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  • Did you know that Uranus is a planet?
  • In the Fairly Oddparents TV movie, "School's Out!", Jorgen refers to the pixies as "conedomes". I don't think the word made by removing the Es was accidental...
  • Let's not forget that Tom Sawyer episode:

 Timmy: He can turn planets into plants. He can turn gravity into gravy.

Wanda: He can turn Uranus into... Oh my gosh! We've got to stop him!

  • And the Adam West / Catman as a kid episode, where he repeatedly latches onto people legs in an... "affectionate" hug. Leading to this line:

 Timmy: "So he can stay the night?"

Timmy's Dad: "Sure! He's part pet! But he gets 'affectionate' with my leg, he's off to the shelter!"

    • And, in a later part of the episode(where Catman is returned to normal), we get this.

 Timmy's Dad: Sure, we love Adam West. He's part legal guardian and part pet!

Timmy's Mom: And he's so affectionate!

      • It gets weirder when the two glance at each other, almost embarrassed.
  • In Power Mad, Timmy reaches a level in a virtual reality game that he describes "looks like an underwater version of my Aunt Gertrude's house." A crab version of said character suddenly comes in, saying she "wants to pinch those chubby cheeks" of Timmy's. He then replies, saying "I hope she means my face."
    • Cosmo later gives that line a Call Back, when Timmy wishes for "cheeks of steel"
  • In the video evidence presented in the episode where Cosmo was on trial:

 Cosmo: I thought you said plastic surgery!

  • shows Cosmo with breast implants*


Cosmo: I'm keeping them.

  • In Hard Copy, Timmy gets a magic copier that makes anything he copies real. After he finishes copying the toy magazine, he says "And now to copy dad's magazines."
      • Later, Timmy holds up one of his dad's magazines titled, "Under the Bed Monthly".
  • Almost a literal Getting Crap Past the Radar. In 'No Substitute for Crazy', the fake substitute teacher, Mrs. Doombringer, passes out golden stars for random acts, like punching people or misspelling a word. Timmy gets one when he comes out of the restroom. In the next scene we see Timmy covered in stars but with a box of fiber and a glass of water on his desk. Draw the necessary conclusions as to how he gets those stars.
  • In the recent episode "Take and Fake," Mark Chang tells a story to some guests at a party, but we only hear the end of it: "And then I said... The Aristocrats!"
  • Didn't the whole "Fairy babies come out of the male" thing use this trope?
  • Anyone else thought the repeated use of the word "sexy" was a slipup of the radar?
  • In a newer episode (about the replacement fairy), Timmy has a toy squid in his tub which looks like a dick. What's worse? It shot white stuff. I don't know the context 100% (me and my friends were too laughing), but how much text can you put to getting crap past the radar?
    • According to Wanda, the "white stuff" was toothpaste.
  • In the episode Information Stupor Highway, a picture of Crocker in a dress shows up on Timmy's computer screen. Mr. Turner says, "Egad! You aren't supposed to be on those kinds of websites!"
    • Doesn't the whole "Crocker in drag" thing qualify on its own?
    • And then we have this line from the super-intelligent scientist apes:

  Scientist Ape: It for you. I mean, you are the alpha male.

  • According to "Vicky Loses Her Icky", it's apparently tradition in the Turner household to shove a Bug Catching net up Dad's pants every Father's Day.
    • Also, the whole plot revolves around an ass-dwelling evil bug that literally crawls up peoples butts to make them evil.
    • Also could be a (relatively) subtle way of saying that Vicky has a bug up her ass.
    • And the obvious Vicky Loses Her (V)Icky
  • In Abra Catasrophe, when Timmy is Spiderman, he shoots webbing out of his... backside.
    • ...Which might be questionable if it weren't based in, you know, real life spiders.
  • In the episode where Timmy wishes he were an adult, there's a bottle of wine on the table when he's at the restaurant.
  • In one episode, Wanda called Cosmo a ding-a-ling. Now class, can anyone tell me what ding-a-ling means?
    • An idiot. Not everyone has their mind in the gutter like you, teacher.
      • Besides, I think the episode you're referring to is "Hastle in the Castle." TIMMY was the one who said that in Wanda's coice, and he called Cosmo a "ding dong."
  • In Escape from Unwish Island, Timmy(after noticing his parents are gone) decides to do everything he ever wanted(roller coaster in the house, etc.)

  Timmy: Finally, every ten-year-old's dream! A room full of supermodels!

    • Timmy, however, promptly asks the swimsuit clad models if they can bake cookies, but we hear Cosmo later mention something about bouncing on the bed with the supermodels.
  • From Most Wanted Wish, we get this:

  Timmy: Cool! Guys fighting over me!

