jorgen, himself, talked to Timmy and said Jorgen told him was not exactly true.

The alternate reality shown in It's a Wishful Life was fake.

By which I mean it wasn't an accurate look at life without Timmy. The whole thing was just to teach him a lesson, and Timmy even said some of the changes were nonsensical.

Norm is Tsundere for Canada.

That explains how he said he was going to destroy Canada, had the opportunity to do so, but didn't. And yup, I know it's Crack Pairing to the extreme.

Norm is Tsundere for Canada.

There exists the potential for an adult to still have fairy godparents.

Most likely one that was never decommissioned and is thereby still able to think like a kid.

  • Then what about Crocker?
  • This idea goes better with people with mental disabilities in which they are more likely to act like/have the mentality of a child. The fairies stay longer with them than a "normal" child in order to help the person become a functioning member of society to the best of their (both the kid and the fairy's) ability.

In the Wonderful Life episode, Timmy's time travel caused the seemingly unrelated changes.

While his past self wasn't the cause, his future self was.

In Fairy World, Ignorance is literal Strength

This explains why Poof and Cosmo are more powerful than all the other fairies (and feared as People of Mass Destruction).

  • This is due to the fact that they often forget or do not know of Da Rules, unlike Wanda, Jorgen and others, who know Da Rules better.

Tommy and Tammy are half-siblings

One of Timmy's last wishes was to duplicate himself, so he could take both Trixie and Tootie as prom dates. He double-scored simultaneously. Which leads us to...

Future Timmy is a single father

Because he got caught when the pregnancies showed up, and was unable to explain how he spent the night with both at the same time because his memory had already been erased (booze got the blame anyway). So both girls left him with the children as soon as they gave birth.

Tootie and Trixie represent Timmy's conscience and temptation.

Tootie, the girl who likes Timmy for who he is, represents the choices that Timmy should be making but doesn't want to, while Trixie, his crush, represents the choices he makes that he shouldn't.

Tootie and Trixie represent the two kinds of unwanted love.

Tootie represents the worst of someone who is in love with you, a Stalker with a Crush who has no respect for bounderies. Trixie represents the girl you love but she hates you. You don't love one, and you don't want to love the other. But it still happens, because Love Hurts, after all.

Cosmo became a Jerkass because of Anti-Cosmo's figigilly gland

This explination comes up in a few fanfictions to explain Cosmo's Character Derailment into an unlikeable Jerkass. Since Cosmo now uses Anti-Cosmo's fagigilly gland, he has been slowly absorbing his Evil Twin's dark magic. This is hinted at the end of "The Gland Plan", where Cosmo briefly acts like his counterpart. This is warping his mind, causing him to act evil. Right now it's strictly insults, but it will get worse.

Suggested here (for Tootie fans) and here (for Trixie fans).

Norm is the one flanderizing all the characters.

Because someone wished the show was funnier. This way, not only does he Jackass Genie his master, but a whole fanbase.

Vicky is the Anti Christ

Its so obvious.

The magical world has similar sociology to Harry Potter's world.

For those who aren't fans, the wizarding world in Harry Potter has tons of Fantastic Racism towards other setient magical creatures, and even to muggle-born wizards and witches from pure blodd wizards and witches.

This holds true in the world of The Fairly Odd Parents. In Fairy Idol, Jorgen refers to Norm as a "filthy genie" without anyone batting an eye, and for a good portion of the series the anti-fairies were kept locked away by the fairies. Simply put, the fairies' society is built on racism. Since they use "good" magic, they inherently believe themselves superior to all other races in the universe, and act as such. They impose their will on other races, governing as they see fit. For example:

  • The have humans as godkids because they see them as weak, stupid creatures who would destroy themselves without their guidence. They view humans the way we'd view some endangered spiecies.
  • Anti-fairies are viewed as dangerous beasts who would stab you in the back as soon as you turn around. How true this is is an iffy question, since they've been locked up so long that no one remembers what it was like when they were free. The fairies use this interpretation to justify keeping them locked up.
  • Pixies are pretty much viewed as creatures with a "wrong" outlook on things, and therefore are to be kept repressed.
  • Genies are viewed as always Jackass Genies. Exactly why isn't remembered anymore.
  • The Unwished Wishes get it the worst. They are essentially seen as aberrations, and therefore to be kept locked away and ignored.

Poof has 1/3 Wanda's DNA, 1/3 Cosmo's and 1/3 Timmy's.

Poof, being Cosmo and Wanda's son, is going to have both of their DNA. But wasn't it Timmy who wished him up? Since he had a part when Poof was concieved, Poof has just as much of Timmy's DNA as he does his parents.

These characters would probably be the most affected by Dementors.

Again, for the uninitiated, Dementors are creatures in Harry Potter that bring out someone's bad memories to the surface. Obviously, someone with a hard life will be more affected. The following are the one that are likely to be more vulnerable.

