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Fridge Brilliance

  • Magic (loosely) follows laws of Physics. You see, magic wands explicitly run on some form of energy (plot point of at least 2 episodes) and anything they conjure (spacially displaced or otherwise) can't be destroyed (entire plot of Unwish Island). At the same time, an overlying theme of the series is that magic can't be used to instantly solve all your problems; in other words, fairies aren't omnipotent.
  • Veronica's crush on Timmy makes perfect sense when you realize it has nothing to do with Timmy. She's obsessed with supplanting Trixie to the point of paranoid delusions. Her crush on Timmy is entirely a manifestation of her desire to become Trixie. Since Timmy has a crush on Trixie, part of supplanting Trixie means becoming the object of Timmy's affection.
    • Or it could just as easily be the other way around; she wants to be Trixie so bad because she's the one that Timmy has a crush on.
  • In "The Gland Plan", Anti-Cosmo tries pole-vaulting over a prison wall, but fails because he didn't take the time to measure the stick (which is promptly Lampshaded by Cosmo). But it makes perfect sense for Anti-Cosmo to do something so stupid, even if he is an evil genius... he's the opposite of Cosmo, and since Cosmo's a moron with occasional moments of brilliance, that would make Anti-Cosmo a genius with occasional moments of stupidity!
  • Mr. Turner has a Dumbass Has a Point moment in "Kung Timmy" when he points out he can't fight Francis since he's a kid. As a adult he could be arrested for it. This is further pointed out in an earlier when an adult Timmy tries to stop him from picking on Chester and A.J.