  • The Hippie Teacher's name: Mister Burkenbake
  • In the Crash Nebula episode, Wanda says that there is an episode where Crash discovers he's his own great grandfather, which means he did... what with a distant ancestor?
    • That is actually a reference to a riddle. The real example of GCPTR in that episode was the whole cow-poop thing.
  • Throughout the episode "The Fairly Odd Baby" some pretty weird stuff goes down. Aside from Cosmo being pregnant and going through changes akin to... well actual female pregnancy, we have Poof's gender played for laughs. While Poof the fairy baby is being hunted down, Timmy and pretty much every other fairy is trying to check the baby's gender but are interrupted. At the end of the episode Wanda goes down to change Poof's diaper and is sprayed with a liquid in the eye, then the view pans down to Poof holding a squirt gun and smiling.
  • Wishology , has Timmy using some presents and roasted weenies he and cosmo ordered earlier, which prompts Timmy to say: "let's see how he likes my weenies!" It also has his father apparently using mascara and in a dress, while calling his mother a dog. Among other weird things.
  • Poof's Play Date gives us this jewel, in the form of Doctor Bill's bad parenting test:

  Doctor Bill: Does your child say "I'm busy!" a lot? Does he spend a lot of time up in his rooms with paper towels, asking you to leave him alone?


 "Heh. Hancock. That's funny!"

  • The Channel Chasers TV movie got a lot past. An example? Reindeer chocolate. Complete with fart sounds.
    • Cosmo begins to tell Timmy about sex (with puppets to demonstrate) before Wanda cuts him off. He only gets as far as "When a Mommy and Daddy fairy love each other very much" or something similar.
  • How about the episode Who's Your Daddy when Timmy is supposed to go out on a scouting trip with his dad. Timmy says his father won the Golden Acorn and pulls out a large Acorn and Wanda says, "Wow that's one big nut." Later on Timmy's father says he likes big nuts!
    • "You are in a nut-free zone." "Aw, nuts..." That episode was just a magnet for that.
  • From the Halloween episode's musical number

 Chorus: Real and scary

'cut to main trio cornered in dark alley'

Cosmo: Like a zit covered hormone crazed teen?

  • Not to forget, for Merry Wishmas:

 I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas.

Not one thing that was on my list.

Things under our tree,

We never wanted to see,

And at Santa, we're all really....mad!

  • And another literal example of getting crap past is in the episode This is Your Wish:

Wanda and Timmy are sitting in front of two doors; one to the kitchen and the other to the restroom when a fairy waiter comes out.


 Fairy Waiter: (Holding a plate) Would you like some chocolate pudding.

Timmy: It depends; What door did you come out of.


 Billy: "And that's not pudding.

Timmy does a Spit Take with the alleged pudding.

  • In 'Wishing Well' You can very clearly hear Jorgan VonStrangle say 'Damnit'. On a Nicktoon! How in the hell did that get past the radar? Were they sleeping that day?
  • Also, in the episode where Timmy wishes to be an adult, whenever Timmy encounters Vicky as an adult (more like middle-to-senior-age-citizen), she screams, blows a whistle, and then beats down on him. Guess what Vicky mistook Timmy for.
  • And in 'The Big Superhero Wish' Bull-E answers the question "What's the E for?" with this line.

 Bull-E: It's second letter in death and the third in die!

  • There is an episode where Timmy's Dad takes Timmy to his job at Pencil Nexus, where we find out the company's slogan...

  Or, as we say in the pencil pushing industry, you're my #2! *toilet flushes* ...Pencil, that is.

  • In "Abracatastrophe", a Running Gag is Wanda getting brown stuff thrown in her face by Biffy, a monkey.

  Wanda: PLEASE be mud...

  • When Timmy is trying to figure out what ingredient to add to make good lemonade, Cosmo reveals he added chocolate laxatives to one of the glasses, which leads to this:

 Timmy: Listen you, I-! Bathroom! (runs off)

Cosmo: Well you're not gonna find it in there!

  • In the episode where they go through different television channels, they wind up in an episode of a Scooby Doo knockoff. Perfectly ordinary, except when the talking dog hops out of the van and says something to the effect of "Put the shizzle in the fuh-nizzle, yo!" If you or your kids listened to rap music, chances are your jaws hit the floor.
  • A literal example comes from the episode "Smarty Pants": Timmy refers to a tv show as "dreck". For those of you who don't know, it's a Yiddish that basically translates as "shit."
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