  • Timmy: He's already depressed enough to get fairy godparents.
  • Wanda: Because of how Cosmo has been treating her lately season 4-6.
  • Any anti-fairy: Because of Anti-Fairy Prision, as examined by the fanfic Dark
  • Remy Buxaplenty: Because of the sheer amount of neglect he recieves from his parents.
  • Crocker: Because of his Dark and Troubled Past
  • Norm: Since he's been imprisoned all his life.
  • Tootie: Having to put up with Vicky.

Chip Skylark is related to Skip Sparkypants

They look similar, and have the same voice actor, so why not? They have some serious Sibling Rivalry, along the lines of Wanda and Blonda. Maybe Chip was Born Lucky.

Guardian angels.

Guardian angels are to adults what fairy godparents are to children. They come in times of need and grant wishes, and leave when their work is done. The key difference is that instead of solving people's problems for them, the main goal is to teach them a lesson as seen in It's a Wonderful Life.

Timmy believes all the villains are like Vicky, even when they are not.

He believes that they all do what Vicky does and want what she wants.

Santa gave them what they did not want for Christmas (In "Have A Merry Wishmas") because Timmy wished for Christmas to be every day in the previous Christmas episode.

It has been demonstrated that that situation is no fun for Santa. Santa couldn't punish him back then; but once the wish was broken, he was able to give Timmy and co. karmic punishment when the opportunity arose. That had crossed my mind, but didn't Timmy and the other holidays make it up to Santa by delivering toys to the children the next Christmas?

Timmy is both Shinji Ikari and Haruhi Suzumiya at the same time

Look at this. First Timmy was Haruhi Suzumiya: the fairies only existed because he imagined them to exist. After meeting Denzel Crocker and Vicky, he took a turn on becoming Shinji Ikari: Abusive Parents, a hellish childhood, and finally, a Physical God to become his slave, aka an Evangelion. Again, the fairies only existed because of his imagination, but when the depression kicks in, the fairies became alive. The Da Rules were actually binders, and the evil ones (Pixies, Anti-fairies, Genies) are actually the in-universe equivalent of Celestials.

The Anti-Fairies are Anti-Spirals

Oh yeah....

  • Alternatively, they and the Fairies are the Spiral Nemesis. Both seem to represent chaos, and are capable of warping reality. The Pixies serve as the Anti-Spirals, as they're trying to repress their chatoic nature.

== Timmy shrinks in size when he's under emotional stress. == Yes, I know it's really Your Size May Vary, but what's the fun in that? Anyways this IS Wild Mass Guessing. When Timmy is being chased by Vicky that's why she's able to clench him in one hand if she happens to catch him. Also, that explains the episode when he's standing in his father's hand the size of a basketball. It was just after he had had that experience with that strange and arguably stressful carnival. Perhaps it's from his constant exposure to magic, or maybe it's from being shrunken and shape shifted so much from Cosmo's and Wanda's magic.

The children at the end Channel Chasers are both Trixie's and Tootie's.

One for each. Either they took the Tenchi Solution, Timmy cheated, or one of them died (or abandoned a child), and adopted the other child, or some other possibility.

Tootie used to be a boy - and probably lost his fairies

Now this one has canon to back it up! If you've never seen the very, very first "Oh Yeah Cartoons" short, you'll not know that Vicky's younger brother was called up on the phone screaming in agony (more or less). It's a wild guess, but judging by Tootie's actions upon gaining Fairy God Parents (which was to immediately go and try to tell everyone), s/he lost them sometime between the first-ever short and the first episode of season 1 - probably after making a similar "I wish I were a girl" wish, but before unwishing it...

  • A much less ickier take on this is that Tootie had fairies and she revealed their existence if the Birthday episode is anything to go by. Yes, she is apparently keeping Timmy's secret as an adult according to the live action movie but she is also thirteen years older so she is much more mature and thus better able to keep a secret as an adult.
    • That episode had two things: One, Cosmo and Wanda never told her Da Rules and never tried to stop her from spilling the secret, something Timmy almost did when he first met them. Two, Crocker was there throughout the episode egging her on to do it. Also, if Tootie had lost her fairy, why would she be allowed to be loaned one again in the first place? I don't take Jorgen for being one to give out second chances.
  • Tootie didn't want to tell anyone about her fairies until after they gave her a good birthday. Her first action when getting fairies was to wish for tons of girly stuff... Soo... No.
  • There was another Oh Yeah Cartoon short with Timmy at one of Tootie's Birthday parties.
  • Alternate theory: Vicky and Tootie are half-sisters. They both have the same father and different mothers. One mother (Nicky from the FOB video games) is Vicky and her brother's mother, while the other (who more resembles Tootie) is Tootie's mother. Nicky and Vicky's dad divorced and Vicky's dad remarried.

Timmy betrayed Norm on Mars.

