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The Craig Slithers Show is a fanmade Tumblr AU blog created by HouseCity101 centering on one of the main characters of Sanjay and Craig. The series was originally about Craig who becomes a fanfiction reviewer while Sanjay is at Stuntman School. So far, he has reviewed Marah and Kapri Meets The Straw Hat Pirates! while his review of Always Him was initially in development.

However, the creator of the blog decided that the plot would be replaced with one taking place after the episode "Hearty Face", where Craig joins Tumblr in an attempt to become a viral celebrity. Along the way, he meets some new friends along with enigmatic villains who want to kidnap him for a currently uncertain purpose.

The blog, though has a harmless premise, is shown to have its true nature be a more Darker and Edgier than what it appears to be.

The Craig Slithers Show contains examples of:

  • Animesque: It's hinted by the creator of the blog that it will have some anime-like moments to go with the plot.
  • Adorkable: Craig even moreso than in the original cartoon where he practically smiles after Satine Venom gives him a tamed raccoon as a gift to keep as a pet.
  • Big Bad: There was a rumor that there will be a villain in this, but for now, it's unknown who it is.
    • However, in Craig's Thanksgiving logs, he and his friends encountered the Huggle Cult, a cult who worships Huggle Bunny as their lord and savior. So it is possible that they will appear in a future episode.
    • It's implied that the show's villain will be Grimminance D. Reaper as she is going after Craig for his misdeeds.
  • Original Character: Subverted with Satine Venom, who was a rumored official character and Craig's love interest; however it's played straight with her owner, Marxlene White, who was made for her by the blog's author.
    • The author also confirmed that their will be a villain named Grimminace D. Reaper, a female grim reaper who will be after Craig for his bad deeds. Grimminace's weapon is an soul-sucking axe, which is ten times her size. The author joked that she wanted her to have the same voice of a certain white Crystal Gem.
  • Continuation: The new story starts off after the evens of Heartyface, where Craig fails to become famous on Heartyface because of his failure to get the most hearts on that site and goes insane for a bit because of that.
  • Darker and Edgier: It's implied that the entire series will be this, but so far the beginning of "Start Over" may be an example.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Craig is more sarcastic than himself from his original canon show. He also shows more of this in his first fanfic review.
  • Fan Boy: Craig is also this as well, as he not only a fan of anime, but also "Steven Universe" and adores both Lapis Lazuli and Peridot (even though he doesn't love the ship Lapidot).
  • Green-Eyed Monster: As the fanfic "Start Over" shows, Craig is still jealous of the competition which kickstarted the entire series and its Darker and Edgier plot with Megan and her gerbil inadvertenly making it all the more worse.
  • Large Ham: If you think Craig speaking loud sometimes was that crazy, here is where it's to the MAX. Even in his first fanfic review, he's in total rage of the problems there, and that's not a good sight which mainly applies for the fanfic "Start Over".
  • Mood Whiplash: Craig's family being expanded through Freddy developing the personality of a puppy and his father reuniting with him is really heartwarming and gives way to a happy ending...up until Grimminance kills Sanjay and gloats it to Craig's face.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: The Huggle Cult from Craig's Thanksgiving logs, who are both creepy and mysterious, just like Huggle Bunny only they are more morally ambiguous.
  • Otaku: Craig does become interested in anime and it is included in the plot.
    • Occidental Otaku: Craig is apparently one of these in this AU, mentioning anime such as One Piece and Fairy Tail.
  • Sanity Slippage: Craig became this in "Start Over" where he loses his mind over losing to Booger Johnson and begins to throw stuff and scream while in the basement. His encounters with his friends regarding the fame the gerbil has compared to him doesn't help matters. Not to mention what he says while doing so.
  • Shout-Out: In Gamer Wars, when Craig accidentally squishes his tail on the heavy video game box, he unleashes a gigantic energy beam from his mouth that destroys all of Pluto referencing to the manga series Nichijou. Also counts as a Funny Moment.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Craig definitely swears in this spin-off contrasting to his original show version. Though not all of them, the words he said so far were hell and crap.
  • Spin-Off: Not really an official spin-off, but it is still one, focusing more on Craig than Sanjay and it is taken Up to Eleven when Sanjay is murdered by Grimminace D. Reaper.
  • Video Review Show: The blog was originally going to be this with Craig reviewing fanfiction except without the "video" part.
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