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This movie is full of crowning moments of awesome.

  • The scene in the church. In the trailer, last only a few minutes, but just to see three of the biggest 80s action stars in the same scene = CMOA.
    • The best moment is the threat Mr. Church makes to Barney Ross - where he warns Ross not to run off with his money, saying that his people will come after their people. Ross, being Ross, looks utterly bored by the threat.
  • Lee Christmas vs the Jerk Jock posse - no contest.
  • The end of the car chase between Ross and newly-turncoat Gunnar. Wham and BAM.
  • If it's not the point in the Cold Open when the Expendables manage to get the drop on pirates in their own ship, floating in the sea someplace, it's the point at the end when they plant bombs all over the general's palace with impossible coordination and timing. They're not just about Stuff Blowing Up. These guys know their shit.
  • Hale Caesar's Big Damn Heroes moment, saving the rest of the crew with his AA-12 in the palace tunnels.
  • Ross convincing Hale to throw a mortar shell at Munroe's helicopter, using a handgun to blow it up. And it WORKS.
  • Lee and Yin's finisher on the Brit.
  • The whole movie is a Crowning Moment of Awesome simply by existing. LOOK AT THE CAST!!!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Nowhere has the use of "The Boys Are Back in Town" been more appropriate.
    • Mountain, Creedence and Thin Lizzy on the soundtrack? You're spoilin' us, Sly!
    • And "Diamond Eyes" by Shinedown. Commissioned by Stallone himeself for the soundtrack, but sadly not in the actual film, because there's only so much kickass an audience can handle in one sitting.
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