It's possible because in "Fairy Idol," when Norm shows up at Timmy's house, he screams that Norm the Genie is back from Mars to take his revenge on him. The last time we saw Timmy and Norm together was on Mars, and Timmy seems completely surprised to see him.

Wanda is having an affair with Dr. Studwell.

Think about it. Situations involving the doctor always have him end up with Wanda alone (or with Poof) for various reasons.

Timmy is a Reality Warper.

Think about it. Whenever they think they are alone with Timmy, the fairies transform into their normal forms. Then a character (such as Tootie, bursting in on them to kiss Timy in Dread 'n' Breakfast) will come bursting in. They pay no attention to the fairies, only focusing on Timmy. Another episode had Timmy trying to play the triangle. His "music" is so bad that his house was destroyed, volcanos shot out of the ground and it rained frogs. My guess is that Timmy himself is a reality-warper, the fairies and their society are a manifestation of his abilities. They always mess up because Timmy is subconsciously trying to teach himself a lesson.

The universe will collapse if someone hears Mom or Dad's name.

Which is why the viewer never hears them. In one episode, their names are even blocked out by background noise.

    • Well.... we did see in The Mighty B how they figured out Bessie Higgenbottom's middle name ( Kajolica, which was actually a cursed name) and the repercussions it had on the people of San Francisco.

Tootie is a young Transsexual

In the pilot Vicky mentioned her little brother. Then comes a few episodes later and we meet Tootie. Tootie's name is her trying to find a new name to replace her original name and failing. This could also explain some of her unpopularity.

Trixie is secretly working for Vicky.

This is why Trixie treats Timmy almost as bad as Vicky does - Vicky is secretly paying her to do so, and Trixie can't say no to money.

Chester is a Time Lord.

He even says in The Musical, "I am the LORD OF TIME!!!"

Vicky killed her brother.

Now Vicky does not, at this point, seem capable of murder (she's just interested in making children miserable and framing them for mischief so she can have fun and make money, which clearly gives her a vested interest in keeping her victims alive), but manslaughter is a different story. She blackmailed her brother into performing some dangerous chore like cleaning the gutters or washing second story windows and he fell off the ladder. Vicky pulls her classic Refuge in Audacity and nobody questions her explaination of what happened.

Vicky was abused, and Tootie was too

Neglectful parenting, wrong parenting skills, not paying enough attention to them, etc. Then Vicky cracked and her parents grew scared of her.

  • Maybe Vicky had a sadistic babysitter as well. As Adults Are Useless, they failed to realise her babysitter was a Complete Monster who only took the job to abuse children. This warped her perception, and decided to take it out on kids. The reason why she had know fairy godparents is that this babysitter made her later actions seem kind in comparison, and no fairy wanted to deal with the psychological mess.

FOP is set in the 90s - early 2000s

Anything related to current culture is Schizo-Tech or Wizard Did It.

  • This may be semi-confirmed by the live action movie because in it, Timmy has deliberately been acting like a ten year old for thirteen years, this would put the year when he received Cosmo and Wanda as 1998
  • Timmy travelled back in time to the '90's and saw his parents. They were buying his house and he was "still in [his] mother's tummy."

The movie will be All Just a Dream.

Or a vision of Timmy's possible future. Even if Timmy really is that Book Dumb, can we really expect him to stay stuck in the fifth grade just 'cause he's not aging mentally?

  • Which would mean that the entire plot of the movie would be entire pointless and not even canon to the original series. I agree with you.
    • If that's the case, though, why the hell would the creator even bother doing this story?
  • Call it self-sabotage. He isn't accidentally failing, he is deliberately refusing to grow up because he doesn't want to lose Cosmo and Wanda AND HAVE HIS MEMORIES OF THEM ERASED.

Timmy will tell off Trixie in The Movie

If the movie's about Timmy finding out he has feelings for Tootie, then he might as well dump the Rich Bitch he thought he loved.

  • He did love her, she just didn't reciprocate (except on the occasions he wished for it).

Butch secretly intended for Timmy & Tootie to get together all along.

Since first introducing her in "The Fairy Flu!", Butch intended that Tootie would be the one Timmy would end up with once the show were come to its end. He added in Trixie to give the Timmy/Tootie shippers someone to root against. And when they did that epilogue to "Channel Chasers" and got fans asking just who was Tommy and Tammy's mother, he deliberately hand-waved it by saying it could've been either one of the girls (as mentioned above). But then he started hiring writers who actually wanted Timmy to be with Trixie, so he allowed them to get that pair together in "Wishology" so they'd be able to get the Timmy/Trixie pairing out of their system, and then had Jorgen erase Trixie's memory at the end to leave Timmy open for Tootie. Now, with the cartoon having run for almost 13 years since its pilot episode airing, Butch figures he's run the series long enough and is going to close it up with Timmy getting together with Tootie as he planned from the start.

