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"The _____ Job" is a standard titling template for crime stories, especially caper stories. Often -- though not always -- the blank is filled in with the location where the crime is going to take place; as a result, the most common version of this is probably "The Bank Job".

Compare Mad Lib Thriller Title.

Examples of The Crime Job include:

Film -- Live Action

  • The Italian Job original and remake, as well as The Brazilian Job, a sequel for the remake currently in Development Hell.
  • The Bank Job
  • The Hard Word is known in Germany as The Australian Job.
  • The Brink's Job
  • The Casino Job
  • The Big Job
  • The Hardest Job
  • The Glenmoore Job
  • Ocean'sEleven: The remake. Not as a title, but in Ocean's Twelve a side character brings up the events of the first movie to another, calling it the "Ocean's Job"; this leads to a small disagreement from the group when they find out, who thought that it was understood that it would be referred to as the "Bellagio Job" by all involved.

Live Action TV

  • Every episode of Leverage. Most of the time, unlike the majority of the uses of this trope, the names don't correspond to the locations of the cons, but facets of the cons. For example, the first part of the second season finale is called "The Three Strikes Job," because the con involves a baseball team.
  • The Firefly episode "The Train Job".
  • The Allo Allo episode "The Bank Job".
  • The first episode of the BBC series The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff (adapted from Shakespeare's Henry IV plays and The Merry Wives of Windsor) is called "The Gadshill Job".
  • The first two episodes of Mr. Big are "The Big Job" and "The Bank Job".
  • The Andy Griffith Show has an episode called "The Bank Job", in which Barney stages a bank robbery to prove to everyone how insecure the bank is.


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