Fridge Horror

  • The Fairly Odd Parents. When godchildren lose their godparents, everything they wished up goes away. Timmy wished up Poof.
    • It's common for Timmy to endanger the world, only to fix it by the end of the episode and erase everyone's memories. What if every godchild is like that? The world would constantly be in danger.
    • Okay, Rules Lawyering Justification Here: Timmy specifically wished for Cosmo and Wanda to have their own baby. Maybe Poof just grows up?
    • Also there's an episode explaining that things that get wished away are just sent to an island in the Bermuda Triangle.
    • When Timmy's wishes got unwished, everything he ever wished was sent to a horribly bleak depressing world filled with his murderous wishes. including Poof.
      • Following this logic, that means that whenever Timmy grows up or accidentally reveals his fairies or any of the other possible ways to lose his fairy godparents and have his wishes updone, the same thing will happen again to poor Poof. That means that, if we don't take the Timmy Turner Loophole provided at the end of the live-action movie into account, Poof's expected lifespan outside of that creepy unwished wishes world would be directly connected to how long Timmy can keep his fairy godparents. And, ever since the events of "Timmy's Secret Wish," the kid is going to be perfectly aware of this fact.
    • And now the live action movie, while a little WTF, brings another horrifying layer to the fore: Timmy has two near-omnipotent supernatural guardians who can, within reasonable bounds, cater to his every whim. He's smart, cunning, and lucky enough to deal with every wish gone wrong, every enemy supernatural and real, and to avoid losing his godparents like every other kid does. Why would he ever give that up?
      • Speaking of the movie, Poof is still a baby. What does that mean?
        • It means that fairies age at a different rate than humans. Which is already sort of established since flashbacks have established that the various fairies still looked the same as they do now even as far back as the Middle Ages.
    • When Timmy nearly ruined both Christmas and the world simultaneously by wishing every day to be Christmas, a new rule was added to Da Rules ensuring that this can never happen again. Cosmo says that you really have to screw up big time to add a new rule. This probably means that most, if not every, rule in the book was the direct consequence of some wish gone horribly wrong. Seeing how many (justifiable) rules there are, it's amazing that irresponsible children with fairies haven't destroyed the world yet.
    • "If they survive, THEY'RE FAIRIES! If not, I HAVE TENURE!" Sure, that line from Mr. Crocker seems funny at first. That is, until you realize what he said essentially means that he's willing to (and probably has) killed people in an attempt to prove that fairies exist.
    • During one of several attempts by Cosmo's mom to get her son back from Wanda, we get to see flashbacks of Cosmo's past; among other things, we learn that he'd always been "clumsy" with his magic wand and was therefore sent to a special academy to be trained by Jorgen. Of course, Cosmo's hopeless and in addition to being clumsy with magic, he also unleashes real cataclysms over human history (the sundering of Atlantis, the destruction of Pompeii, etc.) This could all be handwaved as Played for Laughs, if it weren't for the fact that 1) in a later episode, Jorgen refers again to such cataclysms as having been caused by Cosmo, making it canon and 2) Cosmo occasionally shows signs of being way less stupid and clumsy than he normally is; in one episode, he even keeps hinting that MAYBE he's just acting stupid. So... he killed thousands of people AND it wasn't an accident!?
    • The infamous "It's a Wishful Life". Think about what Jorgen said. Other children have wiped themselves from existence. Willingly.
    • In "Father Time", when Timmy goes back in time to stop his dad from winning the trophy that he destroys with heat vision, his dad gets sent to dictator school. Even after he fixes this, and before he went back in time, someone would have been sent there anyway. Who was it, and why haven't they taken over the world (with smiles) either??
  • In the episode, Vicky Gets Fired, Vicky reveals to Chompy the Goat that the Mayor was at a convention where "Goat Meat" is served in which the mayor apparently enjoyed eating said meat. This infuriates Chompy who begins chasing the Mayor around. Normally this would be taken as a Played for Laughs situation until you realize that we haven't see Chompy's wife and two goat kids since the first season.
    • If you view Timmy's fairy godparents as hallucinations, the show suddenly becomes very depressing. Timmy is neglected by his parents, tortured and abused by his babysitter, and no one really understands him. Cosmo and Wanda could just be Timmy's only escape from the cruel outside world. And if you think about it, this theory is actually plausible because since the writers of the show need to keep everyone but Timmy from knowing about the fairies.
    • In "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker", Timmy goes back in time three times to see what is wrong with Crocker and hopefully make him nicer in the future. He goes in time three times, from seeing him starting out as a elementary school teacher, then graduating Dimmsdale college, and finally a student in elementary school. However, each of those points also shows his parents and Dinkleberg in this order; moving into their respective houses with a pregnant Mrs. Turner, Dinkleberg breaking up with his girlfriend because the people watching Crocker's presentation on FAIRY GODPARENTS liked his parachute pants instead, and Dinkleberg and Timmy's Mom being childhood friends on a swingset. If Timmy actually SUCCEEDED in having Crocker keep his fairies, then Dinkleberg wouldn't have broken up with his girlfriend, TIMMY'S MOTHER, and forced himself into non-existance. AGAIN (happened the first time in "Father Time").
  • in the halloween special, timmy wishes that you can become whatever you are dressed as. I don't think they mentioned what the boundary is, is it in the suburb? or is it across the world? In that case, what about all those people in other neighborhoods dressed as other, more murderous people? for all we know, all the people dressed as insane psychotic murderers are all now insane psychotic murderers, to prey on each other, or the people who had the poor judgment to not wear a costume. And continuing on that, most theme park Halloween attractions enforce a strict no costume rule. unarmed, innocent people are stuck inside mazes filled with murderous psychotics, or worse, for an entire evening
  • In Hastle in the Castle we find out that one of Cosmo and Wanda's past godkids wishes caused WWI (and indirectly WWII) meaning that Cosmo and Wanda are partially responsible for all those deaths.
    • And another past godkid wished that tornadoes would always hit trailer parks meaning all those deaths and destruction's are also Cosmo and Wanda's fault.
  • Some episodes imply that Fairy Godparents have the power to kill and revive people. The former is terrifying enough but the later means that when the fairy leave the godkid wouldn't that get unwished too?
  • When a godkid grows up and loses his godparents, all of his/her wishes and memories of them are wiped away. Does that mean that godkids essentially forget their whole childhood?!
  • If Timmy can wish for just about anything, then why doesn't he wish for peace? Or a cure for cancer? Or something like that? Is he a jerk?
    • The same can really be said for any child with Godparents.
    • It is likely that someone has wished for that, at least once. However, if what has been stated a few times above is true, then anything a godkid wishes for is unwished when they finally lose their godparents. The inability to impact the world very much (exceptions may include singular events like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand) leads this troper to the depressing conclusion that despite having all that power, the most that fairy godparents can really do with it is brighten up a child's life (which is great and all, but in comparison there are some seriously missed opportunities here).
  • One of the 2 characters that worked for Flappy Bob said in School's Out: The Musical "I'll get the broccoli and the funnel!". You might think this is Played for Laughs until you realize that they were going to shove funnels up the kids mouths and then shove broccoli into the funnel maybe accidentally choking the kids.
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