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All the movies had one.

  • There are actually several in Abra-Castrophe, but possibly the most crowning one is when Timmy reveals the existence of his godparents, and then Crocker realizes that will set them free and leave him powerless. The look on Crocker's face was, well, a very crowning moment of shock.
    • Plus Timmy's parents beating the snot out of him.
  • In the TV movie Wishology where Timmy sacrifices himself to the Darkness to save his friends, family, and even his enemies
  • Also, in the first part of Wishology where Timmy does not have access to magic, and he has to improvise without it to find a mystical wand. He does very well
  • Fairly Odd Baby was definitely a great one. The Pixies have Poof and Timmy has a plan; we then cut to them captured with them all having different costumes (Jorgen is in a pink bunny suit, Cosmo's is a taco delivery guy and Wanda is Robin Hood and Timmy's in knight armor). Then Timmy reveals that his plan NEEDED the group to be captured, which escalates into a brilliant plan to save Poof and defeat the Pixies!
    • Bonus points was Timmy getting Jorgen to said bunny suit. Jorgen immediately does so.
  • Mr. Crocker of all characters gets one by single-handedly defeating Miss Doombringer by sending a whole fleet of cars after her while he was reduced to a mere crossing guard after he had broken his arm (due to falling out of a window while spazzing). Even Timmy is impressed.
  • Information Stupor Highway: Timmy not only keeps Crocker's proof of fairies video from being seen by the world, but also steals the picture of him in his mother's red dress and lets it go viral.
  • Most Wanted Wish Ever: With some help from Timmy, the winner of the "Fairy Rage in the Cage" is Cosmo!
  • Chester gets one in Fairy Idol when he snaps on Norm after finding out he'd been manipulating him the entire time. After chewing Norm out, he wishes he'd never found Norm in the first place, happily pressing the Reset Button to undo all the damage he caused.
  • In "Apartnership" Cosmo standing up to Mama Cosma "Let's get something straight! I'm not bright! Big words confuse me! I have the attention span of a rodent! But Wanda loves me anyway. She makes me happy and THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU!"
  • Another for Cosmo would be in Abra-Castrophe. He's freaking out about Crocker taking over the world and (more importantly) taking Wanda as a magical power source. He knows he's not the brightest, so it looks like he temporarily abandons Timmy in his time of need. But when Cosmo returns, he's ripped and proceeds to pound Crocker to a pulp for kidnapping his wife. A short time later, this awesome moment is slightly dampened by Cosmo ending up in the same magic scepter that Wanda is, but he still deserves credit for a rather impressive attempt to save the day.
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