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  • Putting Tron: Legacy on his "Top Ten of 2010", for the very same reasons Spoony put it on his "Worst Ten", complete with a Shout-Out.
  • The montage/music video he made setting footage from Strike of the Panther to "No Easy Way Out" from Rocky IV.
  • His review of Cannibal Holocaust - the whole damn thirty minute thing. It is absolutely wonderful (in a disturbing way).
  • Not See Kola: Crystal Pepsi but with more Nazis. Making it more delicious.
  • His reaction to the bigoted asshole "protagonist" of Rock: It's Your Decision:

 Jeff: Some of these artists are admitted homosexuals!

Brad: Kid... go fuck yourself.

    • Oh, it gets even better as he continues:

  Brad: Your decision is to not listen to rock music, fine. My Decision is that I don't have to listen to any more of what you have to say, because as soon as you bring your homophobic beliefs into this one sided conversation, I am done with you

    • Another crowning moment of awesome from this review is how he did it without doing what many comedians would have done: taken the easy way out by making most of the jokes bashing the Christian religion and painting everyone who follows it as bigoted, closed-minded zealots.
  • The Snob identifies two in his review of Hitler - Dead or Alive, wherein Ward Bond shoots down a German fighter plane with a Tommy gun and SHAVES HITLER.
  • While reviewing Child Bride, he can barely bring himself to make any jokes, and mostly just expresses genuine disgust with the subject matter.

 Priest: If anyone has a reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony...


  • The entire Maniac review is a giant Take That towards all the critics that didn't realize the violent film about a serial killer was a violent film about a serial killer.
  • Jillian's review of Breaking Dawn Part 1, being steadily more covered in food until she guns down Brad.
  • The opening bumper to his Guyana: Cult of the Damned review. Brad starts off with reading an email from one of his 'fans', expressing disappointment in him for making fun of a dark chapter of American history in his previous review (The Helter-Skelter Murders), and proceeds to tell him how to do his job by 'suggesting' he stick to porno parodies and exploitation films. Brad considers this for a moment, and then promptly disregards it. Snob doesn't take shit from just anybody, after all.

 Snob: Damn... okay, well... shit. Okay, so... [Manic Grin] Let's do it again!

  • When Oancitizen called out other TGWTG reviewers for being sheltered in the review for Sweet Movie, even he had to acknowledge that the Cinema Snob had him beat with E.T. the Porno.
  • Risking not only tetanus, but also his wife's anger by trying a thirty-year-old Billy Beer.
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