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The Eleventh Hour Trilogy is a trilogy of blogs which serve as entries in The Slender Man Mythos and form an interconnected story. The three blogs (in chronological starting order) are;

The first two blogs start almost simultaneously, with Tony on the Run across America, occasionally dispensing his own brand of cynical advice, and Cathy talking about life as a single mother. After Cynthia starts seeing a certain dapper gentlemen, she goes missing and Cathy hits the road, following a trail of clues which she hopes will lead her to her daughter.

Meanwhile, Tony continues to try and survive on the streets until one of Slender Man's minions taunts him by telling him that his family is about to be killed by Slender Man as revenge for Tony's defiance.

The stories finally intersect when Tony saves Cathy from Slender Man and gets stabbed by Cynthia, who we learn is his daughter by Cathy, his wife. After this, the two reunite to try and work together to save their daughter from the schemes of both Slender Man himself and his increasingly-rebellious minion, Redlight.

While the blogs have their own on-going story, they also crossover with some other Slenderblogs, What You Are in The Dark, Peering In From The Outside, The London Librarian and White Elephants. However, all three abruptly ceased updates in early May of 2012

Tropes used in The Eleventh Hour Trilogy include:

Tropes associated with the entire trilogy:

Tropes associated with Get your game face on:

  • Deconstruction: Tony is a deconstruction of "badass" characters like Zeke Strahm, as well as the "live on the streets" style of running that M engages in.
  • Crapsack World: This seems to be the philosophy that Tony exhibits through the actions recorded on his blog.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: He has been forced act as such through the blog as his relationships with others develop.
  • Innocence Lost: This is best shown on Kay's blog that he had only seen Slenderman once as a child, and then after that for years been followed by a pedophile pretending to be Slenderman. Tony had believed this man was his imaginary friend, only figuring out after following his imaginary friend home one day that he was real. He then reveals later, during a drunken rage, that he had gone to the man's house at night and beat him with a baseball bat in front of the man's wife and kids, was arrested at the house, and sent to juvie for a few years while the pedophile was sent to jail.
  • Imaginary Friend: Tony believed that a pedophile who lived in his neighborhood was his imaginary friend.
  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia: As said before, his encounter with the pedophile might have been a reason he couldn't remember. But he mentions in one blog entry that he had actually worked for Slenderman for around six years and then somehow escaped (for reasons yet revealed) and his mind during those years had been wiped of all childhood and teenage memories.

Tropes associated with Time to Talk:

  • Action Mom: Heavily averted with Cathy, who is near-useless in combat.
  • Token Lesbian: Demonstrated with the relationship formed between Cathy and Thage, when Cathy stays with her for a few weeks.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Cathy reveals in one of her later entries that she remembers why Slender man follows her around. This is due to her parents having known about the faceless monster and later being killed by it while the three were at a park. She reasons that it follows her because she had encountered it at a young age and escaped.

Tropes associated with the eleventh hour:

  • Creepy Child: Apart from Cynthia herself after her proxification, there's also the visions Cynthia gets of her dead friend Rachel.
  • Numerological Motif: Cynthia mentions several times in her blog entries and comments the number eleven. This is taken a step further as her blog is actually named The Eleventh Hour.
  • The Ophelia: Embodies this trope through her foreboding ramblings, her visions of her dead friend Rachel, and her lack of grammar in each blog entry.
  • Ax Crazy: Exemplified by her being an eleven year old child.
  • Sanity Slippage
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