    • Jossed by two reasons: 1) Butch Hartman had wroted some Timmy/Trixie episodes as "The Boy Who Would Be Queen" and "For Emergencies Only!" and 2) Butch Hartman himself says than the Live-Action Movien isn't the final of the series...
      • Not jossed. Hartman said that because it was leaving room open for a sequel (The Timmy Turner Loophole), something he later confirmed on his twitter account. As far as the Tootie/Trixie issue goes, Hartman's only words on the matter were a short post on his forum which was eventually deleted, his only words (IIRC) being basically "Sorry, we had to make a choice, we wanted everyone to be happy, blah.." and of course that erupted into a small shipping war causing the thread to be deleted and the issue to never be touched upon again.

Genies used to be, or are also, enslaved to fairies.

It is certainly possible. When Norm first met Cosmo and Wanda, he sneered at them being "fairies", indicating some contempt for the species. He, also, attempted to confine them to his lamp. That plus the fact that Norm had Cosmo do things such as pick his dry cleaning up and check the race forms for him indicates that the hostility genies feel towards fairies is very personal.

  • Except this is Norm we're dealing with. Not exactly the nicest being. Plus, he shouldn't really like Timmy, Wanda and Cosmo in the first place.

== Chester remembered the events of Fairy Idol and possibly received a fairy godparent == : He did win the Fairy Idol contest, and in the very next episode, Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 3, he clearly sees Cosmo and Wanda and is not suprised at all. Jimmy and his friends saw them as well, but they don't count because they think Cosmo and Wanda are computer programs. A.J. doesn't really count either, because he spent the majority of that episode thinking he was in the twenty fourth century. Given how fanatical Jorgen is about "Da Rules", it seems unlikely that he'd allow Chester to remember Cosmo and Wanda unless Chester was assigned a fairy godparent.

Crocker is going to end up helping Timmy in the movie.

Anyone who saw the clip of the live-action Crocker footage on YouTube can see that the man is still determined to capture Cosmo and Wanda, but the synopsis that has been provided in the news says that there's another bad guy in town, Hugh Magnate, with the same ambition. Possibly, Magnate will be doing worse things with Cosmo and Wanda than what Crocker did with them in Abra-Catastrophe!, and supposedly Crocker will see it and it will cause him to snap and have a Defrosting Ice Queen moment, possibly even remember that Cosmo and Wanda were once his fairy godparents in his youth, and actually try to help Timmy rescue them.

The true nature of Fairies.

  • Fairies are the physical manifestation of good luck. That's why they grant kids wishes, they are instinctly compelled to do so.
  • Anti-Fairies are the physical manifestation of bad luck. Why else would they cause chaos for no reason? It's their biological imperative.
  • Children are the target of Fairies because they are more optimistic and believe in luck. Adults are the main target of Anti-Fairies due to being less optimistic than kids.
  • While Fairies and Anti-Fairies are both part of chaos (Chaotic Good and Evil), Pixies represent order. That's why they have little to no personality and all talk in the same voice. Fairies look down on them because they're not vibrant of them-Order Versus Chaos. As for why they worked with the Anti-Fairies, it was a splinter group of the Pixies.
  • Genies are free agents who use both good and bad luck.

Anti-Cosmo is aware he's in a cartoon.

Since Cosmo is so unbelievably stupid, it stands to reason Anti-Cosmo would be far more intelligent than his mannerisms portray him to be. This manifests in seeing through the fourth wall, and come to the realisation that he's in a cartoon. That's how he was able to convince the Pixies to join him, he read the script/some trailers and showed the Head Pixie this. The Head Pixie didn't take this well, allowing Anti-Cosmo to manipulate him

The Movie is canon, but at the end, Timmy will wish to turn back time and do things right.

Because 13 years is a lot of wasted time that did permanent damage. He'll still lose his fairies at the end, and the time travel won't change that, but he'll get to grow up normally and have a proper relationship with Tootie.

The Movie is facilitated by a Weirdness Censor, wherein Timmy wished that everything about his life would stay the same, AND THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE SERIES EVEN NOW.

The audience doesn't know it, because the weirdness censor applies to the audience as well. It seems to extend even to fairies. That 11th birthday of his? It was really his 18th. Height and weight? He's actually fully grown, but what we see isn't what he looks like, but rather what he wants everyone to see, and what we expect to see. May be facilitated by a Groundhog Day Loop.

Tootie's new glasses are the reason Timmy's stopped treating her with respect.

You may have noticed that, in her appearances following Poof's introduction, where people are no longer giving her the respect she deserves and Timmy is making wishes for her to go away despite that it's against Da Rules, Tootie is now wearing spherical glasses instead of the diva-style ones she used to wear. Apparently, those new glasses of hers are what's really messing up her life. Let's hope that if she's still wearing glasses in The Movie, she'll have gone back to the diva-style ones.

