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  • Catwoman wears high heels that seem to be made of steel or aluminum. Now ignoring the likely balance problems with wearing impractical footwear when scaling a building what kind of sound do you think that would make when walking across your average floor? Does a cat burglar really want shiny bits of metal making loud clicking sounds when trying to steal a diamond or something? Though she also wears goggles with shiny lights on the front so maybe I shouldn't expect much. At least I wouldn't if Nolan hadn't prided himself on the supposed plausibility of the Batsuit before this point.
    • Pictures can be seen here and here. If you can tear your attention away from the skintight bits you will notice them.
    • I've seen stuff like this before, in the pics of the new Spidey costume for that reboot. I think they had something to do with stunt work or somesuch, and I suspect that its similiar here.
    • This article hints that there is more to the costume and specifically the heels than one would necessarily expect which really brings us back to the firm advice that should be taken into consideration when on a headscratchers page for a movie a year away: wait and see.

  • I am scratching my head over why there is a headscratchers page for this film at all, when all that's possible now is conjecture.
    • People do that. I remember when the seventh Harry Potter book was about to come out and two of my cousins got into a fistfight over what the last Horcruxes were.
  • Does Commissioner Gordon find out that Bruce Wayne is Batman? Because in the trailer, he's clearly talking to Bruce (the voice gives it away) about Batman. Sure, he could be talking to Bruce about Batman without knowing who it is, but the tone of the conversation suggests that he does know.
    • Literally impossible to answer until the film, well...comes out.

  • Why does Catwoman have long hair, despite Nolan's predilection toward realism? Never mind that she's been depicted with long hair a lot, in comics and other media; short hair is surely more practical for the character. Besides, Catwoman does have short hair in the current comics. And Anne Hathaway did cut her hair after filming ended, if I'm not mistaken.
    • Not to mention her Combat Stilettos. In truth, Nolan's films aren't that much more realistic than previous incarnations of the character. They're just less outlandish, which isn't necessarily the same thing as being more realistic. Despite seemingly scientific explanations for all of Batman's gadgets, for example, the technology required to make most of them possible are still quite a few years away.
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