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Fridge Horror:

  • It takes a keen eye to spot them, but some of the holes are the size of children. Imagine how the parents must feel when their child disappears...and comes home looking like that. Assuming they can even walk or talk when they emerge, the psychological trauma alone will have reduced them to gibbering lunatics.
    • Or, what if the parents, in their own mad desire to enter their holes, bring the kids with them...
    • What if someone was pregnant and gave birth in their hole? Yoshida and Owaki shared a Kissing Discretion Shot in their tent, leading the reader to speculate Did They or Didn't They??
    • Some of the holes have it where the person has to bend their neck a little. Consider how they stretch enough that those whose hole was that of normal stance do get their necks bent at some point.
  • Only some holes seem to go all the way through. Assuming the holes keep people magically alive during their hole stay, then anybody with a blocked hole (such as Nakagaki, unless he was just as the point when his body would have to stretch) would end up spending eternity[1] stuck in one spot and alive. And, judging from the researcher near the end who comments on the fault on the other side of the mountain being much smaller than the entrance fault, this likely happened to most of the people who went in.
  • It may just be the effect of shadows, but the spaghetti-men who emerge at the end appear much darker than those who entered... most likely as a result of having all their innards squashed until they burst.
  • In the dream, the holes serve as a means of punishment for "a horrible crime". It's possible that the holes exist because everyone at the site is guilty of doing something terrible.

Fridge Logic:

  • Everyone would have died of starvation long before they reached the start of the stretching part, much less the end of the hole... unless A Wizard Did It, which would also explain how could somebody carve the holes to start.
  • A Wizard Did It would also explain how they could stretch so thin in the first place. Bones don't squish or stretch. However, this may be why Nakagaki got stuck: he was one of the unlucky[2] ones for whom the magic didn't work.
  • It doesn't seem like there's anything preventing people from just moving their arms forward, since most people's arms get narrower as they get further from the shoulder. Even if the holes really are carved that perfectly to people's body sizes, the body is flexible enough that you should be able to pull out your arms. After that, you might be able to get out your legs, and from there, all it would really take is turning yourself around. Of course, most people were likely too rapt by the holes to consider doing this, but someone like Nakagaki probably doesn't want to be there anymore. Getting your head out would be difficult, but maybe it wouldn't be as bad if you could at least move your arms around a little...


  1. or until somebody dug them out
  2. or is that lucky?
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