So... Is Wishology the timeline where Timmy married with Trixie and the Live-Action Movie the timeline where he chooses Tootie?

  • Jossed. Word of God is that they're the same timeline.
    • Yeah... From a series full of Negative Continuity...
      • Either that or Wishology simply never happened. Take your pick. It's not like there was a giant smiley face guy in the sky during Season 7 or anything, was there?
      • However, Abracatraz is there.
        • There was a similar jail in The Gland Plan and earlier episodes which served the same purpose, but it wasn't termed Abracatraz until Wishology and was redesigned again in Anti-Poof, and then again in the next Foop appearance. My earlier point is that important things established in Wishology (particularly the ancient history of the fairies) were already contradicted early into the next season, and all of the characters introduced in Wishology were throwaway. Lets not grasp for straws here.
  • A short scene from the FOP movie was released, in which Timmy makes it clear that he has never been in love with a girl and has only been kissed once by Tootie, against his will. It should be noted that the live action movie's script may very well pre-date Wishology, since the idea has been tossed around for years before, but it still is a blatant disregard of other "ships" by Butch Hartman. Looks like the FOP movie contradicting Channel Chasers was the least of the shipper worries.
    • Well, this is reassures my theory than both movies are separated timelines. Also, according to "Wishology" Timmy was in love on Trixie since Kindergarten.
      • So what exactly happened in this so-called Wishology timeline? Because even at the end of Wishology, everyone ends up with their Hartman-patented mind zapping, and everyone is back to square one; Trixie doesn't remember a thing about Timmy and treats him like dirt the very next episode she's in. Assuming you don't do the mind wipe, everyone now remembers Timmy's fairies and wants them for their own selfish desires, which pretty much vaporizes the Channel Chasers (and show in general's) continuity even worse than the live movie could have dreamed of.

The only reason butterfly nets work is because the fairies believe they do.

Catching them is one thing, but how else do you explain the butterfly net's anti-magic properties? Simple, it has none. The magic barrier effect is from their own magic blocking itself because it is universally accepted that that is what butterfly nets can do.

  • I remember seeing a butterfly net made of cheese having this effect.

The whole point of the fairy godparents program is to turn abused or neglected children into stable, well-adjusted adults.

The memories of the fairies and their magic vanish, but the effects of those experiences remain. This is why Wanda harps on morality so much; she isn't simply rebuking stupidity, she's raising Timmy to be a good person when he grows up, because nobody else will. Much as he resists, her discipline is having some effect on him, but his refusal to let go contradicts this effort.

The Movie is one big hoax

It's the creators playing with us. It's a parody of such horrid choices. Either that, it's a cover for a better plot, or they're intentionally trying to kill the series.

The Movie will be the finale

It's the same timeline from the cartoon apparently, and in the future, so...

  • Jossed. According to an interview with the shows creator Butch Hartman The Live-Action movie ísn´t the end of the series....
    • I think Butch Hartman was vague in that interview, and for good reason. One, the movie wasn't even closed to finished then, and in the time that interview was conducted to the time the movie comes out, Hartman may have be thinking that FOP will be renewed for more episodes. As it stands, there are only six new episodes in production along with the new movie, and no new episodes have been ordered for almost two years. I suspect this is a Danny Phantom/Phantom Planet issue, if the show doesn't get picked up further then it will end at the live action movie, even if Hartman insists there is more to come (like he still hopelessly does with DP).
      • Nope, dude. Butch Hartman was precise than DP ended after the Grand Finale.

Fariy Reproduction

The male (Cosmo) sucks the egg out of the female (Wanda) with his penis. He does not grow a vulva during pregnancy and genital mutilation is required for birth.

Remy Buxaplenty will turn out to be the actual villain of The Movie.

Remy's been MIA for too long for someone who's supposedly one of Butch's personal favorite characters. Plus, Cosmo and Wanda being captured does indeed sound like a way to make Timmy lose them. So it would make an appropriate twist for it turn out that Hugh J. Magnate is actually working for Remy. (For an even wilder twist, he could even be Hugh J. Magnate, if you're willing to ignore that Steve Weber is much older than Drake Bell while Timmy and Remy are roughly the same age.)

At some point Vicky's dog Doidle mutates and becomes Dudley Puppy

Think about it they look exactly a like except Doidle's shorter. At some point in the future he gets into toxic waste and gets the ability to talk, grows, walks on hind legs and moves to a city with other mutant animals.

Cupid is exempt from Da Rules

Cupid isn't a fairy and it doesn't seem like non-fairy wish granting beings have to follow Da Rules unless they become fairy god parents. Also there are a couple instances (other than the obvious ones) that suggest he doesn't follow them:

  • In 'The Big Bash' he offers 30 seconds of rule free wishes as a prize like it's nothing.
  • In 'The Fairly Oddlympics' he grants Timmy's "wish" for a cheetah even though he's not Timmy's godparent (not too sure about this one, but I think it said somewhere that fairies can't grant wishes to other fairy's god kids).

