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A webcomic written and drawn by Matt Speroni of How I Killed Your Master fame, The Dreadful is a fantasy story in a Wild West setting. It stars Kit, a cute demon ("Devikin") gunslinger who wields the eponymous weapon, a magical pistol. It also has a fairly strong supporting cast, that is becoming more developed as the comic goes on. These include Boozloaf, a minotaur preacher; Erin, a winged sniper; and Liz, a sharpshooter who once ran with the same gang Kit did.

The story begins with our heroine shot in the back and left to bleed out in an alley. Someone called Judge Catherine finds her lying there and whisks her away. She recovers after two days in the hospital and is taken to meet with a detective agency. They task her to hunt down and kill the leader of her old gang, Jeanne Noelle. Given that Jeanne was more than likely the one who ordered her shot, Kit has no problem with this. But the job may not be as simple as it first appears...

You can find it here.

Tropes used in The Dreadful include:

 Liz: Wow, I forgot I had this fairy in a bottle thing.

  Liz: "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you was a killer with standards."

 Liz: Did Kit just puke lightning?

Boozloaf: What a shock!

Liz: Not now.

Boozloaf: I'm sorry, it was just set up so perfectly.

 Liz: "Where'd that beam go, anyway?"

Kit: "Let's not dwell on questions about how The Dreadful works."

  "I'm the best around! Nothin's ever gonna keep me --" *gets hit by the Dreadful*

 Burke: No one interfere. This is my soup. And fortune... IS MY SPOON!!! The eggs I lay HATCH PAIN!!! I am a bolt of lightning in a lightning bolt factory!!

 Liz: I didn't try to kill you. That oughta be obvious seeing how you're still alive.

 Erin: Will nothing keep itself dead?! *realizes* Not that I am complaining, Ith.

  • Pungeon Master: Boozloaf and Kit, at least when they're around each other.
  • Punny Name: The Moomons. Word of God is that these cow-people only superficially resemble Mormons, their religion having nearly been called Cowtholic instead.
  • Reality Ensues: For a given value of "reality". A posse shows up at Kit's hideout. Their arrogant leader threatens and insults Kit while flipping his gun around Revolver Ocelot-style. It looks like an epic gunfight is about to ensue, but Kit simply shoots the hammer of his gun mid-flip, causing it to shoot him in the head.
  • Sadistic Choice: In flashback, after a job went bad, Jeanne gave Kit and Poe a choice. Either they kill the unarmed, bound and hooded bookkeeper that they took as a hostage, or Jeanne would do it. And if Jeanne did it, she would get creative about it.
  • Sharing a Body: Erin and Ith (the fairy Liz had bottled up) as a result of a possession-based resurrection.
  • Shout-Out:

 Erin: They look like zombies, so I assume the best place to shoot is the head. You agree?

Ith: That is what I would suggest. Though Dr. Clarke in his essay on "Necromorphosis" suggests the limbs. I think he's a crackpot, personally.


  1. literally "Lick me"
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