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 I am loving this shit!

The Dark Id is a popular Let's Player on the Something Awful forums. He has (as of this time of writing) completed 18 Let's Plays; 16 of them being featured on the LP Archive. Known for his wit, alternate character interpretations and low tolerance for annoying things.

So far, The Dark Id has completed Let's Plays for the following games:

In progress:

The Dark Id (and his Let's Plays) provides examples of:

 I've never actually seen a vent shaft a man could fit through. But, I assume they are, at all times, occupied by Special Forces commandos, lab technicians, children, or Bruce Willis.

  "Don't be another giant mutant. Please be Gordon Freeman. Please be JC Denton. Please be Frank Zappa. Don't be another giant mutant... (It's the mutated G-Birkin) Ah shit! It's never Frank Zappa."

 Nicholai: I'm with U.I.'s U.B.C.S. on a mission to rescue civilians from R.C. with orders to move A.S.A.P.

Jill: So what's the situation?

Nicholai: FUBAR.

 If there's a survivor in this residence, then I hope they have dead aim. Personally, I would give them zero chance against any evil nemesis they might encounter. I couldn't fit Code Veronica into a silly sentence, I tried.

    • Speaking of Code Veronica he fires one off there, this time referencing a bunch of Valve titles.

 Tossing the valve in here automatically makes the machine steam up so we can get to the source of this problem in half the time. I do have a life, you know. And if you do have anything to counter the way I'm operating, let me just be the first to strike. This will not be a day of which I'll face defeat. We've got to work as a team to escape this icy fortress if we ever hope to see an episode 3.

  • Hypocritical Humor: He maintains that Bitores Mendez is the most competent of the villains in Resident Evil 4, even though he's the one constantly leaving notes detailing all of their plans in Leon's path.
    • In Leon's earlier game, TDI notes at one point that the autopsy room in the police department would be the last place any sane person would go to during a Zombie Apocalypse. He then immediately states that the only reason Leon isn't entering it at that moment is that he doesn't have the key, and then he takes both Claire and Leon into that room as soon as he grabs the key.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Id expresses this after particularly unpleasant stretches of gameplay or irrational plot points. States his intentions as such after his Dead Aim and Clock Tower 3 LPs.
  • Idiot Plot: The main reason that Drakengard 2 and the main characters are despised is because the story revolves around Nowe and Manah's idiocy dooming the world. While Manah is secretly guided by The Watchers in her actions, Nowe has no such excuse except for The Dulcinea Effect.
    • One of the most constant irritations in the Resident Evil series is the nonsensical plots, such as Los Illuminados trying to prevent Ashley from being rescued the fact despite the fact that goal of their plan being to insert her as an sleeper agent in the White House.
  • Imagine Spot: Frequent in a few, most notably Dirge of Cerberus.
    • The Resident Evil ones had entire sequences, including Chris Redfield's acid trip (he ended up in an old-style text adventure) and a truly bizarre showdown with Billy Coen's ghost in Resident Evil 1, culminating in a battle that goes through 2D sprite style, The Movies, and Soul Calibur 3.
  • Impossibly Tacky Clothes:
    • Dirge of Cerberus had an entire segment devoted to mocking Nomura's character designs, lovingy titled "Fuck Tetsuya Nomura". His only reaction to Vincent's Chaos form was derisive laughter and a "fuck you" to Nomura.
    • And he's back at it again in his Final Fantasy X Let's Play.
  • Jerkass: He adopts this persona for the Let's Plays.
  • Karma Houdini:
    • Nowe and Manah manage to get a happy ending in the Third Ending of the game despite being responsible for practically everything wrong.
    • Krelian gets to go off with the Wave Existence at the end of Xenogears despite 500 years of scientific atrocities and being responsible for helping to kill off nearly all humans on the planet.
  • Lighter and Softer: Although Nie R is just as depressing as Drakengard, if not more so, Id's Let's Play of it is much easier on the snark and rage than his previous LPs, as he actually enjoyed the game.
  • Made of Iron: The moment Id finds out Nicholai Ginovaef survived being blown up in a gas station, he ends up joking about his almost ridiculous unexplained survival in this way after his second meeting with Jill in a shack (Which also helps explain how he would survive to write a file in Survivor.

 The Dark Id regarding Nicholai: Thus, Nicholai abruptly departs. Along the way he falls into a sink hole, lands in a sewer passage full of poisonous gas. This gas also happens to be flammable and the place goes up like a match when Nikkie stumbles over a stick of TNT left by bank robbers who's heist ran afoul due to the viral outbreak. He is then blasted clear across the park and lands in a ravine filled with bees. Zombie bees. He will emerge without a scratch in the final act.

    • And during said final act, when Jill blows up his chopper after negotiations fall through, Id instead decides to conclude said skirmish with not with Nicholai getting fried with the chopper but with Nicholai blasting off again.

 Nicholai: Aha, I am invincible! Unfortunately, my helicopter seems not to be... *sent blasting off again*

  • Man Child: Chris Redfield becomes one midway through the Resident Evil 1 LP, thanks to brain damage from going on a herbal binge with Rebecca Chambers. I need an adult!
  • MST: His treatment of Resident Evil: Survivor midway through the Code Veronica LP. Whilst their cargo plane is being flown remotely by Alfred Ashford, a bored Claire and Steve discover it gets cable TV. Claire notices the title screen of Survivor as Steve flicks through channels. Cue the two hitting Survivor as a regular Mike and Crow as they rename Ark Thompson to "Hernando" and upon him being called Vincent, give him surnames from every other Vince they know of, take the Andy route (Since it fits the tone of the game best), mock the Cleaner enemies, reusage of character models and other such stupidity.
  • My Friends and Zoidberg: From his Chrono Cross New Game+;

 After the battle, Solt and Peppor come to investigate the unstoppable end game squad that could murder their entire army busting through the front gate. And Pierre.

 Chris: Ugh. I really need to stop looking at the...sun? No. No!

Billy: Welcome back, Topher... It has been a while... Are you ready? Got your make-up checked? Bwahaha.


  • Sunglasses At Night: Wesker gets put through the wringer with this. Id usually notes his creepy habit of wearing them at 11PM, and in Code Veronica makes it a point to photoshop various bits of eyewear on Wesker's face up to and including Cyclops' visor (complete with the reveal of Wesker's cat eyes briefly being played with when he reveals a spare set of shades he had on...which Chris promptly punches off as well), and by the LP of Resident Evil 1, Id makes a tiny running gag of Wesker bumping into things due to still wearing his sunglasses in the rather dark Spencer Mansion.

 Wesker: Still securing the area. It's proving to be a bit more difficult than anticipated. Keep bumping into things for some reason. Wonder what's up with that.

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