Crocker's Mom is somewhat aware of fairies and distracts Crocker on purpose to protect them.

  • This argument may very well be valid. Mrs. Crocker has never specifically DENIED the existence of fairies. The only thing she's ever said is that her son is a crackpot for chasing them and has wasted his life chasing them, in the recent episode Crocker of Gold. She may have meant that he could have better things to do than chase fairies. The fact he fails so much in catching them would add weight to that.

Fairly Oddparents takes place in another world.

  • Entirely possible, the Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour crossovers have shown that alternate realities exist, and multiple timelines are shown to exist as well.

Human adults are stupid and clueless because magical creatures give off an aura like the Mist in Percy Jackson and The Olympians to maintain the Masquerade.

  • Jossed quite thoroughly, when Crocker's godparents (70's Cosmo and Wanda) are revealed to the world, Jorgen and the Fairy MIB show up and erase the memories of every person who was at city hall that day. They're stupid and clueless about the magical world because the magical world works very, very hard to keep it that way.

In "Birthday Bash", Chip Skylark is not singing "Happy Birthday, Timmy".

He's singing "Happy Birthday To Me". It was established long ago that the two share a birthday, and the meter made it awkward for him to say "Timmy".

Norm is the Only Sane Man.

He certainly gives off that vibe. Indeed, he may even have Medium Awareness-he appears rarely so the writers can't flanderize him. This is the true reason why the Fairies hate him-he flies in the face of their view of reality, and sees the world for how it really is.

Trixie does not secretly like boy things.

It's actually Veronica. She looked just like Trixie with her dark wig, and she adds it to help cement her disguise

Remy Buxaplenty has a severe Inferiority Superiority Complex

I'm not sure if this really counts as a WMG, but bear with me. If you pay attention to Remy's bragging, it is almost never directly about himself. It almost always has to do with his money or some other valuable. The times he does brag about himself can be interpreted as a way to raise his feelings self-worth just a little bit (some people with Inferiority Complexes can act like they have a Superiority Complex to avoid pity (overcompensation)). The practical Parental Abandonment he received (and still receives) from his parents made his immature mind attempt to grab for the most attention as he possibly could, therefore rather than be an individual, unconsciously become his parents. The way he acts, brags, and even talks all come from his desperate attempts to get even a morsel of his parents' approval, thinking if he emulated them enough he would be noticed. He probably never had a real friend in his entire life (discounting Juandissimo). Shades of how depressed he is are so obvious that he basically falls into Jerkass Woobie territory for me...

While the fairies mean well they are actually hurting the children they mean to help.

In the movie with the remote Timmy wishes the whole thing never happened because he's afraid if he loses Vicky he'll lose his godparents. This logic behind this means that he is afraid to be happy since he got them because he was miserable. His teacher could have bean a respected scientist if he did not instead devote his life to fairies. Remmy is a wash but Wandissamo does not appear to give him the attention he truely wants and actually acts like his money in many ways. Furthermore the fact they don't help adults discourages kids from growing up.

Analyze much? [[WMG: The Fairly Odd Parents takes place in the same universe as Umineko no Naku Koro ni

  • Fairy World coexists with the Witch World, and most of the fairies serve as furniture to the Golden Witch. Timmy would be the most affected,since he was a distant relative of the Ushiromiya family, and is a distant cousin of Maria. Jorgen sets up Da Rules, so repeated deaths would not be allowed in Dimmsdale.

Timmy has made Vicky a worse person.

It just seems off-putting that they've not only made Vicky a borderline Complete Monster, but also an abusive daughter. It just makes no sense for two normal parents to produce such a monster. Of course, there's the later episode that reveals this: whenever Timmy tries to change things so that the threat of Vicky is nullified, it gets worse. When he wished for her to no longer be his babysitter, she became mayor. When he wished for that to be gone, It Got Worse. Perhaps that's the point. Vicky's ickiness is a constant, and is destined to become the abusive babysitter we know her as. Timmy made the wish "I wish Vicky wasn't icky!" This only made things worse: it cancelled out her Freudian Excuse, allowing the ass-bug that makes her cruel to fester and dominate.

Vicky isn't icky at all, she was just born in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Living within Vicky is the embodiment of All Evil to make this fairy world of ease, not so easy. Timmy is the The Chosen One destined to keep Vicky's Pure Evil in check.

Kimmy is...

  • A Gender Bent Timmy (or"Timantha")from another dimension. Either he messed up big time and Wanda decided that it was a fitting punishment or he simply wanted a new life as Timantha. Either way, Timantha (or Kimmy) was transported to another universe with a preexisting Timmy (and a possible mind wipe).
    • Alternatively she is a variant Timmy Clone.

Timmy Turner is the true villain of Fairly Oddparents.

When Cosmo was young he had Clover from Cloverfield as a pet.

I'd like to see to see this.

Wanda meant to marry Anti-Cosmo but Jorgen wiped her mind and made her think she was in love with Cosmo.

Anti-Cosmo and Wanda have much more in common with eachother than Wanda and Cosmo. But how many anti-fairies do you see married, or even living anywhere close to, fairies? There are many cases of Fantastic Racism among fairies and other magical beings, and Anti-fairies are mostly just seen as evil trouble-makers that should be locked away or live far away, so Jorgen could have wiped her mind (as seen in "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker") and told her that she would be marrying Cosmo.

The courage of magical creatures is related to whether they can use their magic or not at the time.

Without their wands or figgigly glands, fairies are basically big headed kids that can fly. Without the use of magic, they can't be fully aware of possible butterfly nets that can capture them. Fairies aren't even used to BREATHING, so not being able to use magic is as helpless to them as a human tied to a chair.

{{[WMG| Cosmo is a closeted homosexual.}}

In "Christmas Every Day," he states that Chet U Betcha is "cute when he's angry." He also likes Chip Skylark, and is seen to have hearts next to his head listening to Chip's music.

Children are given fairy godparents to realize how great their lives are unchanged

Almost all Fairly Oddparents episodes end with Timmy learning An Aesop. The Aesop is usually a variation of "Your life doesn't need to be filled with magic to be great."

Timmy's going to wish for Norm's lamp back in the future due to the event in "Timmy's Secret Wish".

We know that Timmy doesn't really plan ahead or think things through before he wishes UNLESS his back is against the wall or something truly important is at stake. When the situation is truly dire, he can pull off some rather impressive stunts and quick thinking. "Abra-catastrophy," "Channel Chasers," "Fairly Oddbaby," "Fairy Idol," "Wishology," and essentially any other special have examples of him demonstrating an impressive amount of competence when compared to his usual impulsive behavior. If something he cares about is in danger (Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, his parents, his friends, all of Fairy World and/or all of Earth, etc.), he'll start demonstrating exactly why he's survived so long when he has so many enemies, magical and mundane. Even limiting his access to magic (see Wishology pt 1) and taking away any friend or ally he might possess (see Wishology pt 2) can't stop this kid when he actually focuses on his goal.

What does this have to do with Norm? I'm getting there. Well, the recent special "Timmy's Secret Wish", we learn that Timmy wished that everyone stopped aging (and wishing for Cosmo to forget he granted that wish) and he made that wish 50 years ago. While this is certainly not the most considerate wish for everyone else on the planet, it shows a certain cleverness on his part. Rather than accept a very obvious threat to his happiness (growing up and losing his fairies), he figured out a way remove that variable the equation and didn't let anyone know since they would try talking him out of it (obviously the wish itself wasn't against Da Rules or else the wands would have done the "pfff" noise instead of granting it). Timmy found a loophole, essentially. If it hadn't been a secret wish, Timmy would probably not have gotten into nearly as much trouble with the Fairy Council. When this caused Timmy to lose his fairy godparents (temporarily), it resulted in all of his wishes being undone. Including Poof.

Granted, everything was fixed by the end of the show, but it certainly demonstrated a real danger that even Timmy at his worst couldn't possibly ignore permanently. If his fairy god-brother's very existence will be reversed whenever he either does something stupid to lose his fairies or simply grows up, then something needs to be done. As established already, Timmy can be fairly clever and resourceful when something he cares about is on the line and he can figure ways around Da Rules occasionally. And, as shown in "Wishology pt 2," he's not afraid to work with his enemies if the situation is important enough. Which brings us back to Norm.

If he wishes for a lawyer from Cosmo and Wanda first (likely without explaining why he wants one since they would be nervous about Timmy working with a genie), he can get his "rule-free" wishes prepared and "twisted horribly"-proof. Then, he tells his fairy godparents that he wishes for Norm's lamp. At this point, he'd be dealing with quite a few comments that dealing with the genie is a bad idea and a sarcastic remark or two from Norm, but a little thing like that won't stop the kid. His first genie wish would be to protect a few key wishes from being undone whenever he loses his fairies (Poof, keeping Mark Chang from marrying Princess Man-Die in order to form an unstoppable alliance between their planets, making sure that the Darkness remains the Kindness, etc.). His second and third wish are more flexible, but the ideal ones that he would make (if he was feeling particularly kind and unselfish that day) would be these two. His second wish would be that Norm couldn't harm, humiliate, or destroy Timmy, his friends, his family, Canada, and any of Timmy's non-enemies aquantances, either directly or indirectly. Undoubtedly this would frustrate the genie. The third one, however, would make it up to the guy. As a reward for helping him (and a peace offering so that Norm didn't try to seek some type of revenge anyway), Timmy could wish for the only thing that Norm seems to really want. The third wish could be to free the genie from his lamp.

This set of wishes would protect those that Timmy cares about, possibly reduce the malice of one of his enemies towards him, and there would be nothing that Jorgen could do about it since Genies don't have to follow any rules and are not under his jurisdiction at all.

If the Darkness from Wishology is an example that Dark Is Not Evil, then how about an example that Bright Is Not Good?

  • With the purpose that The Light wishes to END all life...

One of Jorgan's original godchildren was abused so the child wished that Jorgan was strong enough to save them.

Either that or Jorgan is the Fairy Godfather to all abused children so he can step in should the worst happen. Why else would he be the only fairy that physically strong?

Father Time (from Timmy's Secret Wish) was ClockWork in disguise

In order for him to come to Fairy World he had to alter his appearance from a ghost to a fairy.

Dinkleberg is Jewish.

Hence the money, accomplishment, the nose and the fact that his last name ends is Berg(yeah it's true look it up).

Bob the Boil is far more dangerous than everyone thinks.

In the episode where Timmy gains the ability to read minds, he learns that Elmer's boil is sentient and apparently tried to control Elmer's thoughts. Bob also wants to take over the world. Compared to most of the villains who actually make efforts to achieve their goal, the boil hasn't seemed to have done anything super evil yet. But he is limited by the fact he has absolutely no limbs or even an ability to speak to anyone other than Elmer. In fact, on casual inspection, he seems like the least dangerous source of evil the entire show.

But boils don't tend to be self-aware entities, so there has to be a reason why this one can speak to Elmer. Bob is not actually a boil. Instead, he is an Eldritch Abomination in a different dimension who can only reach through to dimensional barriers in a limited fashion. Specifically, he can only possess the boil upon Elmer's face and attempt to influence the world through that source. If Timmy should ever decide to be nice and wish that Elmer didn't have a boil on his face, this would offer Bob the ability to take his true form in their world and go forth with his world conquering plans.

Whenever Timmy makes a world-changing wish, he is taken to an Alternate Universe

The world itself isn't changed; Timmy was just transported somewhere else. This is why things always go back to normal in the end, and why no other kids seem to make such world-changing wishes. It's also possible that the Timmy from the other universe switch places without own, possibly wishing for the same life Timmy had.

When Norm the Genie caused Trixie Tang to love many Timmy Turners, it accidently affected her brain's chemical stability or something.

Hence her freak out when Timmy wished they were the only people on the planet. It was all the genie's fault.

Trixie Tang turned Timmy into a Jerkass with all his attempts to get her.

You can only have your heart broken so many times before you start getting bitter.

In the "Gimme the Wand" scene, after Cosmo entered, Wanda, Cosmo and Norm began reading each other's minds, in order to sync the song.

Well, they did do fairly well with their performance considering they'd never practiced. Of course, reading Cosmo's mind would be tricky considering that he doesn't really have one.

All Disney Acid Sequences were created by Reality Warpers using magic to make the environment fit the song.

It would explain how the physics of the world become even stranger than normal during a song.

Fairly Oddparents does take place in a world where souls exist.

== The Poof season(s) is(/are) one of Timmy's dreams. == This seems to be based on the same assumption that Cosmo and Wanda are actually Timmy's hallucinations. The assumption was that due to Vicky's abuse, Timmy imagined that he had Fairy God Parents. This could be an extension of that by another situation; that Timmy is an only child. Subconsciously, perhaps he's always wanted a sibling.

If they brought back Norm the Genie, they'd have to bring back the satire.

  • Or at least Norm McDonald.

Poof was created to replace Norm because Butch doesn't feel like bringing Norm back.

He figured that the power of cuteness would make us forget about Norm.

Vicky has gotten more blatantly abusive because she knows Adults Are Useless.

Since it has become clear that the parents she works for wouldn't notice or care what she was putting their kids through, even if they were told flat out that she was evil, Vicky feels free to do as she wishes to the children under her care. Prior, she had to hold back a little in case she underestimated the adults' oblivousness.

Jorgen isn't a fairy, but something far, far more powerful.

This would explain why he is human-sized, while all the other fairies are very small. Jorgen is also ridiculously old, even by fairy standards, since in Wishology it is stated that he created the stars. Jorgen also doesn't have wings or float like the other fairies. Many people believe that in the beginning, when Satan tried to take over God, there were those who sided with God-the angels-who stayed in Heaven, and those who backed Satan-demons-who were banished to Hell. Some people also believe there was a side that simply did not take part, and this side was banished from Heaven, but rather than being sent to Hell, they were sent to Earth, as fairies. This may apply here.

The 9th Season will be made deliberately horrible in an attempt to end the series

This series was meant to end with Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3, but it kept going.

In The Musical when kids ruled the world all conflicts were solved with Duel Monsters

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